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just a Sun/Moondrop smut fic, keep scrolling. by crinkly_corndog
just a Sun/Moondrop smut fic, Beep Boop
I'm so so sorry 😭😭 there's just smthn about them, so I decided to get my 'feelings' out,,,, cover credit goes to @iheartlouiswtt on Twitter.
The F#ck Robot by WeaverPop2
The F#ck Robotby Weara
Melissa, your average scientist, lives with 2 friends named Jack and Uriah. Jack's a game developer, and Uriah works in a bank as a general manager. Naturally, Melissa...
Rude Awakening by weinerwatersquirter
Rude Awakeningby ℙ𝕖𝕟𝕚𝕤 𝕂𝕦𝕟
genos wakes up to saitama taking interest in his body, what will this lead to? Lil twist at the end guys, don't say I didn't warn you. 18+ smut included.
Kanen x Zeb x Ezra x Chopper x Lebron James by bucketkoala
Kanen x Zeb x Ezra x Chopper x Can I die
This is for joke purposes only, intended to be fictional only. THIS IS MATURE CONTENT! Sex, gore and things that a young person should just not read. Meme references and...
CYBORG DRESS X ROBIN SMUT 😊💞🤟 by azzieluhvsqr
bottom- cyborg🩼 top- Robin 🦤 teen titans go😈 spicy 🌶️ HARDCORE ⛑️ gay 🇻🇦 cyborg is Nigerian 🇳🇬 Robin is american jamaican and Scottish 🇵🇱 intersex cyborg au ⚠...
9-volt | non-canon | nsfw by rocket-buddy
9-volt | non-canon | nsfwby star 🕹
"how high can your dial go without you short-circuiting, thomas?" [please do not copy or reference my ocs] [lowercase intended]
Installing Hardware (Screwllum/Silver Wolf) | Honkai Star Rail by Waisamakk
Installing Hardware (Screwllum/ Waisamakk
Oneshot! TW: Non-Con/Rape!! After a long and hard-fought battle, Silver Wolf has finally cracked the code and breached Screwllum's firewall, deactivating him temporarily...