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I Am King  (Bleach Series X Male Reader) by MyNameIsChrisForSure
I Am King (Bleach Series X Male MyNameIsChrisForSure
Y/N Is just a normal 16 year old boy from Karakura Town.... But not all is as it seems. The blood running through your veins has a great amount of power in it, and with...
Who am I? by Ash_Chaos
Who am I?by Ash_Chaos
We all know how Ichigo lost his mother Masaki, who was a quincy, when he was very young. But what if he actually gets depression because of it? If his father started to...
Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Sousuke Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Midnight_Lilac
Toshiro Hitsugaya x reader by lwjawwx
Toshiro Hitsugaya x readerby _Cjt_
(Y/n) Kuchiki. The Daughter of Byakuya Kuchiki, and Hisana. She is a special child, she was born weak, and frail. The doctors all said she would die before she turned 7...
Insanity of Betrayal by Fangirlhime
Insanity of Betrayalby Fangirlhime
"You think five years isn't enough time to change your personality? Well think again. It just takes something small, and then the very people you helped climb the...
Shinigami ~OC x BleachVarious! by Kito-Sensei
Shinigami ~OC x BleachVarious!by Kito
"If I were the rain, could I ever merge with somebody's heart, like the way rain merges Sky and Earth, never meant to connect..." Himiko Yamamoto has always be...
Bleach : hollows on the loose (yoruichi x male reader by thedarklord86
Bleach : hollows on the loose ( Darklord86
What happens when you let a hybrid between soul reaper/hollow loose on the soul society. well you get amazings fights explosie's and one of a badass fighter. Lets read A...
bleach fem ichigo x male reader  by BrandonMcgee7
bleach fem ichigo x male reader by Brandon Mcgee
Ichigo and y/n have been best friends since they were born and have always unlike Ichigo y/n parents passed away so he lives with her family what adventures await them
Horns of Fate (Bleach oc Fanfic) by BurntRaizen
Horns of Fate (Bleach oc Fanfic)by BurntRaizen
Keishin Yamamoto is the great grandson of the Soul Society's head captain and holds the position of Captain of squad 3. He's smart, strong, loyal to his Grandfather and...
Ghost Of Shinigami [ bleach male reader insert] by Topkwnu
Ghost Of Shinigami [ bleach male lavendertown
Welcome to bleach the world with shinigami, hollows, and Quincy I'm going to bring you this story of our lead protagonist This is a remake of the first book
The Bonds Between Us (Bleach Fanfic) by Angie_Sixx13
The Bonds Between Us (Bleach Angie_Sixx13
Kurosaki Enka had given up everything to be with her older brother. She lived as a human, became an aunt to his three children. She loved and lost alongside them. But on...
The Son of a Genius (Bleach x Male Reader) by T1nonly
The Son of a Genius (Bleach x T1nonly
Introducing Y/n Urahara. A normal kid who goes to Karakura High School and lives a normal life. What he didn't know is that he is the son of the genius Shinigami Kisuke...
Testament Of Sister New Devil: The Story Of Kenchie Misaki by KyleFaroa
Testament Of Sister New Devil: Kyle Faroa
Five years have passed since Kenchie fled from the Hero Village following the tragic loss of his parents. Determined to surpass their legacy, he devoted himself to rigor...
A Hollow Crown by Draconic_Dumbass
A Hollow Crownby Jinn_Mori
For as long as Ichigo could remember, he's been able hear a voice that only he could hear. In addition to that, he was able to see the dearly departed and odd mask-weari...
Not So Grim Reaper: Rukia Kuchiki x Male Reader by Showoff247
Not So Grim Reaper: Rukia Showoff247
A "Bleach" - male reader insert. Rukia Kuchiki x Male Reader Rather than her fateful encounter with Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia finds herself working in a small &qu...
Kōri No Megami by Shiroram
Kōri No Megamiby Shiroram
Have you wondered what would Happen If you reincarnate in Naruto with the extra abilities of Rukia Kuchiki? Worry Not because the 23 year old Mia after over working hers...
Death & The Strawberry [Currently Being Edited] by Ichigo015
Death & The Strawberry [ Destiny Boothe
Ichigo feels like he has lost part of himself since Rukia has been gone. After the appearance of a frightening Hollow, and Ichigo's utter defeat, what fate may befall hi...
Ulquiorra returns by LoveNeverDies13
Ulquiorra returnsby LoveNeverDies13
"I'm longing to be with Ulquiorra again. What is wrong with me? When I was there with him, all I wanted was to get away from Hueco Mundo and back home where I belon...
I Just Been Bleached (Bleach Fanfiction) by IllusiveVixen
I Just Been Bleached (Bleach オペラ座の意地の悪い女
I never believed in alternative universes, I figured it was just some crazy theory cooked-up by some loony scientist. I went from watching TV in my dorm room to being su...
Ichiruki: Valentines Day by AJ_Peace
Ichiruki: Valentines Dayby IchiRuki FTW
Ichiruki fanfiction... And fluff. Rukia starts feeling weird every time Orihime is with Ichigo, which is a lot, and has know idea why. Everyone talks about this thing ca...