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Don't Fuck With Us by KarmaDLove
Don't Fuck With Usby KarmaDLove
Read To Find Out 🙃✨
If I Never Knew You - Male! Pocahontas x Reader by FutureDiaryAyano
If I Never Knew You - Male! Sakura
Book 8 - Complete " What you mean is, 'not like you'. " Y/n is the only woman on the Susan Constant to the New World. She is ready to help colonize Virginia an...
Aaron Taylor - Johnson Imagines by AprilCourt
Aaron Taylor - Johnson Imaginesby AprilCourt
Imagines of Aaron Taylor - Johnson
The Chronicles of Johnny Rubah by RyoSaeba4
The Chronicles of Johnny Rubahby Ryo Saeba
A story about a deadliest,topmost assasin in the past named Johnny Rubah,who now retire and exile him self in a small island. But after he able to enjoy his last life be...
Look out above by skittle724
Look out aboveby Skittle724<3
I haven't... I haven't seen the sun, not in a very long long time... I remember how it felt against my skin, the heat, how it would use to blind me. I haven't seen plant...
Silent Flight by CrystalTheNeko
Silent Flightby Chris Wolfblood
Far from any known parts, far from the Solor and Kazaras, far from spirits, elf and dragons, far from anything. Far up north where ice floats across the ocean in blocks...
Waiting For Sunrise - The Books Of Beginning AU by starsandspells
Waiting For Sunrise - The Books Liz
The year is 1899, and Kate has more responsibility then ever placed upon her aching shoulders. She and her siblings have just been thrown out of their orphanage in Balti...
The Cure (Book One of The Golden Eyes Trilogy) by HarleyRush
The Cure (Book One of The Golden Harley Rush
Nova is a badass. She's not only a talented zombie slayer-she's tough, ruthless, and a downright bitch. But she loves who she is, and she wouldn't change herself for th...
| SAVAGES | Detroit: Become Human by TheFriendOfDorothy
| SAVAGES | Detroit: Become Humanby a friend of dorothy
"I'm not afraid of God, I am afraid of man." - The world is cruel and unfair, Korra knew that and never thought anything would be able to change it. But the ar...
Saying Goodbye | Ville Valo | by topknot32
Saying Goodbye | Ville Valo |by topknot32
ON HOLD Drug addiction consumed Ingrid's life after an incident during the filming of Jackass, so she spends five months in recovery without any contact with her outside...
His Flame, Her Viking by adelaide_angel
His Flame, Her Vikingby Allison Joy
McKenna Sangster never thought she'd leave her homeland of Scotland. She always thought she'd live and die a Scot, never did she dream of marrying a Viking. But then the...
BEST FRIEND GIFS || Saweetie X Doja  by ShaiXRoro
BEST FRIEND GIFS || Saweetie X Prettybitchfromdahood
"That's my best friend, if you need a freak!!"
MY RECKLESS LIFE by KoleRoschell
MY RECKLESS LIFEby Kole Roschell
When all you know is thug life how do you change? Dynasty been running the streets since she could remember. Guns deaths and drugs where a normal thing to her when her l...
Savages by yandere_wolf
Savagesby Karatodo King
An Osomatsu san fanfiction The thieving The lying The murderous The hatred The sadness The depressed
The Foreign Adventure by jaysliky
The Foreign Adventureby jesse stephen
Five seniors from Blossom high Chicago, are selected and transferred to a middle class secondary school in Kaduna, Nigeria to spend a month in the boarding house in reg...
How to Climb the Chain by apsmiles1
How to Climb the Chainby Amelia S Rosé
Eleana is a troubled young girl. Surrounded by wealth, many think she has everything made. A perfect life, perfect grades, perfect in athletics. A bright future. But th...
Alpha by Sarahdatiger
Alphaby Sarah da tiger
A wolf story were all never noticed this wolf till the night she was gifted then all wanted her all
Till The Rain Returns (ON HOLD) (sorry guys) by kristinarora
Till The Rain Returns (ON HOLD) ( kristinarora
Alisanne and her friends used to live in a beautiful city named Parthoane, but their lives were shattered when disaster struck and the drought began. As people began to...