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The Swan and The Pirate by vikinx
The Swan and The Pirateby Beth
I'm sorry, I need this for my S.G.E desired reality- Basically this is a story with Hort x Female Ever. She's the daughter or Odette and Derek from the Swan Princess. Sh...
The Evil Dean (Lady Lesso X Reader) by D0ctor_Wh013
The Evil Dean (Lady Lesso X Reader)by D0ctor_Wh013
you are Sophie's older sister. she's all into fairy tales and happy ever afters, whereas you are into that sort of stuff but the villainy side. Sophie never understood y...
The Dean Of Evil by Ms_Luxe_Coulter
The Dean Of Evilby Luxe Coulter
(Movie not the books) In the past you had attended the school for Evil, you being Y/n Mills. The only problem was, You had the kindest heart in all of Foxwood, you never...
𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗜-𝗛𝗘𝗥𝗢 [School For Good And Evil] by yander13
𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗜-𝗛𝗘𝗥𝗢 [School For Estella Emerald
Mia, the daughter of Mal and Ben, together with Evan, Jamie and CJ had always been curious about their parents, the original VK's adventures before Auradon. So they deci...
you are such an idiot  by lexithefirst10
you are such an idiot by lexithefirst10
so this is an hort x reader and i hope you enjoy this story the information will be in the story
Drawn to you by Kashu11
Drawn to youby Bookworm For Life
Two souls bond together for their story had been written in the stars sealed with true love's kiss. Tedros Pendragon is the son of King Arthur Pendragon and the future k...
One shots - Lady Lesso by simpkris
One shots - Lady Lessoby Kristen
One shots of Lady Lesso and reader mostly from what I have found on Tumblr (authors are stated) and some of my one shots.
Verena __.t.pendragon by 8_thequeenherself_8
Verena __.t.pendragonby Sage
"My mother named me Verena. Unusual name for a princess..." Verena of Foxwood is something the world hasn't seen in a long, long time. She's an Ever, afraid of...
School for Good and Evil ❨1❩ by Helloiamkay
School for Good and Evil ❨1❩by Blank _(._.)_ 
Lyra Emerson has been independent since young. Well she has to be or else how would she survive? Her parents had abandoned her when she was born and Lyra spends the rest...
Avengers x School of Good and Evil crossover by pookiedragonfire
Avengers x School of Good and Pookie Dragon Fire
Agatha was born to Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) and was kidnapped by the school master, now having to deal with girls being damsels and hates it. Can Agatha show h...
Evil love by hotformilfs
Evil loveby Hot for milfs
Lady lesso x reader You're the new reader at the school for good and evil. You don't know anything or anyone there and you try to make sense of it. One of the people who...
Like a Fairytale  by ly_l_ssy
Like a Fairytale by ly_l_ssy
Actually, Alice's stay at the new school was supposed to be normal. But what can you call normal when you find yourself at the school for good and evil, get into a confl...
So This is Love? [Aric Lesso x Reader] by hunny_baby_bug
So This is Love? [Aric Lesso x Liliana
(Spoilers for books one, two, three, and the handbook kind of) SLOW UPDATES The schools have been completely taken over by Rafal. Now, every current student of Good and...
our silhouette,            tedros ¹ by judeeduarteee
our silhouette, tedros ¹by ❝ ᴀɴɴᴀ ❞
OUR SILHOUETTES, tedros ¹ [full synopsis inside] School for good and evil, movie tedros x oc
School for Good and Evil: Aisha of Bloodbrook by Sweetmint356
School for Good and Evil: Aisha Sweetmint356
The story is on the point of view of Aisha, the twin sister of Hort.
School for Good and Evil: The Successors Book One: Anastasia's Tale by Alexis456514
School for Good and Evil: The Alexis Paige
Once Upon a time there was a vengeful girl Whose tale is nothing but a happy one. Anastasia of Woods Beyond has been taught to obey, and not question her mother's Sophie...
Multifandom book 2 by your-bitch-loeka
Multifandom book 2by Alone-from-home
In this book you can see my writing gradually improving, but since I'm still writing books that I'm keeping in my drafts, this isn't the best of the best. Book 2 of my m...
Leonora Lesso Oneshots by Konstantinakkk
Leonora Lesso Oneshotsby FarahDowlinglives
And some one-shots for the most wonderful and sexy Dean of all. Don't hesitate to send a request !!!
the school for good and evil  My Way  by 21emmy22
the school for good and evil My Em
You're the ancestor of the mad hatter. Your y/n hatter you like your father, well except the madness. You're as evil as anyone there. In the school. Or world but that mi...
Evil Love * Hort x Reader / oc by alice_gerbil
Evil Love * Hort x Reader / ocby Minxy
In a world , where princes and princesses exist , so do villains . But they go to the School For Good And Evil . And in each school everyone has one partner , a perfect...