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Liar Liar (Oumasai Chatfic) by weebamongstweebs
Liar Liar (Oumasai Chatfic)by Iregretthisaccount
The game was all just a big lie. Turns out everyone is alive and well as you can be after a killing game. Tsumugi decided it would be a good idea to make amen...
The Flower Motive(Oumasai) by Coder-Geek
The Flower Motive(Oumasai)by Coder-Geek
This is a Hanahaki Disease AU♡ Kokichi Ouma, the Ultimate supreme leader has gained feelings for the Ultimate detective, Shuichi Saihara. It's a one-sided love, for Shui...
Running This Game With You || Saiouma Mastermind AU by SkyWolf222
Running This Game With You || Sky
In this AU not only is there a mastermind they have a helper. {Mastermind Kokichi x Helper Shuichi} I started writing this because I was bored so it's cool people are re...
Danganronpa Chatfic | All main games | Multiple GC by Sacred_Sloth
Danganronpa Chatfic | All main Ty
Multiple Groupchats but they are all connected. I beg of you to drop the story if it is not suitable for your taste. It is a chatfic of headcanons and if not liked, leav...
Clown Prince by Pantadetective
Clown Princeby Pantadetective
In hopes peak kingdom lives the saihara family. They're more than just a normal family however; they are the royal family. A king, a queen, a prince and a jester.
After Effects [oumasai] by xxo_shu_oxx
After Effects [oumasai]by shuu 📞🤪
The killing game finally ended.... The kill g game turned out to be a VR, meaning everyone was was okay. Well not including the world famous antagonist, Kokichi ouma. Sa...
"Core of Petals" // SaiOma (REMAKE) by gen0side
"Core of Petals" // SaiOma (REMAKE)by Corey
With a core full of want and envy, Kokichi longs for warmth in Saihara's arms. But with a heavy heart, Kokichi's lungs are filled with flowers and his breaking heart? Lo...
•☆Monokuma's Special motive☆• by Saiiioumaa
•☆Monokuma's Special motive☆•by ☆
•☆Saiouma/Oumasai☆• •☆This story was inspired by a POV by shartibble on TikTok. They do amazing cosplays so I would recommend checking them out.☆• •☆Link : https://vm.t...
Danganronpa chatfic :D by hiruki-mika
Danganronpa chatfic :Dby nagito kinnie <\3
:) Triggers I might accidentally trigger: m1k4n or other characters idrk- S/h Alcohol (?) Gun(s) Drugs Abuse Yelling/angry yelling Swearing Su1c1d3 Um idk pls tell me i...
Trapped (Pregame Ouma x Ingame Shuichi) {COMPLETED!} by sayxriii
Trapped (Pregame Ouma x Ingame sayori !!
Kokichi Ouma is the Ultimate Supreme Leader. At least that's what everyone thought. After an insane turn of events, something's odd about him. But what..?
Danganronpa V4 (Mastermind Shuichi X Kokichi) by Ultimate_Sketcher
Danganronpa V4 (Mastermind Ultimate Sketcher
After finding out who the true mastermind of the game was, Kokichi Oma was forced to participate in the new killing game along with 14 new students. The 16th student was...
the change  by XenZyn
the change by X3n0Zynn
this is an original fanfiction, maybe i'm the first one who make this one but i really hope you like it. danganronpa v3 x tokyo ghoul kokichi as juuzou if yha interested...
Mr. Nobody (Saiouma/Oumasai Band AU fanfic) by Gonta_simp
Mr. Nobody (Saiouma/Oumasai Band Sal<3
Mr. Nobody, Shuichi Saihara . Brought to some band's concert by his friends Kaede, Rantaro and Miu Mr. Popstar, Kokichi Ouma Lead singer of a popular band, D.I.C.E, alwa...
"You're Alone Kokichi, And You Always Will Be" // A Saiouma Angst Story by fuzziibunnii
"You're Alone Kokichi, And You fuzziibunnii
NONE OF THE ART IN THIS BOOK IS MINE (Sneak Peak) My eyes couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. My... friend.. just... killed himself.. and I couldn't even see his last...
♞♙||~𝐼𝒻 𝐼 𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝐻𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝒴𝑜𝓊 𝐵𝒶𝒸𝓀~||♙♞ 𝒮𝒶𝒾𝑜𝓊𝓂𝒶 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓼𝓽 by angelgxtzz
♞♙||~𝐼𝒻 𝐼 𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝐻𝒶𝓋𝑒 � A Tired Gay
What if the survivors could bring one person that had died in the killing game back? [There will be Saiouma, Tenmiko, Kaimaki, dark themes, angst, spoilers, and even mor...
Oumasai ☆ 30 Nsfw Challenge by notciinactive
Oumasai ☆ 30 Nsfw Challengeby ♕︎ cii ♕︎
Kokichi Ouma x Shuichi Saihara 30 day (Nsfw) Challenge! Warnings and Information Inside of the book. Enjoy! ☆ Book Cover and Characters aren't mine! ☆~
💜 A Purple Neko 💜 Saiouma by lovinganime13
💜 A Purple Neko 💜 Saioumaby Yuki
Monokuma gives a new motive, then Kokichi and Kaito goes missing. Everyone tries to find them but what if instead of finding them they find a cute purple cat.
Oumasai One-shots~  by xXWolfyPotatoXx
Oumasai One-shots~ by xXWolfyPotatoXx
Eeeee I'm gonna explain this once, and only once so L I S T E N. 🍋= Lemon, duh. 🍬=Fluff. And 🤧= A sadder type of story. Proceed on your own caution uwu
Saiouma (Mha x Danganronpa) by hectic_chaos36
Saiouma (Mha x Danganronpa)by anime for life
Shuichi joined UA for a normal life and he saw someone who he missed dearly Deku as Kokichi au Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story except the plot. And the cover
I'll do Anything to Make you Mine! by Cassipai
I'll do Anything to Make you Mine!by Koki
Monokuma decided to make the first motive to start the killings, but instead it doesn't go as planned. He had injected Shuichi with something that made him possess more...