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⋆.ೃ࿔*:・❥Hermosa. (Octane x Reader) by snooperoov
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・❥Hermosa. (Octane x Reader)by Octane & Sal simp
[PAINFULLY SLOW UPDATES] You sign up for The Apex Games, expecting to just do it for the money and for fun. But you meet a particular adrenaline addicted boy who becomes...
I'm the Nightmare: A Revenant x Reader by m1ntflav0red
I'm the Nightmare: A Revenant x m1ntflav0red
I turned around, only to be greeted with a tall robot. He was at least a foot taller than me and had a skeleton build. He was painted in a dark burgundy and cool silver...
Bloodhound x reader | by Queen_Serenity11
Bloodhound x reader |by Serenity
(I will go back through and make corrections and fix any errors!!!) My name is y/n l/n I am y/a years old, and this is how I became a legend, how I meet my a kind person...
assassin love assassin; a Revenant x Reader by SIMpULACRUM
assassin love assassin; a SIMpULACRUM
One of them stood out in particular though. He was a big robot, about seven feet maybe. He was crimson and silver, playing with this....ball. he was propped against the...
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My Way To You (BloodHound X Reader) by Mistress_Smug
My Way To You (BloodHound X Reader)by Mistress
I opened the door to get in when a raven landed on the rolled-down window. I yelped as it pecked my hand and huffed out a curse. It cawed a few times before fluffing up...
Apex legends parent scenarios (requests Currently Closed)  by asexual_legend
Apex legends parent scenarios ( Al
This is my first story and I'm insecure af but I wanted to try. I want to start with something simple like a scenario book. If I continue writing you can expect more pla...
Revenant in a Society of Heroes by Fabry1803
Revenant in a Society of Heroesby Fabry1803
Rex is a revenant who was mostly known in the past by he's code name "Hydra". He was the only known revenant to be able to take other blood code's from revenan...
APEX LEGENDS ONESHOTS - <3 by ChocoBerryCoffee
'cos i like you, and you like my attention. requests are closed as of 24/2/21! warnings: strong language and sexual chapters. [started: 28/3/20 ...
Jaune Arc the Revenant Simulacrum by R805943
Jaune Arc the Revenant Simulacrumby Carolina York
Jaune was seen as a weak student and he knows that. So, what happens when Jaune goes out to the Emerald forest and returns a Machine of war? How will everyone react?
Apex Legends: Revenant x Reader - The Dead Man & The Skinsuit by McCree_
Apex Legends: Revenant x Wolf Blue_KP
You are a girl that recently joined the Apex Games and you'll soon meet everyone else.
the undying grimm (rwby x grimm reader) by Grimafellheart
the undying grimm (rwby x grimm Grimafellheart
the wraith, a grimm that is but the ashes of thousands of grimm all in one being that seems almost human except for their bone mask and smokey like apearence. one has ap...
Wings of Fire: Revenant by VexVamp
Wings of Fire: Revenantby Vex
Not all secrets stay buried ... Peacemaker has never done anything remarkable - at least as far as he's concerned. With no magical abilities or heroic destiny, he worri...
Fresh Blood (Code Vein Male Reader) by OldReliable_Markuss
Fresh Blood (Code Vein Male Reader)by Markuss
It seems everyone everywhere is thirsty. So how will our boy (Y/N) survive outside of a shelter with revenants and lost all around him? Easy! Band together with MORE rev...
{Discontinued} The Shadow's Strike (Apex Legends) by PhoenixGarden
{Discontinued} The Shadow's LoganTheFenixGarden
A new Legend is found in the likes of Y/N L/N. Entering the Apex Games tournament for the thrill of the fight, and the money of course. Eventually realising that friends...
Amongst Thieves by druidrose
Amongst Thievesby MB | M.Dalto
|| FREE STORY WITH PAID WRITER REVEAL CHAPTERS || In the Den of the Kingdom of Dreduor, money reigns supreme and one's skill at deception determines how much you can mak...
Gods and Monsters ~ Mad Maggie x reader by Darksies
Gods and Monsters ~ Mad Maggie x Mia
(y/n) was dropped of on Salvo when she was 7 years old with only her will to survive. After being trained by a skilled mechanic, she thinks she knows everything about su...
Code Vein Fanfic Male Reader by Jaritorin
Code Vein Fanfic Male Readerby Jaritorin
I don't own Code Vein. Please don't sue me! A classic story of someone dying and waking up in a video game/anime in place of the Protagonist. However, will game knowledg...
The return of the Devil  by Jolientje06
The return of the Devil by Jolientje06
Story inspired: Apex Legends. Loba and her swore enemy Revenant have been in a lot of battles. After Loba found out the demonio left she thought she was free until she h...
Two Peacemakers  (Wynonna/ Alice Earp AU) by SophiaJohnson255
Two Peacemakers (Wynonna/ Alice S. Johnson
Between the second and the third season (obviously after what happened in the beginning of the third season)-- a month after Alice's birth-- a mysterious woman walks int...
Apex legends memes bc I'm bored  by i_drink_orphan_blood
Apex legends memes bc I'm bored by 𝕴𝖓𝖉𝖎𝖌𝖔
Just a bunch of my favorite apex legends memes