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Ways To Protect The Environment! by AlishaDaWolf
Ways To Protect The Environment!by ~AlιsнαDαШоlf~
Hey, you! Yes, you! You have a really strong power to make the difference in this world! Do not let it go to waste! Help the environment! Save the Planet 🌎🌿
We take the fight to them! (Optimus love story) Book 3 (Discontinued) by Lunamoon172
We take the fight to them! ( мσσиℓιgнт172
Normal life wasn't for you, so you went back to work for NEST. Things died down with the Decepticons, but you cant shack the feeling something bad is going to happen. Wh...
Do your bit to save the earth by iSaveEnergy
Do your bit to save the earthby Campaign I Save Energy
Sometimes we fail to realise that Earth is all we have got and there's no planet B. Know why it matters to think green and save water for the future of humanity.
Fool's Gold #PlanetOrPlastic by Smntha_Mana
Fool's Gold #PlanetOrPlasticby Smntha_Mana
Do you want everything? Do you have what it takes to fight against the waves of Mother Nature's temper, to make it out alive and seek for beauty and serenity? Or are you...
Water Insecurity by EkBoondhPani
Water Insecurityby EBPISE Campaign
At times, happy families don't realise how quickly things can go wrong if the water crisis worsens further. Here is a glimpse of what awaits us if we don't conserve wate...
Mother Nature by trippyhippie4
Mother Natureby alyssa
We must protect her at all costs.
Planet or plastic?! #planetorplastic by DogsFS
Planet or plastic?! Iampotatoface
This is my entry for the #planetorplastic challenge by @nationalgeographic so its short!!! It's a sad story and will only be 1 chapter of 500 lignes hope you enjoy!❤️❤️...
Animal Awareness -Save the Earth- by CommanderJeff
Animal Awareness -Save the Earth-by CommanderJeff
I personally want to save the Earth. I really do, I know alot of you readers want to save Earth too, Help us restore faith in humanity, Hope in the future, and save natu...
The Plastic Tragedy by RoxyFiction
The Plastic Tragedyby Roxy
This a story of a small creature that lives in our planet. #PlanetOrPlastic
Ocean Annihilation by cammie0morgan0goode
Ocean Annihilationby Navya
The recklessness of humans puts plastic into the sea, where it wreaks havoc upon all. Entry for the PlanetOrPlastic contest.
The Secrets To Life And Space. by 123pinefish
The Secrets To Life And 123pinefish
I've always thought everything was so simple. That's it really. Hi, i'm me... No my name is me. I know what you are thinking. This is boring. But stay, here you'll find...
My Dearest Pawikan #PlanetOrPlastic by KuyaRonnieTagumpay
My Dearest Pawikan #PlanetOrPlasticby KuyaRonnieTagumpay
"One little way means a lot for an ocean of change." My second Entry for National Geographic Writing Contest #PlanetOrPlastic WORD COUNT: 494 RANKING PERFORMAN...
WHO IS THE SAVIOUR?(#PlanetOrPlastic?) ✔️ by NoorJ_2948
WHO IS THE SAVIOUR?( Sadia Noor Joya
#PlanetOrPlastic Writing Contest Submission This story had been written to raise awareness regarding the Plastic Pollution HUMANS have been causing.(A thousand thanks to...
Sassy Tree by noaharkenswagg
Sassy Treeby noah
My take on being a tree
WAKE UP HUMAN WAKE UP (#PlanetOrPlastic) by FatimaKhalil714
Short story for contest " PLANET OR PLASTIC" by National Geographic This is the story about our ignorance ... which is destroying our planet and our future...