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Scary Short Stories by -AcePoker-
Scary Short Storiesby Aci
Scary Short Stories To Tell In The Dark. You Have Been Warned.
His story by Annalasha
His storyby Anna❤️
Men can be in abusive relationships too. Join Anthony and his abusive girlfriend. Will he get help or will he stay with her😱
Scary Short Stories by -AshTree-
Scary Short Storiesby Ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔⓢ
Into a bit of horror? 🔪 Or maybe you just want a little fright? These scary short stories are perfect for you! Each chapter will be a different scary story, so start re...
The Black Swordsman  by nightwing2
The Black Swordsman by Alfred F. Jones
Kirito is much more than just a beta tester. He was one of the programmers and artists that built Sword Art Online. He is so much more outside of the game also. He is th...
Perish by tallerthanmercury
Perishby Mahana Coleman
The Year 2050 Is Not As Safe As You Think... When 15 year old Florence Medley watches her whole family disappear in front of her eyes, she has to find a way to live her...
Broken smiles  by Queenskatez
Broken smiles by Hana Odjidja
In Ohio we meet a girl named Kay. Kay is a sophomore in high school. Kay wanted nothing more than to be normal but they never were. Growing up Kay got harassed and bulli...
Lost by MimiRG6
Lostby Average Bored Teen
Book 2 of "Suffering" Years have passed since the death of April and their daughter, Justice. Where's John and his children now?
Should I....... by stetsom17
Should stetsom17
This short stroy is about a lost girl who can't see her future
Her Heartless Piece of Pie  ᴮᵘᵗˡᵉʳ ᴬˢʰᵉ ┊ᶠᵉᵐ!ᴿᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ  by korecodes
Her Heartless Piece of Pie ᴮᵘᵗˡᵉʳ kore
A tale of two lovers, one made of undead bones and the other, just a young mistress looking for love. However, by the description, things don't go as planned. What the h...
My Precious Golden Retriever🐩🐩 by ARoykeso
My Precious Golden Retriever🐩🐩by Roykeso Perfectionerér
It's popularity is 3% .It has no hypoallergen .What's unfortunate is that it's intelligemce is 4% but mine proves that WRONG?!. Above all everything happens for a r...
Unknown Desires by RachelJohnson65
Unknown Desiresby Rachel Johnson
Rebecca is just a girl living in a dystopian world where population control is important. She has a good family and is insecure about her looks even though everyone keep...
Unbearable by Deevious888
Unbearableby Deevious
When Emma finds her dream house, she'll never be the same.
The Shadow by OMEGA_420
The Shadowby OMEGA_420
Three kids with nothing better to do go to a broken down abandoned house as a dare to each other. Apart from it being a "great" idea, they don't know something...
PELAGE ESCALIERby Saim Khurshid Malik
This is story is about a person who suffers from mental disability, who is telling his friend a story about had happened to him earlier that day. The story starts of no...
Creeped Out: A One Shot Series by Just_Another_SadBoi
Creeped Out: A One Shot Seriesby Just_Another_SadBoi
Warning: Do not read in the dark, do not read alone, and do NOT repeat any of these stories aloud. The consequences of breaking these rules could end in; hauntings, poss...
Rhydian x hybrid/mixbreed by SouthKorea05
Rhydian x hybrid/mixbreedby Winchester 대양
This is a Wolfblood fanfic! *About The Story* Ellie Elias Davis was born a wolfblood-and-liontail hybrid; she was captured you humans and was genetically modified, Now...