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Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Book 1) by rskovach
Plunder (The Pirate King Series, RS Kovach
He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. ***** After pirates kidnap seventeen...
Drown (MXM) by Katyuzumaki123
Drown (MXM)by Sunaiya
27 year old Dylan is a marine biologist, Specializing in marine mammals, who has recently moved to Honolulu, Hawaii as the result of a promotion at work. On the first da...
Yuxuan (REMASTERED) by caktwrites4u
Yuxuan (REMASTERED)by Cow Cakt
Alexandrea Noles is the daughter of a rich family residing in London. Despite her family pressuring her to settle down and marry, her stubborn and persistence of wantin...
Storm over the Caribbean by RobThier
Storm over the Caribbeanby Robert Thier
Summer, sunshine, and a lovely beach...Lilly couldn't have asked for a better way to relax during her pregnancy together with her hot billionaire husband. Except maybe f...
The other side | OBX by blurrvision
The other side | OBXby blurrvision
In which a kook and a pogue need to sort out their feelings in the midst of a treasure hunt JJ x OC Outer banks season [1-2]
In Deep Water || JJ Maybank by laurmos
In Deep Water || JJ Maybankby Laura
Following the disappearance of their best friend, the Pogues are falling apart at the seams. The island is falling into chaos, just in time for Sierra's family to move i...
Sanskaari Bahu 🙏🏻 by sunjuu123
Sanskaari Bahu 🙏🏻by 🍁Sunjuu✨
Taekookff ❤️ An Indian Au..... 🤭🙂 English isn't my first language so kindly ignore the mistake there must be much grammatical mistake, mispelling etc... Content...👇�...
'My Little Cherry' - Jack Dawson x reader by leighdenbrough
'My Little Cherry' - Jack Dawson lei :))
'Look y/n, you're no picnic... you're a spoiled little brat even, but under that, you're a strong, pure heart, and you're the most amazingly astounding girl- sorry, woma...
Captain Amelia x Male reader by Jet_The_Knight
Captain Amelia x Male readerby The_Inquisitor
You all remember that old movie Treasure Planet? too. She's the reason I'm so picky about women...
Elaine Badour's Diary by gurjanovaa
Elaine Badour's Diaryby Manja 👯‍♀️
Elaine is a rich, reckless girl who likes to do things her way. She's going to New York for her sister's wedding, but that wedding means one era of her life is over for...
Unexpected (Jack Sparrow x Reader) by Meadowsbby
Unexpected (Jack Sparrow x Reader)by Meadowsbby
#1 in POTC - March 2017 This is a story about a girl, who falls in love with a horrible man. Can her sweet nature turn his cold heart into falling in love with her in t...
𝖨𝗋𝖺𝗌𝖼𝗂𝖻𝗅𝖾 |JJ Maybank| ON HOLD by Ilovetwiglet
𝖨𝗋𝖺𝗌𝖼𝗂𝖻𝗅𝖾 |JJ Maybank| Twiglet❤️😍
"Do you think your funny?" "No I think I'm fucking hilarious" "And him? That's Rhett, Mine and JJ's best friend since the 3rd or 4th grade? He m...
Come, Josephine by write-write-writing
Come, Josephineby write-write-writing
Jack and Rose may have both survived the sinking, but were unaware of each other's survival. Fifteen years later, the exact thing that shoved them apart has brought them...
H2O Just Add Water: Emma's Return by Jai365_xD
H2O Just Add Water: Emma's Returnby Jai365_xD
Taking place one month after the season 3 finale, Emma returns to the Gold Coast after 9 months of traveling the world. Excited to reunite with her BFFs, Rikki and Cleo...
Passionate Choice by Zetar086
Passionate Choiceby Zetar086
Selena has made the mistake of falling in love with Keith Walker when all he wanted was a casual fling before he married someone else. Once burnt, twice shy. The new man...
Mystic Waters: Out of the blue by lodidrik
Mystic Waters: Out of the blueby lodidrik
Fifty some years ago, toxic barrels were dumped into Lake Superior. They are now leaking, and causing changes below the surface. Meranda Michaels, a young biologist...
Broken Promises- OUTER BANKS by nottristinlol
Broken Promises- OUTER BANKSby your future stepmom
Isla Scott: The girl who everyone pity's. kooks vs. pogues She gets the best of both worlds. Every guy head over heels for her. She just wants to live a normal life but...
Haikyuu!! {Other Ships Now Too} [✓] by TaekookieandCam
Haikyuu!! {Other Ships Now Too} [✓]by Hannie~♥
*SHIP REQUESTS CLOSED* COMPLETED -Kagehina -Iwaoi -Daisuga -Asanoya -Tsukkiyama -Kuroken -Bokuaka Etc....
Captured { Wilbur Soot x Reader } by phoenixhasrerisen
Captured { Wilbur Soot x Reader }by Your Beloved Tired Author
An infamous pirate captured after sacrificing herself for the lives of her crew. Being the only person who knows where the Lost Treasure of the Thucia Empire is, she's p...
Stellar by harperlbrennan
Stellarby (s) harpie
Anastasia Ellis is the commander of the Demeter Space Station, having worked her way up from an engineer to an astronaut, and finally a commander, in the past seven year...