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Marked (BTS Taehyung) by bastanubis29
Marked (BTS Taehyung)by bastanubis29
In which Taehyung did not sign up for any of this, Jungkook is trying way too hard not to laugh at his hyungs, Namjoon is the Aplha wolf, Yoongi really just wants a nap...
The Moon Goddess's revenge  by Athens2478
The Moon Goddess's revenge by Athens2478
Read description in the intro, trying to see if anyone would read this. Leave a comment if you would
Travelers The Fall of the Two Siblings by BbappyMorel
Travelers The Fall of the Two Sibl...by Bbappy Morel
In the forests of Yellowstone National Park there are two lost siblings looking for each other in the harsh wilderness. They once lived in a pack, but they decided to ru...
Moon Persuasion by Skyes-
Moon Persuasionby J. H Salvatore
College life. A time where students discover both their personality and sexuality. Couple that with the fact that you are mate-less, and you're bound to run into drama...
Gusty Emotions on Wet Roads by NeverForgotton
Gusty Emotions on Wet Roadsby Maddie
"I know about Amanda. Meet me at the gas station on 76 at 3:00pm to pick up your shit. Have fun dating her." Satisfied with the text, she pressed send, determ...
The Omegas' Resurgence by emmaraldwall
The Omegas' Resurgenceby Emma Wallace
Oliver loved two things Mollie and Joey. Mollie loved two things Oliver and her freedom. Isla loved one thing her pack. What happens when everything they love is threa...
The Rubies and The Gravels by ZePigeon
The Rubies and The Gravelsby Deen Lauren
The Gravel pack and the Ruby pack are long enemies. But for some time there had seemed to be peace, until the wisest of them all, Wisp, witnesses the Ruby's alpha again...
A Second Life by Lone-Wolf-098
A Second Lifeby Wolf Pup
I have always believed. Something more people should do. The world of the supernatural has always fascinated me in more way than one. My parents always said I should gro...
His Pack by Dynamo_rawr
His Packby Drago
The alpha, leader of a pack and the one who not only inspires great hunts, but installs fear into whomever dare challenge him. But when another pack threatens his with p...
Moonlit Ties by Shobu-chan
Moonlit Tiesby Shonu-Chan
In the shadowed corridors of Larkspire High, a fierce rivalry between Elias of the Silverfangs and Raven of the Nightclaws masks an ancient secret. As Elias approaches a...
This Princess Wears Cleats by thatbaejay
This Princess Wears Cleatsby Jay
Jay Simmons is about the sportiest girl you will ever meet. She plays Softball, Basketball, Soccer, She is an all-star track and cross-country runner and she is the star...
The Forgotten Luna's Revenge by Blackrose2027
The Forgotten Luna's Revengeby Rin
Forgotten Omega Sera's life takes a dramatic turn when a powerful Alpha from the strongest pack claims her as his mate. But before she can become his Luna, she must conf...
Inheritance by latorraca
Inheritanceby C Pedroza
After Summer's estranged grandfather's passing, his much beloved lake house in Morgan, Vermont is given to her. The twenty-one year old leaves her old life behind, feeli...
The Dark Alpha by TheSydneyMarie
The Dark Alphaby Sydney
Sheltered shifter Celeste runs away after disappointing her parents with another failure to secure a worthy mate bond, but she accidentally stumbles onto the land of a b...
Mated To A Foodie | ✓ by MySoulinLines
Mated To A Foodie | ✓by ♕ 𝐓𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖆 ♕
"Oh no! my mate is a foodie, what if she eats me", I thought but my wolf simply purred, "Not if we eat her first". Lilac and Braylon are mates who sh...