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Becoming Sweethearts [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Becoming Sweethearts [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Best Buddies Gauri Sharma and Omkara Singh Oberoi decide to put a full stop to their respective familial pressures and make a decision of getting married. The issue? The...
Trapped [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Trapped [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue. When Omkara Singh Oberoi bumped into G...
Եҽɾɑ ƒíԵօօɾ յɑҍ Տҽ ϲհɑժհ ցɑվɑ [ՏҽɑՏօղ 2] [Completed√]  by pri_div
Եҽɾɑ ƒíԵօօɾ յɑҍ Տҽ ϲհɑժհ ցɑվɑ [Տҽɑ ȶաɨռʏ ɢɨʀʟֆ
This is story of an strict ips training Commander and a cute funny and lazy candidate 😜😜 Om as a commander and Gauri as a candidate. Let's see what happens in these 11...
Arranged by fate by Annwrites92
Arranged by fateby Annwrites92
Omkara had lost his faith in marriage years ago, and the betrayal by his long-term girlfriend made him skeptical about commitment too. But now he would have shove aside...
LOVE MEANS SACRIFICE (Complete)  by MickyMajhi
LOVE MEANS SACRIFICE (Complete) by Micky Majhi
it's a painful love story of Rikara favt couple ever ..... in this story ommkara is an artist.... whose marriage fix with ridhima since childhood... then gauri e...
Love is not a Game by ArshyTom
Love is not a Gameby ArshyTom
If you are being cheated by your loved one not once but twice what will you chose love or self-respect. Story of a girl cheated by her own husband.Still he wants a secon...
I HATE LOVE STORIES (Complete)  by MickyMajhi
I HATE LOVE STORIES (Complete) by Micky Majhi
It's a Rikara story... in this story ommkara is an IPS officer... gauri is a simple ,innocent girl...omm went barely for his One of operation... And he meet gauri there...
Interwoven Destinies by Poorvimani
Interwoven Destiniesby Himani Sharma
Just two souls, with interwoven destinies.
Destiny's Play [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Destiny's Play [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Life happens to us while we are making plans. This is exactly what happened to Omkara Singh Oberoi and Gauri Kumari Sharma. They had made a million plans to build their...
Changed - RiKara FF by kashishsr
Changed - RiKara FFby kashishsr
When Gauri left Omkara he was forever changed. Now fate has given him the chance to win back his wife - but time has changed her too. His misunderstandings tore them apa...
Rock-A-Bye  Baby [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Rock-A-Bye Baby [✓]by DezmaFernandez
He is a busy businessman who doesn't have time to waste on females. His life takes a turn when he is handed the custody of his niece after his brother and sister-in-law...
Age Difference (Rikara) (Complete) by MickyMajhi
Age Difference (Rikara) (Complete)by Micky Majhi
"mom... have you gone mad... she is just 19 ...and m 32... do u want to marry me a kid". "stop it.... it's your dadi's wish..." "to hell with...
Drizzling by SNandini2
Drizzlingby S Nandini
My first attempt for a message oriented story do read and let me know your feedback Also it's highly inspired from telugu movie love story, just concept not a Xerox copy.
Pyaar ki Manzil (COMPLETED)  by the_beautiful_soul_
Pyaar ki Manzil (COMPLETED) by sreetama biswas
This is on the redux plot. I really doubt Rikara will have something on screen so here I am using my wild imagination. Let's see how things go. So Basically Rikara meet...
Friday Challenge Rikara Shots Book by MishtyDoe
Friday Challenge Rikara Shots Bookby Mishty Doe
My all Rikara OS TS, as well as Friday Challenge Shots in this book. 1) Ishqbaaziyan OS 2) Kahin Pyar Na Hojaye OS (available @MishtyKara ) 3) Hey There! I'm using Wha...
rikara- Just Like That (Completed)✅ by house_tribbiani
rikara- Just Like That (Completed)✅by prim
These are collections of 3 different stories of 2 different personalities resembling trust, care and love of our one and only "RIKARA" *Btw these stories are a...
Forced  Marriage  by MickyMajhi
Forced Marriage by Micky Majhi
Shrenu parikh as gauri Sharma.. Kunal jaisigh as ommkara Singh oberoi... I love my rikara till my death... The characters are totally different... I am not saying th...
Mehandi : Fifteen Shades Of Rikara ✔️ by MishtyDoe
Mehandi : Fifteen Shades Of Mishty Doe
In the eve of her henna ceremony, Gauri comes to know about the demand of a Mercedes from the family of her bride-groom, making her devastated. Her worry soon gets forg...
RiKara Drabble Series by Saumya_Jha
RiKara Drabble Seriesby rikara_lover
【Rikara drabble series】 Let's enjoy some small,cute and romantic moments of RiKara😊.... This is my random collection of Rikara drabbles which I've written.
THE KING OF LOVE AND THE QUEEN OF WAR (SS) (Completed) by MickyMajhi
Prince ommkara had a cute friendship with his childhood friend gauri who is his servant's granddaughter.... Due to the circumstances they separate in childhood... When...