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HoO timetravel (complete)  by notentirelybonkers
HoO timetravel (complete) by Addie
What happens when the 7, Stolls, Katie, Clarisse, Chris, Nico, Will, Thalia, Grover, Rachel, Malcolm, Calypso, and Reyna travel back in time to before Percy was claimed...
Sephie Jackson x Apollo by M_Real_L
Sephie Jackson x Apolloby IT'zMe
"įµ€Ź°įµ‰ Ė¢įµ–ā±Ź³ā±įµ— įµ’į¶  į“°įµ‰Ė”įµ–Ź°ā± ā±Ė¢ įµˆŹøā±āæįµ į¶ įµ’Ź³ įµ—Ź°ā±Ė¢ Ź·ā±Ė”Ė” įµ‡įµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ė”įµƒĖ¢įµ— įµ–Ź³įµ’įµ–Ź°įµ‰į¶œŹø ā±įµ— Ė¢įµ–įµ‰įµƒįµĖ¢ įµ€Ź°įµ‰ į““įµ‰Ź³įµ’įµ‰Ė¢ įµ’į¶  į“¼Ė”Źøįµįµ–įµ˜Ė¢ Ź·ā±Ė”Ė” į¶ ā±āæįµˆ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ė¢įµ–įµ‰įµƒįµįµ‰Ź³ į“¬ įµįµƒā±įµˆįµ‰āæ Ź·ā±įµ—Ź° įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµƒįµ‡ā±Ė”ā±įµ—Źø įµ’į¶  Ė¢įµ‰įµ‰ā±āæįµ Ė¢Ź°įµ‰ Ė¢Ź°įµƒĖ”...
SUNKISSED | APOLLO by samantsanika53
in which the sun fell in love with the sea. OR where Apollo falls hard for the little demigod who he can never have. [percy jacks...
š“›š“¾š“¬š““š”‚ #13 | Percy JacksonĀ¹ by musicalobsessed4
š“›š“¾š“¬š““š”‚ #13 | Percy JacksonĀ¹by ā™›š“š“·š“­š“»š“øš“¶š“®š“­š“Ŗ, š“½š“±š“® ļæ½...
Ziya Jones was sick and tired of watching her fellow half-bloods get claimed when she never was. Forever in the Hermes cabin, never acknowledged by her father. She never...
Demi-gays by theawkwardlesbiaaan
Demi-gaysby THE will solace
just a gc full of gays...demi-gays ;) **note: solangelo and pipabeth are the main ships. other ships are some what mentioned, but aren't the main focus. other ships may...
[1] šš€š‘ššˆš„ šƒšŽš‹š‹ ā€• p.jackson  āœ“ by infantwomanro
[1] šš€š‘ššˆš„ šƒšŽš‹š‹ ā€• p.jack...by feral but cute era
barbara allen is totally not a barbie doll! (percy jackson x fem!oc) (ttlc-tlo) (book one of nickname series) (cover by @spidergwnn ) (started: 05.04.20) (ended: 15.12.2...
šš„š‹š‹š„  ā€•  p. jackson Ā³  āœ“ by -JASONSGRACE
šš„š‹š‹š„ ā€• p. jackson Ā³ āœ“by kel <3
there must be more than this provincial life. [ percy jackson x original character ] [ book three in the belle trilogy ] [ the mark of athena, the house of hades, & the...
Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~ by Starlight_88
Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~by Victoria
Nico di Angelo had been shunned by his father, King Hades, for two years after he came out and told him he's gay. Since then, the young boy lived two years as a normal c...
š‡š„š‘šŽš„š’ š€šŒšŽšš† š“š‡šˆš„š•š„š’!Ā²  p. jackson by melpomelody
š‡š„š‘šŽš„š’ š€šŒšŽšš† š“š‡šˆš„š•...by gracie!
there is honor in being a hero! (percy jackson x fem!oc) (book two, the battle of the labyrinth - the last olympian) (book two of four; with honor series) * contains swe...
Limitless Love {Percabeth Fanfiction} by MaiaPapaya4Life
Limitless Love {Percabeth Fanficti...by Maia
{COMPLETED} Percy and Annabeth have always been best friends. It's quite a surprise to Percy and his friends when Annabeth becomes distant. What's causing this? Did Perc...
Breathe (Percabeth AU) by bellaschneeb
Breathe (Percabeth AU)by bella
Annabeth Chase's life is pretty much perfect. She has great grades, amazing friends, and a good image at Goode High School. But all of this is about to change, with a co...
Demigods Meet Mortals by clairesarchives
Demigods Meet Mortalsby claire
exactly what the title dictates. p.s. i am also rewriting the chapters whenever i find time!
The Half-Blood Games | Percabeth by AuthoritarianMeerkat
The Half-Blood Games | Percabethby Carter
Annabeth Chase had a good life in District 3. Her father died in the 52nd Hunger Games, and her mother died giving birth to her. She had to go live with her great-aunt...
š‘²š‘°š‘µš‘«š‘¹š‘¬š‘« ā€¢ š‘ƒšøš‘…š¶š‘Œ š½š“š¶š¾š‘†š‘‚š‘ [2] by nixflix
š‘²š‘°š‘µš‘«š‘¹š‘¬š‘« ā€¢ š‘ƒšøš‘…š¶š‘Œ š½š“š¶...by š™…š˜¼š™‰š™„š™“š™„š˜¼
š˜›š˜©š˜¦ š˜š˜¢š˜µš˜¦š˜“, š˜Ŗš˜µ š˜“š˜¦š˜¦š˜®š˜¦š˜„, š˜„š˜¦š˜¤š˜Ŗš˜„š˜¦š˜„ š˜µš˜©š˜¦š˜ŗ š˜øš˜¦š˜³š˜¦ š˜¬š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜„š˜³š˜¦š˜„ [percy jackson x fem!oc] [book two-battle of the labyrinth]
š‚š‘šŽšŽšŠš„šƒ š‚š‘šŽš–š!Ā¹  p. jackson by melpomelody
š‚š‘šŽšŽšŠš„šƒ š‚š‘šŽš–š!Ā¹ p. ja...by gracie!
resting upon my head is this crooked crown! (fem!oc x percy jackson) (book one: the titans curse - the last olympian) (book one of 'royalty duology') (cover made by @-wo...
The Mist is Gone by icarusdusk
The Mist is Goneby molly
The demigods have just gotten back from their quest against Gaea, and were being rewarded by the gods. The demigods were finally expecting to be able to have a break, ex...
Into The Past: A Heroes of Olympus Story by kazuhas_dead_friend
Into The Past: A Heroes of Olympus...by kazuhas hot
This is a story where the heroes of Olympus go back in time. I know that many people do this, but I just love reading them. So I decided to make one of my own. The peopl...
The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for release.  by story-lover1423
The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for r...by story-lover1423
(A Percy Jackson fanfiction) The king of gods made a horrible mistake a long time ago, yet none of the other gods went against him in fear of the consequences. The king...