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Mafia Man's Kitten by Acertifiedbookaholic
Mafia Man's Kittenby Acertifiedbookaholic
Suddenly I hear a chuckle above me. No, multiple chuckles above me. My eyes pop open and all I can do is stare at the wall of guys. I glance over all five of them. Then...
Touch her, you die! by Gumbella
Touch her, you die!by Gumbella
Sunny Wilde has always been a nerd and always been bullied for it. She doesn't have any friends except her brother but Sunny tries to keep her head held high. What happe...
Babygirl (Completed)  by SimplyAshhh
Babygirl (Completed) by SimplyAsh
Ali is a sweet kind 18 year old girl who lives in an orphanage. She is always getting bullied by the other girls and even by the matron. She is a little childish making...
Angel's Love (Mikaelson/ Teen Wolf Crossover) Book 2 by xMis-Redx
Angel's Love (Mikaelson/ Teen Aquarius Misery
Moving to a new town is hard for the Mikaelson, Finn left after loosing his wife, Rebekah married Marcellus and went on a honeymoon, Kol met a woman named Davina marryin...
little bird by islaholland
little birdby isla
TW: this story does contain mentions of drugs, sex trafficking and abuse. Aurora Costello was auctioned off and sold into sex slavery by her adoptive parents. By the ag...
Overprotective by peacefulwriting101
Overprotectiveby FallenxFlower
"I like you, Annalisa. Like a lot. And it took me the longest time to tell you this. That's why I haven't been over. I didn't really know how to say it. I don't wan...
Blind Sided  by Athoune
Blind Sided by Athoune
When 12 year old Winter finds out she has bone marrow cancer, her colored world goes grey. As she fights for her life, she soon learns her life will never be the same. S...
From Cheated To Protected by smile_seungmin
From Cheated To Protectedby smile_seungmin
"How could you?! You know all the shit I've been through with relationships, but you still betrayed me? I thought we were friend! I thought you were my best friend...
PROTECTED by nyepisode
PROTECTEDby ny.episode
A young girl named Elianna is sweet, small, and simple. Ellianna and her mother have been on their own for as long as she's known. When she suddenly loses her mother in...
The run away wolf by camoqueen18
The run away wolfby camoqueen18
Follow Angel on her journey though all of the trouble and pain. She runs away but why and how far will she go? Find out why she ran away. What happened after she ran awa...
20 Days by GothicWolf210
20 Daysby Arden
(This part isnt in the book. Sorry ) I watch her wake up at the hospital. she was in a coma. shes been asleep for 6 weeks, as I stay here. I still have her notes. before...
  Shattered Reality | Book Two by ScoobyDo6105
Shattered Reality | Book Twoby J. Scarlet
originally called protected by the god of death ___ Cassie has now not only seemed to have befriended the God of Death but has also somehow managed to piss off the God...
Yuvanni Always Together (Completed ✅) by mamta_verma85
Yuvanni Always Together ( mamta verma
Hello guys my name is Mamta Verma. I'm here to presenting my second story on pravisht mishra which is based on his new show "Banni Chow Home Delivery". And it...
His Girl | A Jerika Story by jerikastinder
His Girl | A Jerika Storyby 💔🔐
I can't be bothered with a description. Just read.. it's good 😏 #1 JakePaul #1 ErikaCostell #1 AdamQuinn #21 Anthony Trujillo
My Protective Soldier by Wolfgirl2603
My Protective Soldierby Wolfgirl2603
Rebecca finds herself in the midst of a war. Hungry, Cold, and with no where to run, she finds her life coming to a crossroads. She finds herself near death over and ov...
Protected By Mr. Somerhalder (BOOK 2) by Just_a_LostBoy
Protected By Mr. Somerhalder ( Nathan Hayes
(Please read Adopted By Mr. Somerhalder before reading this) Charlie has trouble coming his way. His father breaks out of prison and is on the loose. Charlie's scared. W...
My Sister And Our Everlasting Love by DinahMyLove
My Sister And Our Everlasting Loveby Jazmyn
Jazmyn Star Hansen. That's my name. I'm ten years old and am a foster kid. I have my big sister, Dinah, though, so I'm always cared for. She protects me from our foster...
Keith's Little secret by morrgianstern
Keith's Little secretby Blue Food Rules
What if Lotor stays at the palace and finds something about the Hothead red paladin. Will he keep it a secret or will he tell.
idk what to call this just yet.. by FarrahDuck
idk what to call this just Farrah Duck
it may seem like its going the way i want it but i dont think it will.. karma definitely loved being spoiled but she was no brat .. she appreciated what life had to offe...
SEE-SAW  by Vstar30
SEE-SAW by Sudha
Love. The purest and deepest interpersonal affection. He felt for her...... She felt for him.....