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If yesterday can heal  by reggie_winchester
If yesterday can heal by voidstiles_stilinski
Three siblings. Triplets. Youngest, middle, oldest. Who does what? Who is who? Who will go against him? Who is scared? So many questions that need answers but who...
RIDDLE ME THIS by dilfs789
RIDDLE ME THISby dilfs789
Thomas, Matteo and Lolita. the Riddle triplets, sent to wreak havoc at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Tom; the eldest, level headed and quick. Matteo; th...
Part of Me || Mattheo Riddle by bbloodyv4mp
Part of Me || Mattheo Riddleby k.
"I backed her up against the wall. She looked up at me with those sweet innocent eyes. God I needed her, she's part of me." - mattheo x fem reader ⚠️ WARNING...
Arranged marriage  by giannagarvia
Arranged marriage by GIANNA
What happens when y/n Malfoy a loyal follower to the dark lord has to Marry Mattheo riddle son of lord Voldemort, her parents who make her will they feel proud or disap...
LIAR by Masikei
LIARby Masikei Taylor
Tasie Riddle, voldemort's daughter, is given some unexpected news.
Black x Riddle by Hogwartlover10
Black x Riddleby Hogwartlover10
Hi, this is my first book so i hope u like it. Pls dont forget to vote and comment Natalie black a 16 year old girl, Daughter to the one and only Regulus Black. Mattheo...
The boy who would be king  by starbucks4lyfeyolo
The boy who would be king by starbucks4lyfeyolo
What if voldemort has a son called Milo riddle, but he's known as Harry Potter. Kidnapped as a baby forced to live with the people who called themselves his aunt and un...
A Potter in Slytherin by ShadowMidnightGhost
A Potter in Slytherinby ShadowMidnightGhost
Keres Artemis Potter is Harry Potter's younger twin sister. Harry doesn't know he has a twin but he feels like there was always a part of himself missing. The reason why...
Different (Mattheo Riddle) by itsBrittneybitchh
Different (Mattheo Riddle)by I don't know what am I doing...
-"I know the truth. You love me?" -"yes" -"I love you too" Best rank #riddles 14 ❤️ #mattheoriddle 10♥️ #...
Arranged Love Matteo Riddle X Reader by Missmalfoy42
Arranged Love Matteo Riddle X Read...by Miss Riddle ❤
Matteo riddle x yn I DONT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS IN THIS FF THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO THE AUTHOR Full credit to my BFF for writing this story
Him by hogwartsxio
Himby hogwartsxio
The story is about Mattheo Riddle, son of Voldemort and a girl named Evil. For all the desperate ones, this story is perfect for you! enjoy!!
unexpected Love-Mattheo Riddle ff by ilovemattheoriddle16
unexpected Love-Mattheo Riddle ffby Lea
This Story is about y/n lestrange who meets Mattheo riddle. The first chapters of the story aren't really good but it gets better so please give it chance. When I finish...
ACOTAR (Rhys's POV) by crazygurl4ever
ACOTAR (Rhys's POV)by crazygurl4ever
A group of fic's detailing some of the more major scenes of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas from the point of view of Rhysand as he experiences Feyre for th...
Infatuated ~ Mattheo Riddle x OC by iExsistToo
Infatuated ~ Mattheo Riddle x OCby iExistToo
After being locked up in an orphanage since birth, 15 year old Amaya Miller, discovers she's a witch. She starts attending to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry...
Riddles || Pierre Gasly ✓ by 0kaywithme
Riddles || Pierre Gasly ✓by ᴋᴀʏ
she left riddles everywhere she went, he was determined to figure them out.
UniquelyUrquart!! (Hogwarts AU) by UQuartpureblood
UniquelyUrquart!! (Hogwarts AU)by UniquelyUrquart
The pureblood Nyx Urquart transfers to Hogwarts in her 6th year. This is not her first time at hogwarts as she had accompanied the Durmstrang school and her current boyf...
Riddles on Napkins // E.Nygma by retired27
Riddles on Napkins // E.Nygmaby retired27
"From riddles on napkins to kisses on the cheek, my-my Edward how far you've come." Alice Morelle wasn't the brightest flower in the bunch, that being th...
Glorybringer a Wings of Fire story by Zana_Zoola14
Glorybringer a Wings of Fire storyby ZanaZoola14
It was just a normal day in her kingdom when Glory fell down ill. Having to leave the forest and get locked up in her dragonet-hood cave. Glory and Deathbringer start to...
mattheo riddle one shots by megafittylex
mattheo riddle one shotsby lex
imagines of the one and only theo riddle <33
INSATIABLE  +18 (Matteo Riddle and you)  by jane_Kjj
INSATIABLE +18 (Matteo Riddle and...by jane_Kjj
Mattheo Riddle arrives at Hogwarts School, where he is on a mission to take Harry Potter to his father, but something unexpected happens when he meets little T/N Potter...