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Silver's Help by 0PepperMint0
Silver's Helpby 0PepperMint0
Hello, my Lovely Mints! I am back at it again with the Shadilver stories. This is the first story of mine that will have an actual lemon, so if you don't like stuff like...
Our Dirty Little Secret by 0PepperMint0
Our Dirty Little Secretby 0PepperMint0
Silver's small experiment ends with the best mistake of his life. This is a half-lemon, so read at your own risk. I own nothing from SEGA.
In Love with The White Nerd by xXShadow_HedgieXx
In Love with The White Nerdby Shadow
What starts as friendship, ends as love. Yaoi~
Sudden Love (a shadilver fanfic) by GlitchedSilver16
Sudden Love (a shadilver fanfic)by SilverBlur
This is my first fanfic and idk if it'll be any good but..I like sonic and I like writing so here ya go. Also, all the characters belong to sega and not me just saying.
Sonadilver Images!! by neopolotiankitten
Sonadilver Images!!by neo.k
no people. no NSFW. unless this hits like 28288282827272reads 💗🐈‍⬛ i wont be editing this story from here on out, thanks. bye.
My Opinion on Sonic Ships! by ThiccDaemon
My Opinion on Sonic Ships!by LOL IM GONE
here's what i think of sonic ships! feel free to tell me your opinion in the comments. but plz don't hate on meeeeeeeeeee the fan art is NOT mine, i just found it on goo...
♡ opinions on ships ♡  by shqdamy
♡ opinions on ships ♡ by M.
My personal opinion on sonic ships :)
Sonic ships and stuff by aliahperez081508
Sonic ships and stuffby Aliah GP1508
this is my collection of pics well not all i just want to share it with you all muah please enjoy loves and also im adding a bit more pics than expected and also pleas...
The Bad Boys' Good Boy by xXShadow_HedgieXx
The Bad Boys' Good Boyby Shadow
((I made the cover! No stealing it!)) Shadow the hedgehog, a nerd. He just arrived to a new city. Meaning, new school new friends. The first day wasn't so bad, he wasn...
Embarrassed (Discontinued) by NotSo_Happy
Embarrassed (Discontinued)by ???
Silver and shadow go to the same school and become roommates they get along and discover more things about each other soon shadow realizes he has feelings for him and as...
You're In My Head | Sonadow/Shadilver by FirefliesNightcore
You're In My Head | Sonadow/ Firefly
Shadow knew that, one day, he would be alone again. One of the few drawbacks of being The Ultimate Lifeform, he supposed. While the rest of his friends aged, Shadow con...
Favorite Sonic Character One-Shots by MoonKaiRune
Favorite Sonic Character One-Shotsby MoonKai
These will all be about four characters. Espio the Chameleon. Silver the Hedgehog. Knuckles the Echidna. Shadow the Hedgehog. featuring Sonic the Hedgehog Shipping invol...
Immortals by GokuStormOfficial
Immortalsby Goku Storm
Silver is the god of buddy buddy temple. Which is ironic seeing as he has been alone for centuries. So alone in fact that he just chose to sleep instead of live in wakef...
Sonic Ship Opinions by XxFleetwayAmyRoseXx
Sonic Ship Opinionsby Amy Rose
The tittle speaks for itself.
Christmas Lovers!! (Shadow x Mephiles x Sonic x Silver) by neopolotiankitten
Christmas Lovers!! (Shadow x neo.k
Silver and Mephiles both come from the future, but don't have a very good relationship with any of the others from the 'past' (present) so they are invited to the Christ...
The Royals (on hold) by ANAhhssm
The Royals (on hold)by Ben
prince shadow has to marry princess Amy and Sonic has to marry princess Blaze but they don't wanna marry each other sonic wants to marry amys brother prince knuckles and...
I'm not me by ANAhhssm
I'm not meby Ben
silver just came back from a stroll when he made a new friend mephiles the dark but what he didn't know his friend was out for revenge on the three hedgehogs for what th...