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Poke-Friends by CYKid12
Poke-Friendsby CYKid12
My first book. So this is a story about my pokémon ocs. It contains friendship, romance, and heartbreak.Enjoy the story *Pokémon belongs to Nintendo -CYKid12 P.S. Do not...
In Scraggy's Heart by RedChaos10
In Scraggy's Heartby Ghosty
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING- SUICIDE⚠️ the scraggy lost his bestest friend.. his heart broken, how will he live now?
Cameo Love by akashique
Cameo Loveby Apport Akashique
My first poem in English was published in the International Library of Poetry. It is accompanied by a french translation and a notice to the attention critics who absolu...
Plasma by ClearlyQuinn
Plasmaby Quinn
A young Scraggy, taken in by a team plasma grunt, explains his perspective to a police Gothitelle.
Scrafty by cutelilscrafty
Scraftyby Cute Lil Scrafty
When Kellz's cousin from Unova sends her a little Scraggy, Jimmy turns his nose up at it.
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Renegades in the Clouds by SplatBab
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: ZoZo
Lagaria, The Sky Continent. An air suspsended landmass that's home of giant krakens, sky pirates and lands so uncharted that something new is discovered every day. A bru...