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Tamer and The Beast. by elnshx
Tamer and The Beast.by damn.
"Don't be so cocky, 'Mr. Grady'"
Life of a Weapon, an Indoraptor Story by Alrond_Endil
Life of a Weapon, an Indoraptor St...by Alrond_Endil
He was known as the Indoraptor Prototype, and he was created to be an engine of relentless death. Nothing more, and nothing less. Throughout his whole life he has had no...
His Dino Helper [Jurassic World OC] by SeparationFREAK
His Dino Helper [Jurassic World OC]by SeparationFREAK
A new dino, a new world. Just being moved off off Isla Nublar, our first male dinosaur which is identified as a velociraptor with strange traits. Owen Grady had raised h...
pack mentality by harambelover24
pack mentalityby flame master 24
a fan fic in which loki , a velociraptor has his own adventure during the evnts of jurassic park ps i do not own any thing jurassic park related i only own loki and o...
Protection - BLUE [ONESHOT] ✓ by --quietdreams
Protection - BLUE [ONESHOT] ✓by --quietdreams
ReaderxBlue Male!Raptor. Blue is possessive over the reader and tries to hurt Owen because he goes near her, but reader stops him in time.
Raptor ( An Avenger's Fan Fiction) (DISCONTINUED) by dreaminghaven
Raptor ( An Avenger's Fan Fiction)...by dreaming
Pain.. That's all you felt after you were captured by HYDRA a few years ago. Before you were just a normal human girl living her life in NYC, but now you were a monster...
The Flock by Taliisa-
The Flockby Taliisa-
~New Cover~ Raptors stick together in a pack. They will always fight for each other and do everything it takes to help. Chi later gets captured by humans, away from the...
Auburn by AntleredCat
Auburnby AntleredCat
After being forced to relocate due to an allosaurus storming their previous territory, Viper pack settled in a familiar cove to relax and nest. But Auburn soon learned t...
REVEALED by Prehistoric4Life
REVEALEDby Prehistoric4Life
Farmers in Costa Rica have been noticing a lot of their livestock has been getting killed. The marks on the animals look like a huge bird or lizard attacked,but they are...
His Beta Her Alpha (MALE! Blue x Blind Raptor) by o0Sterek0o
His Beta Her Alpha (MALE! Blue x B...by BiPolarBear
~"Come on...today is a big day! We are finally taking another step into revolutionizing this park. And when everything falls into place, when she is fully grown. We...
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The Indoraptor and A Girl  ✔️ by belaserednickis
The Indoraptor and A Girl ✔️by bela
Sequel to The Indominus Rex and a Girl (I recommend to read it before reading this book) -------- [Not edited] This is the follow-up story after the events in the Jurras...
➜In which, Sierra, the fifth raptor, gets pushed to her utmost limits while protecting herself, her family, and the park from a certain large white hybrid ...
Hybrids: An Indoraptor Story by EkemWrites
Hybrids: An Indoraptor Storyby E. C. Millington
|𝐁𝐀𝐒𝐄𝐃 𝐎𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐏𝐀𝐃 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐃 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐋| 'The Past Never Dies... And Neither Do Your Mistakes.' ═══════════════ Six years ago, a man-made mo...
The Raptor's Mother by DisasterChild20
The Raptor's Motherby Nix
Abby Grady, Owen Grady's 20 year old sister and Mother of the Raptors.
6:00 A.M. (Spartor) by mailin_34
6:00 A.M. (Spartor)by
-Es gracioso - -que? - -pense que íbamos a llegar más lejos - -pero aún nos queda una opción - -a si?- -si - ([...]) Entonces el mayor abraso al menor aún recostados am...
✨Cuando estamos solo los dos✨❤💙 // spartor // by Vlentinxd
✨Cuando estamos solo los dos✨❤💙...by Vlentiiin
Esta historia la narra Raptor, que se esta dando cuenta de que su hermoso, tierno, guapo y pervertido ''amigo'' intenta...... ¿¡seducirlo!? Inspiración en: Mi ardiente v...
Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ATOM x OC) by Picklesperry
Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ATOM...by Jessica
It all starts when Rip scatters the legends throughout time. As we all know, Ray Palmer (also known as the ATOM) is thrown back to the dinosaur age. What if he wasn't al...