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Little mermaid x reader by WhiteWolf2233
Little mermaid x readerby WhiteWolf2233
(Reader) the 8th daughter to Kind Trition is the outcast of the family. She rather swing a sword than sing She rather roll in the dirt fighting someone than talk about b...
The Color of Love (Sasuke x Prince Eric) by TallGlassOfGay
The Color of Love (Sasuke x kaz
"I know I have a mermaid wife and you have a hot blond boyfriend. But we have this night..." A forbidden love between universes. What happens when 2 people mee...
Character BoyxBoy Smut One Shots by TheOneDirectionGuy
Character BoyxBoy Smut One Shotsby TheOneDirectionGuy
One shots of fictional characters whether it be live action or animated characters from various stories, TV shows, Movies, etc.
DISNEY IMAGINES by spiderneds
hello. in this book i will be publishing random disney imagines! whatever y'all request, whatever i write for my friends, etc. you can request an x reader, platonic/rom...
Let Me Be Part Of Your World by SugoiGrove
Let Me Be Part Of Your Worldby Taylor Daigle
"Where could we go, where could we run, where we could stay all day in the sun, together and free, just you and me, and I could be, part of your world" Cover...
Ariel gone bad... by justme__4ever
Ariel gone justme__4ever
What if... What if the little mermaid had never saved prince Eric? What if little Ariel gets kicked out of the palace deep down in the sea? What if she bumps into Ursula...
Disney High by idacarvalli
Disney Highby idacarvalli
All characters belong to Walt Disney Studios, except for the ones I make up. Imagine if Disney characters went to high school. What kind of drama would develop? Find out...
Part of your world (little mermaid Genderbend/boyxboy) by -Roman_Skies-
Part of your world (little Jeremy
Arian is the youngest child of King Triton, the ruler of the sea, and his only son. His father wishes for him to marry a mermaid and become king. But that's not what Ari...
Drowning in Love // ONESHOT TIMOTHEE CHALAMET X READER by canadian_caillou
Drowning in Love // ONESHOT Raimu-san
Timothee Chalamet, prince of a coastal kingdom and enthusiastic sailor finds something surprising in the water he thought he knew... Will it be love or not? TW!!! Suicide
Disney Hunger Games by FrankyMarieB
Disney Hunger Gamesby Franky
My Name is Eric....and this is the story of when I was chosen for the 20th annual Hunger Games....
Ms Ariel by Euphonics
Ms Arielby Euphie
She's a siren, the one perpetually singing the most haunting melodies sailors fall for at sea. One day, a Prince hears her song and falls for her, promising to bring he...
The Little Castiel [Destiel] by georges_biscuits
The Little Castiel [Destiel]by aiden!!
So this is what would happen if Supernatural was in The Little Mermaid. Ariel!Cas Eric!Dean King Triton!Chuck Ursula! Amara Grimsby!Sam Scuttle!Crowley Flounder!Meg ((y'...
My brother Jimin by augustchimchim
My brother Jiminby augustchimchim
[Jimin •Reader] You are Park Jimin's sister but as time goes on you start to develop feelings you feel you should not feel .
Milo Thatch - A Modern Disney FanFiction by RJP081402
Milo Thatch - A Modern Disney Rosa Payne
So, after the success of "In the 'Lon' run, it'll get better", I thought I'd make another wedgie-based story. I just had a recent exposition to Atlantis: The...
Sea-Side Mistakes by coffeestainedfangs
Sea-Side Mistakesby Adrian Swan
Eric and Grimsby from The Little Mermaid because I was bored during our show THIS IS SATIRE - I PROMISE
War and the Web of Love by Unicornian1828
War and the Web of Loveby Unicornian1828
•Possible smut• Li Shang is devising a plan to defeat Huns with his dad and the emperor via letters to and from the capitol. Suddenly he meets up with an ex-lover who is...
My life If I lived in The world of Disney (Disney characters) by AlexaReade1234
My life If I lived in The world Ben Reade's Wife
you end up living among Disney characters and you meet some new people on the way
Skyla Meet The Little Mermaid by VanessaMermaid1
Skyla Meet The Little Mermaidby Vanessa
Skyla Darling Is a Girl Who Was Disowned By The Darling Family Because She Was Born As a Girl With Weird Imagination (When Actually They're Real) Since Skyla Was Kicked...