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Saving Elliot - One Shot by blazingsnow
Saving Elliot - One Shotby jensen
"It's a truth that in love and war, worlds collide and hearts get broken." My two oneshots for the One-shot competition hosted by @northbynorth [love her so mu...
Can't Be Saved (Saving Elliot OneShot) by worthxmentioning
Can't Be Saved (Saving Elliot worthxmentioning
The dead have been waking for years now, and I still haven't gotten used to the smells. The sound. The feeling of dead things watching me as I eat, sleep, breath. It sta...
Yesterday by defend
Yesterdayby mariam
"Violet Fintry is a hurricane that forgets to stop to breathe." A "Saving Elliot" one shot.
Saving Elliot: One Shot by kaddydee
Saving Elliot: One Shotby Kaddy Dee
If the path before you is unclear, you're probably on somebody else's.
Saving Elliot {One Shot} by QueenBenique
Saving Elliot {One Shot}by Benique
"I’m coming back", Or so he said...
Forever by julie_ness
Foreverby julie_ness
SE one shot. I hope you enjoy and its a bit late ehehe
FUN BUT TROUBLE!!! by rileyary
FUN BUT TROUBLE!!!by rileyary
"You light my candle and if I didn't meet you, I would remain cursing the darkness..." he said. ********************************Arianna Bronte is a nineteen ye...
Saving Elliot OneShot by JustHumanAfterAll
Saving Elliot OneShotby Belle
OneShot written by me, based on the characters of northbynorth in Saving Elliot. *** "I keep trying to think of ways to make myself hate you." "Kind of ha...
One - Shot  by johanssens
One - Shot by johanssens
One shot submission for Saving Elliot
skies. by collarboneclubs
#10 gurpreet
❝it didn't kill her but it never made her stronger at all.❞ // one - shot for saving elliot.
Eleven: A Saving Elliot One Shot by joseline__
Eleven: A Saving Elliot One Shotby Joseline
Elliot Jensen has seen Elliot Fintry return far too many times in her head; she isn't certain it will ever happen. The reality is that she hasn't heard from him since he...
Saving Elliot (One-Shot) by luannafortisimo
Saving Elliot (One-Shot)by Gabrielle
A one-shot entry for northbynorth's Saving Elliot.
Stepping Away (SE oneshot) by black_curls
Stepping Away (SE oneshot)by Fiqah
Everyone loved the Elliots together. Loved. Past tense. Saving Elliot OneShot This piece is rightfully mine, do not steal it, copy it and post it on somewhere else. Than...
I Swear I Lived. by asternnix
I Swear I Asternnix
'Fuck, Stella is going to kill me.' "Holy shit!" said one of the twins. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" Jensen's mom came storming down the basement stair...
Begin Again by paperaliens
Begin Againby paperaliens
She knew from the start that there was something a little off this Christmas.
A Rainy Day - Saving Elliot One-shot by _amateurwriter_
A Rainy Day - Saving Elliot _amateurwriter_
Saving Elliot One-shot entry - A Rainy Day
Saving Elliot // One Shot by 5Minutes2Midnight
Saving Elliot // One Shotby deвoraн
For I am finding out that love will kill and save me.
The Last Dance |Saving Elliot One-Shot| by whenthegirlstalk
The Last Dance |Saving Elliot whenthegirlstalk
It's been six years, six years since they saw each other, six years since he left. And now, it's Elliot's wedding day. People can change a lot in six years, because your...
SE One-shots by DarlingDeath13
SE One-shotsby кลямล
Saving Elliot One-shot contest entries. ^~^