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Rumya FF- my broken heart by brokenheart367
Rumya FF- my broken heartby Sanjana
Should I say I hate you for you left me Alone in the middle of life's journey Or should I say I love you for you are the one. Who taught me to love. Should I sa...
Life Found Love Once Again (UNDER EDITING) #IBB AWARDS 2018 by ruby_MarNy
Life Found Love Once Again ( ruby_MarNy
This FF is mainly on IshKara... But other characters will play important roles too... Cover credit @Jaanavi He has lost his wife who was pregnant in an accident... He is...
Seven Minutes in Heaven by iamsanya
Seven Minutes in Heavenby iamsanya
They get a second chance but only after a horrifying, (un)predictable incident. #RuMya SS Fanfiction
Second chance made my life beautiful ✔ (Completed) by TiaraMe07
Second chance made my life Tabassum
A Two Shot based on Rudra , soumya and Bhavya WARNING ⚠: focuses on other characters too
LOVE AND WAR by Oviyaa5262
LOVE AND WARby Oviyaa5262
Rudra and soumya are cousins. Both will fight like cat and dog. Both are opposite to each other charcter. What will happen, when they meet each other after 10year? Stay...
Highest Rank- #58 in Short Story #64 in Fan Fiction The story revolving around the obros and their life partners. The story of their separation. The story of how SEPARAT...
rumya ruvya love -  An Ishqbaaz ff(completed)  by thenikunjagarwal16
rumya ruvya love - An Ishqbaaz nikunjagarwal
Highest ranking #42 in chicklit on 05 Nov 2017 #50 in rumya The story revolves around rudra , soumya , bhavya and the most important think is there is no love triangle...
Taken For Granted by dhruma345
Taken For Grantedby ArshiRumyabestcouple
What happens if the girl you like breaks your heart and turns out to be a cheater? What happens if the family that claims to love you, fails to trust you? What happe...
Games Of Destiny - A Abhimaan short stories by Prathiksha2605
Games Of Destiny - A Abhimaan mystic writer
This contains the short stories of abhimaan and ruhit.
Can't live without you - RuMya OS by Rasheei
Can't live without you - RuMya OSby Rashi
when soumya went to rudra's room after that rudra is crying badly for his sumo
Rang Jo Lagyo..!!! Ishqbaazi Two Shots..!! by madiee6234
Rang Jo Lagyo..!!! Ishqbaazi Two madiee6234
The younger Oberoys - Three OBros and their little sister Prinku are on the roll. ShivIka - Shivay and Anika Shivay Singh Oberoy - The eldest one. RiKara - Omkara and Ga...
bhavya or soumya by magicglow11111
bhavya or soumyaby lavanya
rudra's love story. rudy loves saumya, saumya loves rudy and bhavya loves rudy. a complicated love triangle
The Distance to Confession by sree_nandana
The Distance to Confessionby Sree Nandana Suresh
Its an ff based on Shivika, Rikara and Rumya....It is based on d track when Soumya was kidnapped by Mahi and Kamini...Saumya is not a negative character.... Hope u enjoy...
💓Dil Bole Sharma💖 (slow updates ) by whitleyGurajena
💓Dil Bole Sharma💖 (slow updates )by whitley Gurajena
Well. Dil bole oberoi just pissed me off. forgive my language but this time I'm doing the same story but just differently cause there was this book reveiw that made...
Soulmates: Forever and Always- A ShivIka, RiKara, and RuMya FF( Unedited) by Piyali7870
Soulmates: Forever and Always- A Piyali
What Happens when a not so Love believing Shivaay meets a flirty Annika? What Happens when a sweet and innocent Omkara meets the Devious Guari? What Happens when a Beaut...
Giving us a chance (RuMya) by heart_talking
Giving us a chance (RuMya)by heart_talking
What if the youngest Oberoi brother gets to make a decision of his own.... Neither forced by elders nor influenced by his brothers A Decision made by only him and the...
Rikara Os: Yaad Hai by Sh_aarohi
Rikara Os: Yaad Haiby Israth
She Was His Contract Wife For Him But For Her He was her Husband in All True Sense ... Time Lapsed The time together came to end.Will she leave him ? or Stay Back?. DilB...
RuMya TS: Not meant to be  by Hayeoye_
RuMya TS: Not meant to be by Hayeoye
Shivaay's NDE and RuMya conversation, Bhavya's pov and realisation
Love Shots (Deja Vu) | drabbles. ✓ by eloquent24
Love Shots (Deja Vu) | drabbles. ✓by ❛𝓘 ❜
Just some random snippets for our favourite couple. • previously known as Deja Vu