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The Bad and The Broken by summer___love
The Bad and The Brokenby summer___love
Dawn Rayne Falls and her brother, Jesse Falls, are abused by her father, Jim. He is an alcoholic and abusive and has been ever since his wife, Dawn and Jesse's mom, died...
baby boy~ by harveythewiredo
baby boy~by little_elf<3
this is going to be BxBxB so if you don't like it don't read it sorry this also has inseset in it sorry not sorry but heres a little sneak pek "Cedric, baby are yo...
Let's Not Meet~ Reddit Horror Stories by Lapiisum
Let's Not Meet~ Reddit Horror Lapiisum
A collection of let's not meet stories from Reddit. All of these stories are true and can be found at Reddit let's not meet. I didn't write any of these stories, all cre...
Mute, stay quiet! by _the_meme_lord_69
Mute, stay quiet!by _the_meme_lord_69
she has to stay quiet, till everything gets to her.... this "story" is based on real events that happened in my life. I wright this so I can pass the knowledg...
Ghost Story Lake by Virgil_Sanders_2
Ghost Story Lakeby can kinda guitar
what happens when sleepy bois inc (minus tommy) goes to a lake in the middle of the woods to camp? what happens if they meet two best friends... but they're ghosts? Will...
Mackenzie  grows up by duggarlover03
Mackenzie grows upby duggarlover03
Mackenzie falls in love
An eerie silence  by LilianCrawley
An eerie silence by LilianCrawley
Lee and his son Marcus goes on another trip to find some supplies in trying to survive in a world where silence lives. Will they make it back alive? Will they face anoth...
Breathe, Just Breathe by scarlettlove
Breathe, Just Breatheby scarlettlove
Scarlett is the quite girl in school with a secert. Staita is the loud best friend. Jace is the new bad boy who wants to know scarlets secret. Will she ever tell him...
Problem box (open)  by All_problems_Here
Problem box (open) by All_problems_Here
send in all your comments and complaints here c:
Pretty Little Liars:Looking For The Truth In An -A Stack.(#Wattys2016) by Lolos_Stories
Pretty Little Liars:Looking For Lolos_Stories
(Based on the TV series & the bestselling book by Sara Shepard) The girls still on the hunt to find out about Charles' past go to Radley. But Charles is doing everythin...
THE WAY OF DEVIL by ManikandanJegadeesh
THE WAY OF DEVILby Manikandan Jegadeesh
The fictious story that will create anxiety and mental changes in your day today life it is Killer comes mysterious story
SHHHH ! by CandyAira9
SHHHH !by Candy Aira
diam itu lebih baik..
Animal jam by awesomegummy
Animal jamby awesomegummy
It will me all about awesome gummy and Julian2 they are on YouTube if you type animal jam julian2 or awesome gummy. Awesome gummy and Julian 2 is the best For me new j...
Dim Lights by noshow911
Dim Lightsby Astrid Indira Kapello
Alex...a girl She is very African American. She a orphan and wanted to belong so she became a secret agenct. She was highly rising among the secret agents category and...
Before Janiel... by insecurelybeautiful
Before insecurelybeautiful
This is a story of what happened to Joey... BEFORE JANIEL. It goes through breakups, suicide, murder attempts and cheating. I hope you enjoy. Includes: Joey graceffa S...
Wassup by Nhi_theuserof_this
Wassupby Lonely kid
ShhhHhHhH I'm gonna edit and publish one of my irl friends' fics and see how long it takes for somebody to find out who I'm copying and for how long til they call me out...
ARTBOOK!!!  by Cupheadwooo
ARTBOOK!!! by Cuphead big fan BIG
Shh icon not by me (my friend added the blush)
Silent by randomaccount02
Silentby Litzy
19 year old, Kathy Matthews, is finishing packing to move out of the house she's been living in for pretty much her whole life. While she's finishing packing up her atti...
GROUP CHAT by kanatosadist
GROUP CHATby kanatosadist
I will tag you!!!