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Love and Trust - Pranbir  by its_Prashika
Love and Trust - Pranbir by i.m.Prashika
Peep in to know more.....
My Stalker✓ by yashsvified
My Stalker✓by Devil Princess :-)
What will happen when Ranbir will stalk Prachi for the Bet? Isn't the Concept Interesting? Peep Into Know More! ❤️❤️
PRANBIR : OS/TS | ✓ by holymolypumpkin
PRANBIR : OS/TS | ✓by p r a c h i t a
This book has a collection of OS / TS on PranBir from the television series "Kumkum Bhagya".
Entangled Lives by Simran3381
Entangled Livesby Simran Sandhu
After fulfilling the deal Prachi made with Rhea. She was left heartbroken. And to make things worse Rhea was detaching her from the family too, making Prachi's life more...
A Tale Of LOVE by dark_aesthetics24
A short story through KKB Characters but not a KKB story... Peep in to know more Yours, ◦•●◉✿24Vinnie42✿◉●•◦
Falling for her kids father by Jenisundar
Falling for her kids fatherby Jeni... Sundar...
This story is based on how Abhigya and Dishrub meet again after twenty years leap and how they fall in love again...
Pranbir and Arhana Speaks by 1410Stories
Pranbir and Arhana Speaksby Tara
This is just a 2-3 short story on Pranbir
Pranbir Forever(ON HOLD) by Pranbir_Love0
Pranbir Forever(ON HOLD)by Parithi_Pari
This story starts from Tanu's so called case...When Abhigya nd everyone started ignoring Prachi like she don't exist.... One day they see Pranbir together nd all started...
Pranbir ki pyaari princess  by Laxmicrationpranbir
Pranbir ki pyaari princess by Preeta
This is my second story starts from Pranbir marriage after two years pranbir will get to know that Prachi is pregnant and Pranbir goes to kholi mansion to inform a good...
DESTINITED TO BE - PRANBIR (Completed) by khushiChauhan074
Hi guys,this story starts after tanu accusations against abhi where everyone was blaming prachi and abhigya disowned prachi(in my story abhigya disowned prachi) but ther...
Prachi and Ranbir's Kumkum  by Zai_nab04
Prachi and Ranbir's Kumkum by Zai
Based on the recent tract (June 2021) Peep in to know how Pranbir is going to reunite despite all dramas. Achievements so far: #1 in Pranbir (6th August 2021) #1 in Kum...
Fanna For Love by yashsvified
Fanna For Loveby Devil Princess :-)
Playboy Mr. Ranbir Kohli in love with the studious Miss. Prachi Arora? How? What's fate upto? Wanna know? Peep in then. Dedicating this story to @pranbir_love ❤️
Forever Yours(ON HOLD) by Pranbir_Love0
Forever Yours(ON HOLD)by Parithi_Pari
The story starts after Abhi berates Prachi for Rhea's suicide!! Peep in to know more!!
Love is Pure - Pranbir by wisiwisdom
Love is Pure - Pranbirby Wisi
peep in to know......
Pranbir: lifeless without you by Zai_nab04
Pranbir: lifeless without youby Zai
Ranbir and Prachi's story: Another take on their story.
Magnetic Love ✓ by yashsvified
Magnetic Love ✓by Devil Princess :-)
A story on my favourite Couple Pranbir... Please support me...😁😁
PRANNBIR : A New Life(ON HOLD) by Pranbir_Love0
PRANNBIR : A New Life(ON HOLD)by Parithi_Pari
Its the story after 3 years leap!!! Here everyone loves Prachi excepy Mehras and she is living with Kohlis... Peep in to know more!!!
Kumkum Bhagya-Fanfiction by Atisha_Shetty
Kumkum Bhagya-Fanfictionby Atisha_Shetty
This is story about our favourite couple pranbir.So I'm bored with current track.I'm going to write about Prachi's new avatar. What will happen if Prachi was rich,she ha...
Kumkum Bhagya - Pranbir ki Love Story by swati1308
Kumkum Bhagya - Pranbir ki Love swati1308
The story is based on Pranbir and their love story
The devilish Saga 😈 ✓ by yashsvified
The devilish Saga 😈 ✓by Devil Princess :-)
This is a pranbir based loved story. The story is based on a cold hearted ceo named Ranbir who owned the biggest company of world. He was famous for his work and cold he...