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Kuroko no basket oneshots by otaku4ever14
Kuroko no basket oneshotsby Chiaki~
Heyyyy! I'll be writing kuroko no basket one shots~ hope you enjoy them!! Requests aren't open but I might take requests from time to time :333
Please Remember (Kise x Reader) by KAYNUKY22
Please Remember (Kise x Reader)by KAYNUKY22
Grew up as Childhood friends, Kise and Y/N are really close. Kise the man that everyone loves and Y/N the timid but kind girl lives together at Kise's place because it's...
The God Gambler: A COTE x Kakegurui Fanfic by Nekoramara-senpai
The God Gambler: A COTE x Kakeguru...by Neko-paisen
Takes place after Volume 10. Tsukishiro successfully expelled Kiyotaka with the help of Sakayanagi Arisu on the special exam, "Class Poll". Thinking that it's...
Eh? Ah, Sou. [Kise R.] ✓ by -procrastin8t0r
Eh? Ah, Sou. [Kise R.] ✓by And I oop
Yohime was blunt, cruelly so. A girl who disliked many things- crowned the most fearsome delinquent of Kaijou High within her first three days, there was one thing she...
EYES | Blue Lock by pumpkimpz
EYES | Blue Lockby joonie
"This emotion, 'liking'... is it necessary in order to win?" - To which Bachira forces his friend to socialize by adding her to their group chat since he's afr...
Forgotten Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke Fan Fiction) by retardedinpajamas
Forgotten Basketball (Kuroko no Ba...by Red
"I don't know, whenever I play basketball it feels like I'm complete as a person," Aya Tsubasa has a passion for basketball but she doesn't know where it came...
Perfect Copy | KNBXKHR ✔️ by Sloth02
Perfect Copy | KNBXKHR ✔️by —rin*
All it took was a plane crash, and Kise Ryota was no more. Strangely enough, he didn't feel sadness, only regret. Regret for not checking his engine beforehand. Regret f...
『 Akashi x OC 』The Dragon Empress by RandomVC
『 Akashi x OC 』The Dragon Empressby Rias Kirishima
What if there was a person that had all of the Generation of Miracles' talents? Akemi Ryuu, is a girl that has the Generation of Miracles' talents... but she doesn't ha...
Kakegurui || Sister of destroy by ddemooon
Kakegurui || Sister of destroyby 𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐫𝐚
Y/n.. Everybody knows her as a sister of Destroy.. But why? Will your past come out and who you really are? <Kakegurui> I do not own the characters!
Kiseki no sedai x Reader (kuroko no basuke) open requests! by Umiknad
Kiseki no sedai x Reader (kuroko n...by Umi
Kuroko no basuke fanfiction. A collection of knb x reader scenarios and one shot stories. If you want me to write one shots or a proper story just let me know. ^_^ ps I...
Sleepover ( AoKise/ Boy x boy) by AkaHime04
Sleepover ( AoKise/ Boy x boy)by AkaHime04
Waahhh!! KnB is done!! (╥_╥) I already miss them ..'¯'(>▂<)'¯'.. .especially Akashi..but it's ok they will have a special episode release on December 24... I will...
She's a Fujoshi! (Kuroko no Basket - Kise Ryouta Fan Fiction) by ShirayukiEru
She's a Fujoshi! (Kuroko no Basket...by El~
"How do you make the girl you like fall for you if she sees you as a character from yaoi and boys' love stories?" -Kise Ryouta.
Kakegurui x Reader by sakicore
Kakegurui x Readerby Sakura
"don't mess with me Kirari, you'll regret it" what happens when Hirari Y/n comes to this new school Hayakkaou Private Academy, the most prestigious school in e...
I love... [Akashi x Orphan!Reader x Kuroko] by cyberwriterfuyu
I love... [Akashi x Orphan!Reader...by cyberwriterfuyu
A drama with a sweet romance. You and Momoi both love Kuroko and Akashi has feelings for you. What would happened if Kuroko likes you as well? Who will you choose betwee...
Stuck by dumbass_queer413
Stuckby Mckenna Long
Kirari Momobami x Fem!Reader kind of crack fic and kind of a vent, idk anymore but enjoy :) (cover art is not mine)
the blonde tsundere  by marysaotomewifee
the blonde tsundere by marysaotomewifee
you just enrolled at hyakkauo. you run into a blonde gay tsundere. from enemies to lovers. I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES!
Stranger | Taka by Emlynie
Stranger | Takaby Emlynie
Who knew a 5 day trip to Japan would make a fangirl's dream come true? And that dream is meeting her favorite idol, but she doesn't even know it's him―Taka from ONE OK R...
~Kuroko No Basuke x reader!~ [DISCONTINUED????] by kyoczl
~Kuroko No Basuke x reader!~ [DISC...by aaaaAAAHHHHH
Kuroko no Basuke does not belong to me~ Edit: 18 April 2017 I wrote this story when I was 12. The KNB vibe left me already ╥﹏╥