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Haunting Me (A Completed Steamy, Romance)EDITING by gracemadden1234
Haunting Me (A Completed Steamy, R...by Grace Madden
Shorter chapters so don't let the amount of chapters keep you from starting this story. Joey Lattire was offered to a man at a young age. Knowing this she was caught...
Royal Sentence (Steamy Historical) by MProst
Royal Sentence (Steamy Historical)by MProst
Captured by dark and handsome Comte Roland d'Ypagne and sentenced to marry him, rebel Sabine de Brissard must become the perfect wife within six months, or lose her head...
The Erotic Archives by silvxrlining
The Erotic Archivesby Liveys
An archive of steamy stories that i know will have you shaking to your core. These stories go beyond the typical stories you may find on every after dark book recommenda...
Christian's Surprise for Ana(Completed) by Nadinevdm1984
Christian's Surprise for Ana(Compl...by Nadine van der Merwe
Christian and the kids are working on making Ana's birthday special. Read for more. Note it is a short story.
The Gang Leaders Artist by AuthorConstance_Lynn
The Gang Leaders Artistby Constance
Kennedy Matta is an artist not just an artist, his artist. She moves to New York to live out her dream. Her first show is the night she sees him. Not in person but paint...
Xorlali: The saviour Exists [#2 The LightBlood Series] by let_alpha_write
Xorlali: The saviour Exists [#2 Th...by Boakye D. Alpha®
Book 2: ~•~ In the busy streets of Accra, a blind woman is held by the arm by a seeing companion who thrusts a cup in the direction of passing pedestrians, move from ve...
His Intern (Boss in Love series #2) by Carla_Galva
His Intern (Boss in Love series #2)by Carla Galva
Cocky beauty queen and gold-digger extraordinaire Julia Rye has lost everything. Her seventy-five-year-old husband has kicked the bucket, leaving her with zilch and she...
Heartfall - COMPLETED by jbmcgee
Heartfall - COMPLETEDby J.B. McGee
"I'll love you a second past forever..." -- Claire Ballerina Claire Ross has never been good enough. Not for the girls in the elite group of professional dance...
амега (peterick) by wentz_bin
амега (peterick)by wentz_bin
"Everything about you is perfect, Down to your blood type, But I remember every time."
Teachers Pet by lllundyy
Teachers Petby Lundy
A crush on your teacher is always the most meaningless and childish one. It never develops into something more than just a 'puppy love' type situation. It's the type of...
The Shining White Sun  [The LightBlood Series Spin-offs] by let_alpha_write
The Shining White Sun [The LightB...by Boakye D. Alpha®
Read Spin-offs on the LightBlood Series! Get captivated by the imagination of writers all around the world as they explore the LightBlood realm. [Featured Authors] ℹS...
While You Wait (An Ongoing Reference Guide To Find Complete Romances) by gracemadden1234
While You Wait (An Ongoing Referen...by Grace Madden
New! 💫 Are you searching for a mature romance that's completed? This book dedicates chapters to writers with completed work in the romance genre. I have not read the...
Paraluman (18+) by mjburns
Paraluman (18+)by Em Burns
"I can't imagine myself touching anyone but you. Will you teach me? Teach me, Samantha, how to please you." And then they were lost, stunned by the intensity o...
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