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The X Family Drama by Notyoursb87
The X Family Dramaby 💙🖤Blue🖤💙
Ah shit, here we go again. (Discontinued) Out of boredom, Lord X, a being of destruction and havoc, created a home and beings to do his bidding, however, he didn't get w...
SOLANGELO FANART by zebragoldfish
IDK but solangelo fan rt is super cute so decied to share some of it with you . Disclamer: none of this wonderful art belongs to me.
Artbook by TheOfficialBigFloppa
Artbookby Bunni Writes
instead of putting my drawings in 'randomness' I'll be putting them here Some photos will be sideways but I won't fix that lol - by TheOfficialBigFloppa on Wattpad Ongoi...
Stars Fall | Acrylicat Storyline Development by DandelionxDreams
Stars Fall | Acrylicat Storyline Arson Baby ❤️
Planning, oneshots, headcanons and such related to the Stella corruption arc and surrounding cast.
Anxiety! On The Bathroom Floor Revival Tour (version one) by RydenRats
Anxiety! On The Bathroom Floor Yeemo Rats
This event will go down in history (This was written by angelica,,,I'm sorry)
depression is an asshole by MentalAI
depression is an assholeby MentalAI
welcome to the depression group. I'm depressed and want to talk about it and since nobody reads this shit I can. and if you do read this and need to talk hit me up I got...
AU High (v2) by AntiToxicAlt
AU High (v2)by Anti - Toxic's Alt
lol au high but its wrote by me, aka its trash Students (& their age); Nightmare!Sans (19) X!Sans/Cross (16) Killer!Sans (17) Horror!Sans (17) Dust!Sans (18) Classic!San...
Collection of my profile pics by 1-800brennan
Collection of my profile picsby brennan
Just a collection of my PRPS. You can use them if you want, just give creds lol
Destiny of Souls by CherryDrPepper11
Destiny of Soulsby ZombiPanda
"The world has changed for the better," they say. Well it really hasn't.
My life ig ⚠ This may be graphic at times ⚠ by solar_moon173
My life ig ⚠ This may be graphic Silver
This is gonna be a diary type thing, where I ramble about life cause I'm to anxious to tell anyone else other than my therapist, (I see her once every two weeks). I'm go...
Shitposting and Memes III: Return of the Memelord by Weebisms_
Shitposting and Memes III: Haru Simp
Second time I brought this back... Anyways, this is mostly a book I use to share Memes I find and joke around, though I may add some vents and other stuff here for discu...
Stuff by nellilea
Stuffby nellilea
Random shit no one cares about. Basically my business because I'm stupid.
Learn to Love Again || Loki X Reader by KuoYogo
Learn to Love Again || Loki X Writer-To-Be
You find out quite a lot when your lover, Loki, breaks up with you for seemingly no reason. He wants you back, of course, but first you must discover who you truly are...
BTS shitshow by SaitoTakitafu
BTS shitshowby Taki-San
So I was bored and wanted to make something. So here's a meme book 😂🙏 Buckle up, cause you will probably not survive till the end. I will try to keep my bias views out...
Hellhounds: The Legends of Doggy by themalinois
Hellhounds: The Legends of Doggyby themalinois
In order to leave their grueling job of sorting souls, two Hellhounds must journey through the Underworld to find the long-lost crown of Hades. ____ Doggy and Lich are H...
ShitShow by DrWaffle157
ShitShowby GayTrash
Welcome to shitshow. The book we're you can look at my art and shit ur self laughing at my terrible humor and low self-esteem. Just saying I swear if u didn't know and s...
hoky's shit show by hokytheman
hoky's shit showby seff spoonman
walcom to my ted talk