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Assisting Victoria by Frequent_Writer
Assisting Victoriaby Frequent_Writer
Kelsey is a senior in high school who's had a crush on her teacher for some time now. She loves that Tori is always asking HER for help and can't help but be sad about t...
Catching the feels by Alannahhampso
Catching the feelsby Baby Dubs
Mully is the loner kid at school who only has one friend but he's fine with that. He lives his life the same every school day. That is until the new kid Josh turns up. J...
Gokusen Finale by artalicous
Gokusen Finaleby artalicous
Sawada and Yamaguchi ((ShinKumi)) story. Where was Shin all these years? Did Shin and Yankumi never meet? Secrets, stories no one shared with us? New romances, and frien...
Dark Times by trishthewriter
Dark Timesby Trish Edmisten
Prince Ethan and Kara are back together,and this time nothing will come between them again. At least that’s what they think until a mysterious underground newspaper begi...
Oneshot by CaliforniaGreens
Oneshotby CaliforniaGreens
A one shot on a book I wrote like 2 years ago, I found it and wanted to share it
Jersey Girls by ToTheMax
Jersey Girlsby Maxine
Three teenagers. A rich, preppy private school. A secret society. And one scandalous school secret. Rebecca Maestri, Jaslyn Pezzati, and Grace Middleton are three norma...
Thoughts by owllover459
Thoughtsby owllover459
My first book Hope you like it A boy had a perfect life a really weird family and perfect neighborhood. Yes He had homework, friends, a phone, Bullies, brains, not stree...
Sworn Enemies by trishthewriter
Sworn Enemiesby Trish Edmisten
The secret is out. Or is it? If Kara thought she knew everything there was to know about vampires, she was wrong. By the time she finds out the truth about Ethan, she’s...
Quiet by indialovezation
Quietby indialovezation
Quiet is about a little girl who dose ballet she's loud at home but shes quite at school because just stopped homeschool
Just Trust Me (On Hold) by Sarah-Laney
Just Trust Me (On Hold)by Sarah-Laney
3 hours...that's all it took for a perfect night to turn into a worst nightmare. When Laney Blackmon sneaks away to the hottest party of her senior year of high school...
He saved my life... Well kind of ? by livetoloveyou
He saved my life... Well kind of ?by Chantel ;)
Trinity is not your normal girl, in fact she's the opposite. She's the school's weird chick. Her mother died when she was little and this took a toll on her behavior...
Choose your child's Residential School in Sonepat wisely by gdgoenkaschool2
Choose your child's Residential G D Goenka International Scho...
While searching for the Best Boarding School in Haryana, never ever let any kind of option miss since you never recognize that can load your cravings. Furthermore, while...
COTE oneshots and what ifs by Nestrocast
COTE oneshots and what ifsby nestrocast
well, dunno about the description, but enjoy? there might be some occs in there so yeah *DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTER (EXCEPT OC) CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE, CRED...
The Trees Eyes (NOT EDITED) by iamamonky
The Trees Eyes (NOT EDITED)by iamamonky
There are 7 of us Some good , Some bad We live at peace in war But we have a common enemy High school The place in life when astutely nothing makes sense ...
school stories from the pits - mcyt school au by aki_bara
school stories from the pits - aki the bara
sparkle's blade academy. captain sparkles, better known as mr. sparkles, suddenly gained a few more applications for his establishment and welcomed their writers with op...
My Life as of now by KelliMiller341
My Life as of nowby Kelli Miller
a story to vent to anyone who will listen.