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Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Book 1) by rskovach
Plunder (The Pirate King Series, RS Kovach
He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. ***** After pirates kidnap seventeen...
Storm over the Caribbean by RobThier
Storm over the Caribbeanby Robert Thier
Summer, sunshine, and a lovely beach...Lilly couldn't have asked for a better way to relax during her pregnancy together with her hot billionaire husband. Except maybe f...
The other side | OBX by blurrvision
The other side | OBXby blurrvision
In which a kook and a pogue need to sort out their feelings in the midst of a treasure hunt JJ x OC Outer banks season [1-2]
Faded Heart by hayxblues
Faded Heartby Hay ♡
At seventeen, Emerson Slaney thought she had everything she wanted with her life in Outer Banks, North Carolina. That is until she finds out a secret about her family th...
Broken Promises- OUTER BANKS by nottristinlol
Broken Promises- OUTER BANKSby your future stepmom
Isla Scott: The girl who everyone pity's. kooks vs. pogues She gets the best of both worlds. Every guy head over heels for her. She just wants to live a normal life but...
Shipwrecked, but on crack by lolferret
Shipwrecked, but on crackby lolferretlol
this is probably a story that I will never finish in a million years. You have: Bucky the maniac, Giovanni the only sane animal, Olivia Otter and that one wolf character...
Stellar by harperlbrennan
Stellarby (s) harpie
Anastasia Ellis is the commander of the Demeter Space Station, having worked her way up from an engineer to an astronaut, and finally a commander, in the past seven year...
☆SCARLET☆ mid90s  by wendys_bathroom
☆SCARLET☆ mid90s by wendys_bathroom
16 year old scarlet wayne, meets a group of boys at a skate shop in the beginning of summer. when she's kicked out n on the street, it tests there friendship. idk how t...
Ambrosia Lost by JunoCaspian
Ambrosia Lostby JunoCaspian
Recovery of a forgotten pharaonic treasure, shipwrecks, desert adventures and Nazi secrets. Maybe even love along the way too.
TITANIC ( NCT Jaehyun X Blackpink Rose )  by EvelynL12
TITANIC ( NCT Jaehyun X EvelynL12
Park Rose ( or Chaeyong ) is from a rich family who was forced to go on the titanic along with her strict mother and father and Jung Jaehyun, a poor guy who got tickets...
Captured { Wilbur Soot x Reader } by phoenixhasrerisen
Captured { Wilbur Soot x Reader }by Your Beloved Tired Author
An infamous pirate captured after sacrificing herself for the lives of her crew. Being the only person who knows where the Lost Treasure of the Thucia Empire is, she's p...
Lost&Found | Outer Banks/JJ/ by unecafeconletras
Lost&Found | Outer Banks/JJ/by luna♡
She was lost until he found her "I wouldn't say it was love at first sight...I saw him and my soul kind of noticed a familiarity in him. It's like I knew..." ...
Passionate Choice by Zetar086
Passionate Choiceby Zetar086
Selena has made the mistake of falling in love with Keith Walker when all he wanted was a casual fling before he married someone else. Once burnt, twice shy. The new man...
Island girl - Supercorp by raddy3
Island girl - Supercorpby SuperRed
Lena is travelling by sea to reach America when her ship crashes. A young blonde woman finds her adrift and rescues her and takes her back to her island which has one ru...
siren ➳ yoonminkook by mykpjm
siren ➳ yoonminkookby || MYKPJM ||
Lie to me. Just love me please. [ymk wp ff] on hold ✖️
Haikyuu!! {Other Ships Now Too} [✓] by TaekookieandCam
Haikyuu!! {Other Ships Now Too} [✓]by Hannie~♥
*SHIP REQUESTS CLOSED* COMPLETED -Kagehina -Iwaoi -Daisuga -Asanoya -Tsukkiyama -Kuroken -Bokuaka Etc....
Shipwrecked (Choose Your Own Adventure) by MissMaccaSunshine
Shipwrecked (Choose Your Own Goodtime Girl
You are taking a boat trip around the coats of The Bahamas with your newly acquired friends, The Beatles. Things seem to be going well... until one fatal incident causes...
Red Skies At Night, Sailor's Delight by Willlikestrains
Red Skies At Night, Sailor's Curlicue
The ocean consumed most of the land. Charlie stared out at the ocean, comfortable in the warmth emanating from his servant, Aster, sitting Next to him. Suddenly on the h...
Iduna: Icy Reunion? by Disney0002
Iduna: Icy Reunion?by Disney 0002
Disney Frozen-inspired story, following Iduna since the time of that voyage. Instead of just 2 weeks, Iduna has been away for 7 years since surviving the shipwreck. She...