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Mystery Date by Hastyteenflick
Mystery Dateby Danice Mae P. Sison
Roy is late to his nth blind date in the last three months. Tiffany is waiting for a private investigator she's hired to help her catch someone in the act. They mistake...
Something Stupid by C_deguzman
Something Stupidby Carla de Guzman
Music producer Teddy's always been told that he's "lucky sa work, malas sa love." So when he accidentally asks Andi, the girl of his dreams, out for a dinner d...
After Happy Ever After by tarafrejas
After Happy Ever Afterby Tara Frejas
This is a collection of short stories, ficlets, and one shots featuring characters from my previously published work. You may find my books on Amazon and other reading p...
Perfect Dad by edithjoaquinmsv
Perfect Dadby Edith Joaquin
Neither Paula nor Juan has felt the kind of attraction they each feel toward each other from the moment they met. It would be so easy to fall in love except that as a si...
Fake It Till We Make It by anatejano
Fake It Till We Make Itby Ana Tejano
30 year old, no-boyfriend-since-birth Ruth needs to bring a boyfriend to her cousin's wedding, so she gets her friend Ian to play the role.
But First, Coffee by tarafrejas
But First, Coffeeby Tara Frejas
What happens behind the scenes at a Pio Alvez-Alice Panganiban movie. (with thanks to Jay E. Tria, who owns the characters Alice and Son.)
Forget Me Not by periwinkleblues
Forget Me Notby periwinkleblues
Forget Me Not is already available in paperback! If you like this story, pls. support me and buy the book. It's only 220 pesos +shipping fee of 65. The book includes one...
Fall Like Rain (Preview) by anatejano
Fall Like Rain (Preview)by Ana Tejano
Rain De Castro has been in love with her best friend, Mark Velasco, for almost the entire time she has known him, but she's clearly in the friend zone because he's happi...
Then, Now, and Ever After by luckychanmd
Then, Now, and Ever Afterby Celestine Trinidad
Aina Macaraig finds out that famous TV reporter Maki Angeles is actually her long-lost childhood friend. They meet each other again after so many years, and Maki now has...
Begin at the Beginning (#LunaEast 1) by ChloeSalvacion99
Begin at the Beginning ( Chloe Salvacion
Jamie bravely takes the first step into a new world. (This is a short story for the Luna East Arts Academy series.)
Driving Home by C_deguzman
Driving Homeby Carla de Guzman
Two friends, an old orange Beetle and years of memories. Romance at its finest, I think.
Gabriel's Checklist (or, How To Survive Your First Christmas in Manila) by tarafrejas
Gabriel's Checklist (or, How To Tara Frejas which Gabriel Park spends Christmas in Manila to be with the person he loves. The question is: Does she feel the same way? [ This is a companion piece to Scandali...
Presents by anatejano
Presentsby Ana Tejano
It's the day before Christmas Eve. Rain goes home for the holidays and reunites briefly with someone from her past. * This story is a prequel of sorts to Fall Like Rain...
Two Doors Down by kattbri
Two Doors Downby kattbri
After a three week work trip abroad, Luigi Quirino from 11A comes home to a package that is not for him. He discovers it belongs to an annoyed Patricia Co from 11K and i...
Game Night by anatejano
Game Nightby Ana Tejano
Rain joins Mark and his high school friends for their game night. This is a chapter that was in the first draft of Fall Like Rain. I edited it out because it felt like...
See You Under the Counter (short story) by MinaVE
See You Under the Counter (short Mina V. Esguerra
One night, two beers, three songs. Open Mic Night at NomCom is usually great business for Feliz's craft beer stall-except when a sudden downpour means everything's cance...
Finally, Hope by luckychanmd
Finally, Hopeby Celestine Trinidad
A oneshot short story featuring Mayumi and Joaquin, from my short story "Finally Home", as they join the solidarity walk of health care workers for the 2022 Ph...
Dare To Love by arkicpsanti
Dare To Loveby Caryn P. Santi
Restoration architect Giada Manahan's heart has begun to resemble the adobe walls she loves. At least that's what her friends say. But Gia knows better---she's just bein...
That Was When He Knew by TheBiancaMori
That Was When He Knewby Bianca Mori
A one-off ficlet set in the universe of Alta: A High Society Romance Anthology (published 2019 and written by Carla de Guzman, Bianca Mori [me] and Suzette de Bora.) Fea...
30th by jayetria
30thby Jay E Tria
Ficlet in the universe of the Playlist series, 'Songs of Our Breakup' and 'Songs to Make You Stay.' Jill and Shinta are much younger in their books (in their 20s!). Prom...