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What is Stronger Than Love? (Shizuo Heiwajima X reader) by Reesezpieces
What is Stronger Than Love? ( Reese
After an accident in the past, is it just an accident that you meet up again? Will friendship be restored? Will love begin to rise? Or will the past prevent your future?
The Heart of Monsters (Durarara fanfict) [EDITED] by Josev_Quadra
The Heart of Monsters (Durarara Josev
Chiyami Kuronomi is a 19 years old girl who live not in a normal state of life. Her life is horrible, but she never felt pain. Because she never know what emotion is...s...
Males x Male! Reader by Otxku_dude
Males x Male! Readerby Otxku_dude
~ X Male Reader ~ Hey Hey guys!! This is a X Male Reader book, meaning boy X boy, boy love, yaoi. Whatever u want to call it. So, I don't want any hate or inappropriate...
A Way Back Home - ( A Shizaya Fanfic) by shoo_away_000
A Way Back Home - ( A Shizaya nope
"Hey Shizu-chan? Can I ask you a question? It's a little personal." Izaya never thought he would find himself in such a situation- talking with Shizuo under t...
Shizaya Mpreg by LizzyMidford
Shizaya Mpregby Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midf...
Shizaya Mpreg. First chapter is description.
The Hilarious Romance Between The Brute and The Flea by DarknessLuver
The Hilarious Romance Between Cas Masterson
After years of fighting, Izaya decides he is no longer interested in playing with Shizuo. He decides to go out and tell the 'brute' just that so hopefully, they can move...
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya) by xXSeichanXx
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya)by Sei-chan
*****Completed******* Izaya Orihara is a strange person. On the outside he seems heartless and even psychotic. However, on the inside, he suffers through his own problem...
Izaya is raped by Shizuo and Mpreg with his baby by femaleEren31
Izaya is raped by Shizuo and courtney carver
izaya was raped by Shizuo coming from get info for a client
A mother's touch and a father's love by Badgirlasia1
A mother's touch and a father's Aiden
Izaya knew his body was different ,like for instance he can have kids .But he wasn't counting on a drunken Shizuo to come into his apartment one night and knock him up w...
Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Izaya) by Minnaa0
Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Minnaa0
[Completed] Read this cringy thing at your own risk [F/N] [L/N] is a very nice person to others. She always tries to remain cheerful and positive. How would things turn...
Fear of Falling (Izaya Orihara) by Xercere
Fear of Falling (Izaya Orihara)by ⋙—A̶k̶i̶r̶a̶→
Hikaru Misae is a romance novelist who has little experience with love. When she meets Izaya Orihara, she can't help but find him interesting. Izaya finds himself intrig...
Turnover by ChildOfHypnos
Turnoverby Sky
After Vorona stabbed Izaya during his fight with Shizuo, he was taken far away from Ikebukuro to see an underground doctor to treat his wounds if he survived. Kine and...
Depression (shizuo x izaya) by lenkamijoushion
Depression (shizuo x izaya)by Aiden✨💫
When izaya came to realize that he had somehow developed feelings for the monster of ikebokuro, he tried to hide them. But everytime he would face the protozoan, it woul...
A Chain by divergames
A Chainby divergames
Shizaya fanfiction ~ from Durarara A chain to connect them together.
Emotion and feelings- Shizaya by BK1235
Emotion and feelings- Shizayaby BK1235
Izaya is hurt by one of his attackers that wasn't Shizuo. The attacker had stabbed him in his side and left him for dead. Until a certain someone showed up and saw him s...
book 2   Izaya come back to Japan with Psyche by femaleEren31
book 2 Izaya come back to courtney carver
Sequel to Izaya was raped by Shizuo Izaya and Psyche are come back to japan to living and see there friends and family again after three year been way from Japan Coming...
Meow Meow Shizu-Chan!!!(shizuya) by destinyadamikjadeHQ
Meow Meow Shizu-Chan!!!(shizuya)by Destiny Jade Adamik
(COMPLETED!!! OMG I FINALLY FINISHED A STORY!!!) Izaya wakes up as a Neko one day and is very curious of the trouble he can make with his new to keep him conta... can't be. (SHIZAYA)  by No_1316
#18 can't be. (SHIZAYA) by 🖤V🖤
(Really just wanted to make one of these) One day Shinra asked Izaya to come and have a talk..... Then he runs in to Shizuo and they have a "talk".... Then he...
Parent Scenarios! [DISCONTINUED] by StopSignInYourPath
Parent Scenarios! [DISCONTINUED]by Empty Account
Note that this book is quite old, I decided to leave it up for anyone to read. It is not of high quality and does not reflect my current writing level. Thank you all fo...
The Fall of Izaya Orihara by Yin_Kami_715
The Fall of Izaya Oriharaby Eeee
Izaya gets stabbed while traveling through Ikebukuro on business. Shizuo finds him stumbling through an alley, and Izaya's secrets are quickly discovered. Hate turns to...