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Linked Fates by Redyrode
Linked Fatesby Redyrode
Hello ! This is a Hao Asakura x older!fem!reader. In this story, all the characters will be older. Summary : Y/N is a young girl who, after saving enough money, final...
Not one of your Victim (Gojo Satoru x Reader) by hkshirayuki
Not one of your Victim (Gojo Senkyu!!!
An super serious y/n and an goofy Egoistic Gojou Satoru. Unlike the other people who gets easily smitten by his Handsomeness. Reader have bluntly said to his face that...
One-shots of this cool and epic manga that my brain has been imagining with. (Anime is released officially!! Yey❤️) I'm just a newbie in writing!! Enjoy ~
nexus | bl | jjk by __akahana--
nexus | bl | jjkby 「🍆Papa-Guro🍆」
f. megumi x l. xiang ;; r. sukuna x l. shen Fushiguro Megumi had only known about the world of jujutsu sorcerers and curses, but what about shamans and spirits? Megumi m...
The Reaper and The Six Eyes || Gojou Satoru by fanfic_writer707
The Reaper and The Six Eyes || fanfic_writer707
Gojou Satoru fanfiction Love at first curse is complicated when its with Gojou Satoru and you can't express your feelings clearly. He's the owner of six eyes, the strong...
holding infinity | s. gojo x reader by obticeo
holding infinity | s. gojo x readerby obticeo
▪and they would get violent▪ 《 underestimate her. please. --in the end you'll never see her coming. 》 DISCLAIMER : Under no circumstances do I own J...
Shaman King Oc x Various by ganxing
Shaman King Oc x Variousby Momo
I do not own Shaman King My name is Mio Tomiko I am a shaman my ghost guardian is Shiko he was a demon slayer but died soon from old age but...will you join me in my jo...
That bakery girl [Gojoxreader] by rozwrites
That bakery girl [Gojoxreader]by
Gojo Satoru x reader Wanting to leave the past and someone behind ,Y/n came back to her home village planning to stay and live there forever until one faithful day... ...
Unintended by Inconvenient_Ideal
Unintendedby 🌻I Drift; I Fall🌻
"I have not met a Banuk before. Only heard tales, I did not think to see one here." It was a polite way of Kotallo saying that what he had heard, were fanciful...
Night Raven (The Owl House X Male Reader) by BeeleZeus
Night Raven (The Owl House X BeeleZeus
What if the witches aren't the only magic user on the Boiling Island as many expected. There are rumours about the northern part of the island where people living in th...
The Lamia by JimHeter
The Lamiaby Jim Heter
Part 1: Awakenings - In which Dema Culver becomes the Lamia of legend.
His shaman queen (Hao asakura love story) by Jazz_95bishes
His shaman queen (Hao asakura Jazz_95bishes
Keshi Takao? That's my mother Hoshi Takao? That's my father Anna Kyoyoma? She's like a sister to me Yoh Asakura? He's like a brother to me Hao Asakura? He's the guy...
R. SUKUNA: once, we were gods by -SATOHRU
R. SUKUNA: once, we were godsby ys
( sukuna x fem!reader ) and in a few weeks, the king of curses found an obsession in a human girl. + ONGOING.
Deep in the Forest (Wattpad Editor's Pick, June '22) by Space_Queen_Q
Deep in the Forest (Wattpad Q
Ste ye hah, "Spirit hidden by woods." ~ Yakama Native American. ~*~*~*~ Future Entomologist, Zoe Thornton, loves horseback riding through Rimrock Forest. It...
Not Quite Human - Book 1 of Werewolves Downunder by robbigee
Not Quite Human - Book 1 of robbigee
Kasey lived in Sydney all her life, for part of it she'd even lived on the streets. This was her town, her home! She had good friends and even if she didn't have a grea...
The Asakura Sister by RyuKuroichigo
The Asakura Sisterby RyuKuroichigo
My name is Yuki, younger twin sister to Yoh Asakura. As long as I can remember I've always been there for my brother and him for me. But now with the ever anticipated Sh...
APHRODITE'S POTION ||Jirose & Taennie||  by IUmochi
Two girls with one same goal. They say love potion is the key to a man's heart. Will Jennie and Rosé be finally able to put their prince charmings under their spell? or...
 The Boy (Jack Dylan Grazer X reader) by 1-800beauty
The Boy (Jack Dylan Grazer X zøey
Life was better in the old days. Or was it? Jack meets you blah blah blah blah no need to spill da tea but read 👽 COMPLETED
Lone Werewolf (Book 1) by DomiSotto
Lone Werewolf (Book 1)by Domi Sotto
||BOOK 1 of THE WALKWE|| Ancient magic and werewolves aren't supposed to be center-stage for a pop-star! When the music idol plucks Volya out of his orphanage, he i...
Wolf 3.0-A Dystopic Novella ( changed ) by WilderBellamy
Wolf 3.0-A Dystopic Novella ( WilderBellamy
THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE BOLD: ILLUSTRATED EDITION!(*starred chapters) Wolf 3.0 is a riveting time travel story taking place in the second half of the twenty-first cent...