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We take the fight to them! (Optimus love story) Book 3 (Discontinued) by Lunamoon172
We take the fight to them! ( мσσиℓιgнт172
Normal life wasn't for you, so you went back to work for NEST. Things died down with the Decepticons, but you cant shack the feeling something bad is going to happen. Wh...
The Rollercoaster of Life! by Meemo1409
The Rollercoaster of Life!by Meemo1409
Life is like a roller coaster, its full of ups and downs, happy times and sad, and fear so much fear and sometimes fear blinds us, we should open our eyes and look aroun...
Let's Watch the Sunset Together by Juliezxcy
Let's Watch the Sunset Togetherby Juliee
Wala sa plano ni Isla na maghanap ng bagong pag-ibig nang sumama siya sa kaibigan para magbakasyon sa Masbate. Ang totoo, hindi siya sigurado kung matututunan pa niyang...
Plenty of Plastic #PlanetOrPlastic by AbstrusBooks
Plenty of Plastic #PlanetOrPlasticby Katya
Hello everybody! This is my entry for National Geographics writing contest: Planet or Plastic. The contest focusses on the devastating impact of single-use plastics - a...
Ways To Protect The Environment! by AlishaDaWolf
Ways To Protect The Environment!by ~AlιsнαDαШоlf~
Hey, you! Yes, you! You have a really strong power to make the difference in this world! Do not let it go to waste! Help the environment! Save the Planet 🌎🌿
Why the litter sewer system will change the world forever by hanOba22
Why the litter sewer system will Hannah Obafemi
This is actually an article for my university project and would really appreciate if those interested in the environment and how we could make it better to read and comm...
The Secrets To Life And Space. by 123pinefish
The Secrets To Life And 123pinefish
I've always thought everything was so simple. That's it really. Hi, i'm me... No my name is me. I know what you are thinking. This is boring. But stay, here you'll find...
extinction by deadraven13
extinctionby deadraven13
Here's a speech about the extinction of animals and plants that I wrote for school last year. It's such a serious topic that I want you to discuss about. I was presenti...
We are oceans by bloomingfrombones
We are oceansby emi
Like the Earth, we are mainly composed of water - it is our absolute base necessity and top priority for survival. When our oceans become polluted and toxic, we do too. ...
PLASTIC OR PLANET |✔ by pueeny
Will we make our Planet become plastic? Or will we stop this act before it goes any further? This is an entry to the Planet or Plastic movement competition. Words:498
Red Roses by _k_ski
Red Rosesby k_ski
A short story set in some future Earth where most naturally growing things have been wiped out and those trying to bring them back could end up dead if they aren't caref...
The Day The World Woke Up by TheNeekyTreeBio
The Day The World Woke Upby Tree (That's Still My Name)
A little rant about helping the environment and the fight against plastic.
What are WE doing? by hotdiggidydawg
What are WE doing?by hotdiggidydawg
Hey. This is my personal view on the things wrong with us, the humans. Our selfishness is going to be the end of us one day, if nothing changes. #PlanetorPlastic
What a Wonderful World by Melechian
What a Wonderful Worldby Mel
This is a lyrical poem that addresses the issues of humans and the environment. I hope you all can understand that I love the human race, but we are also leaches. So, wi...
Raindance by sheri_howell
Raindanceby Sheri Howell
Mother Nature speaks to us with the passion of Micheal Angelo and the compaasion of a saint. Her voice is everywhere, it is time to listen.
Contestwood by SaveTheEnvironment
Contestwoodby SaveTheEnvironment
The official Contest Book of SaveTheEnvironment. All updates and information about contests will be here.
Little Hana #PlanetOrPlastic by JnMetanoia
Little Hana #PlanetOrPlasticby J.N Metanoia
"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." - Vincent Van Gogh An entry to @NationalGeographic 's #PlanetOrPlastic Writing Contest ♥...
A Needle in the Ocean by Unconventionalist212
A Needle in the Oceanby Unconventionalist212
Things used in every day are taken for granted. Things used in rarety are cherished. Everyday things include toothbrushes, cars, candles, jumpers, plane journeys, journ...