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Chronicle of Life by Allyyyyyl
Chronicle of Lifeby Allyyyyyl
She loved him and this love made her humble as dust. He didn't love her, it didn't matter, there was another woman around him. she can pretend not to know. What she w...
The Last Chapter(BOOK 2)_Complete by 7teenz
The Last Chapter(BOOK 2)_Completeby Seven
Dalawang kwento na di na nadugtungan, dalawang puso na pinaglayo ng tadhana. May pag-asa pa kayang mapagisa? Nagmahal Nasaktan Alin man sa dalawa ang mauna pero asahan...
The Last Chapter(BOOK 1)_ Complete by 7teenz
The Last Chapter(BOOK 1)_ Completeby Seven
"Gusto lang kita pero di kita mahal" Aniya nila masakit raw maiwan pero na try niyo bang papaniwalain sa kasinungalingan?. Ako si Athena isang babaeng naghah...
chains of my deceit  by Bahirakk
chains of my deceit by Bahirakk
sequel to beauty behind my madness ***** so tell me, are you ready to know my lies, my truths my hurts and those who I hurt? how Ive broken and those I'm breaking? bu...
Don't leave by pinpoop
Don't leaveby kimjangmi
life is made of moments, moments that never fade, it might be a moment of pain or of joy, the emotion doesn't really matter what matters is how you value those moments...
Unpredictable Woman by StarlightCassiopea
Unpredictable Womanby Blue Starlight
Unpredictable Woman This story is about Keila Lian Tellorio and Ace Brier. Ang isang Keila Lian Tellorio ay kilalang Gangster, isang gangster na pumapatay para sa husti...
Teen Love by DarKingMich
Teen Loveby DarKingMich
Love is a tricky emotion..
Eyes In The Dark by Celerity_Knight
Eyes In The Darkby Secrecy
"Wh-who are you"? I dreadfully ask. Mouth quivering. My back in touch with the wall. His hands easily pinned both of my wrists above me. Smell of fresh coffee...
||Dark||      BTS J-Hope Psycho fanfiction by SonalHazari8
||Dark|| BTS J-Hope Psycho 𝙲𝚑𝚒𝚖𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚖
" Do you think being a psycho is funny ?" " Maybe for you but for me it's peaceful "
SAVE ME by carimolalabts
SAVE MEby carimolalabts
A girl named park y/n had boy issues and pain given by her bestfriend rose........
Cuts and Bruises by blackkratos
Cuts and Bruisesby blackkratos
This is a compilation of emotional, heartbraking,motivational and painful stories. I hope you will love this 😊.Stories in this book is originally written by me any simi...
Tears Behind the Veil by AlisonCheung6
Tears Behind the Veilby Alison Cheung
"Be the beat to my heart, not the tears from my eyes. For a beat last a lifetime but teardrop eventually dries." ~Yeonhee Lee Yeonhee is the daughter of the...
Deep Quotes||Completed  by sheeriotits
Deep Quotes||Completed by sheeriotits
Deep quotes to help with my sad and depression soul. I don't own any of these quotes.
The Third Wheel by ChicoHiraya
The Third Wheelby ChicoHiraya
Masama bang magmahal ng taong nakatali na? Ng taong may mahal ng iba. Masama bang manghimasok at isipin o mangarap na sana ikaw na lang ang nasa posisyon ng iba? Oo ba...
A Hundred Reasons To Die by asadpotatoe
A Hundred Reasons To Dieby asadpotatoe
I wonder why I'm still alive when I have a hundred reasons to die.
With a Vengeance by GracefulWritings
With a Vengeanceby GracefulWritings
People are dying in Sugar Valley. The work of a serial killer in a small town. Everything is slowly changing. Even the little old ladies have stopped their gossip. Who i...
Music in the rain || [OP Deku AU] (DISCONTINUED) by TaroClistorRhp
Music in the rain || [OP Deku AU] TaroClistor
Don't mind the zeros. Just read it. The real story starts in Chapter.00 since I'm rewriting it. If you want to know the future plot, check out the 0's, but it definitely...