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Reincarnated as a random race, of course I got goblin. by Veranyean
Reincarnated as a random race, of...by Veran Yean
After falling to my death due to poor maintenance on a viewing platform over a ravine, I find myself having an audience with God. In return for my untimely demise (that...
I'm a Side Boss (Put on Hold) by JaxWolf4
I'm a Side Boss (Put on Hold)by JaxWolf4
You know how games have those random side bosses that are much stronger than the main boss? Yeah, basically, that's me. This new world has some serious balance issues. _...
The God Of Creation by DDDronos
The God Of Creationby DDDronos
After a swift retreat Quant awakens in a dark, mysterious tomb. Completely weakened from his previous battle with not even a cloth on his back. His goal is to gain back...
This pathetic ant, wants to overturn the heavens by FalsifiedKing
This pathetic ant, wants to overtu...by FalsifiedKing
Ryo, an Orphan, and the last disciple, of a great grandmaster blacksmith, called Bruce, died while trying to find materials for help his Master, to create a blacksmithin...
Land of Promise by TinMai829
Land of Promiseby Vi Mai
What happens when a scientist from the future gets arrives in a world of fantasy and magic? Meet Aaron, a genius of a futuristic, advanced technological era who is tran...
The Dungeon Crawler's Academy by SKS_Shadowkitty
The Dungeon Crawler's Academyby Shadowkitty
In a time past, an ancient void threatened all of reality. Defeated by Gods and Heroes, what now remains of the surviving worlds has settled into a relative peace. The...