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Finding Love in LA: Andy Biersack Love Story by AlyssaBrandi
Finding Love in LA: Andy Biersack...by Alyssa
Helena is a normal 20 year old tattoo artist living in LA. Shes a long time childhood friend of Matt Good and has heard of many of his famous friends especially Andy Bi...
In the eye of the beholder by mistyheartz
In the eye of the beholderby mistyheartz
(Black veil brides- Ashley Purdy story) in this story you get to be the character, and walk threw a love story made in heaven... Or so they thought
The Purdy Princess: Ashley Purdy's Daughter{COMPLETED} by TinaLuvsPurdy
The Purdy Princess: Ashley Purdy's...by Christina
Ashley Purdy's daughter Autumn is getting fed up with the drinking and the women he brings back to the bus. Can she change him? Can the band help him? Can the "Outl...
Saviour by Kings_And_Queensxo
Saviourby beckeehannah
Hi. My names Lizzie, I'm 19 and I have no friends what so ever. Why? Because I'm an outcast. No one seems to like the way I dress or the music I listen to. All through h...
Good Girl (A.B) by harrystylesthelmol
Good Girl (A.B)by Harry Styles
Jinxx's younger sister Maddie is a goodie goodie. She has good grades, popular, is an honor band student, has an amazing baseball player boyfriend. So what happens when...
Andley mpreg one shots (requests closed)) by andley_mpreg
Andley mpreg one shots (requests c...by Andley trash
Just some Andley mpreg one shots! Will do anything from kink to fluff
From Knives to Pens by ciara666
From Knives to Pensby Ciara Fox
Willow is a seventeen year old girl who is struggling her way through life. Her Dad's accident sent her Mother into depression and Willow has taken on the job of caring...
Rebel Love Song || Andy Biersack by lexyloveee
Rebel Love Song || Andy Biersackby lexy
Hailey never expected to meet Andy Biersack after seeing Black Veil Brides live in concert. She certainly didn't expect to fall head over heels for him, well more than a...
Forgotten (Ashely Purdy Sister) by biersacked
Forgotten (Ashely Purdy Sister)by K O A L A
Samantha Purdy was separated from her older brother, Ashley Purdy, when their parents died and was put into the foster system. Over 20 years after the separation Samanth...
Black veil brides preference by hgage123
Black veil brides preferenceby Hannah
I think that name says it all, some are mine and some are from the internet. hope you enjoy. i do take requests if you have an idea for anything.
Monster {A.B} by lil_sunlight
Monster {A.B}by ✨Lexi Garcia✨
"your crazy." How dare he. "I'm only crazy for you baby." _____________ __________________
Beautiful Remains- Andy Biersack Fanfic{LONG CHAPTERS} by Andys_Stolen_Omen
Beautiful Remains- Andy Biersack F...by Geneieve🖤
Cassie and Andy were childhood friends that were always together, that was until Junior year of High School when Cassie and Andy got into a big fight. Cassie dropped out...
We'll Brave This Storm by shelivesinafairytale
We'll Brave This Stormby shelivesinafairytale
This is the messy hell of a life of Alice Greyson. Through ups & downs, & twists & turns. From meeting new people, to loosing other people, Alice goes through it all wit...
Andley Oneshots by PurdyPug
Andley Oneshotsby PurdyPug
Ashley oneshots because why not lmao ^~^ Smut, fluff, andy dom, ashley dom, This is a bit of everything actually. If you have any requests leave them in a comment and I...
Lost It All (Andy Biersack/Sixx fan fiction) by squidgy134
Lost It All (Andy Biersack/Sixx fa...by Nicole
Nicole has always been ... different. Preferring to dress in black and spending hours oogling over musicians has gained her the reputation of a "freak" by her...
Black Veil Brides ~ one shots by AslanieBVB
Black Veil Brides ~ one shotsby AslanieBVB
Black Veil Brides one shots WARNING: don't read if you get triggered by self harm, violence , suicide attempt and others.
Bullied by Andy by bandgirl_1784
Bullied by Andyby bandgirl_1784
How can someone look so charming but be so cold? . . . Andy Biersack is the schools bad boy and no one gets in his way. Rayn Blackwel is just another face in the crowd t...
Don't Forget [Andy Biersack] by TigerChick_
Don't Forget [Andy Biersack]by Laura
18 year old Kalliska Terrix, otherwise known as Kalli, has suffered hell from her father and her tormentors at High School. She can only find peace within music and lyri...
You're not alone. (An Andy Biersack + Black Veil Brides Love Story) by tbhgaskarth
You're not alone. (An Andy Biersac...by tbhgaskarth
Charlotte's parents moved to England when she was 19 and decided not to go. Instead she'd live with her best friend Jinxx from Black Veil Brides. Her life is turned up-s...
The Hawks (Vic Fuentes) by OWA1009
The Hawks (Vic Fuentes)by Nevada
They attend a school with a group called 'The Hawks'. They like bullying other people and are the most powerful students in the school. But what will happen when a membe...