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Demons, Demigods and Hunters (Percy Jackson/Supernatural) by eatyourhartout
Demons, Demigods and Hunters ( Hartley Tor
Anna Colt is a semi retired hero. But before she retires she decides to go to Stanford. She meets two brothers; mortal hunters. What will she do? (OC character. Some c...
So... you've got daddy issues? (Akitoya) by Dark_reuinion
So... you've got daddy issues? ( I <3 milfs
Toya and Akito have been singing with eachother for a very long time. They even consider one another their best friend. But Akito doesn't know if what he's feeling is ex...
Eio by MorningMaize
Eioby Mr. Jones
The First Book in the Eio Series and the First Book in the Wormwood Saga In 2032, a cosmic event caused a star to crash into America and send a wave of auroras all over...
¶•There are no Heros★{KREW ITS FUNNEH} by BeesBread
¶•There are no Heros★{KREW ITS Bee
📆New chapters every Sat & Sun📆 ¶•°"Congratulations Ms. Painting, you've been scouted by the renowned "Hosted Detainment Agency", if you don't know what...
POWERLESS by Pancakes-Dragonpie
POWERLESSby Pancakes-Dragonpie
High school, super powers, and a hidden sexuality - Elena Adan has a lot to deal with already without a town wide mystery being forced into her hands. But whether it's b...
Unnatural Disasters  by Clown_Hihi
Unnatural Disasters by Mina
Follow a group of scrawny, self-proclaimed teens on their journey through high-school! The road will be a messy one, and some stakes will get excruciatingly high. Will t...
Bloodmoon's Embrace: I'll Embrace My Death by K_A_Z_U_
Bloodmoon's Embrace: I'll Darkness Manifested
Young boy named Haruto and his friend Fumino get killed by a killer. It isn't the end though as they find themselves in a new world, separated without knowing, surrounde...
Summer Leafs  by its_lode
Summer Leafs by its_lode
I was in the passenger's seat my father was driving the light turned green then all of a sudden a car crashed into us
Error; Corrupted Coding. Please Try Again. by DarkMoarte
Error; Corrupted Coding. Please Nate
Marcy Delacour, better known as Pixie, is your average high school senior living a normal life. A dad with two jobs, an annoying little brother and a best friend always...
Seasonal by aspenlazzy
Seasonalby Ashley Flamm
One-hundred fifty years ago the Earth was nearly destroyed by an unknown power. All those who survived banded together to help each-other survive. The large group eventu...
The Clearing by AphroditeDays
The Clearingby AphroditeDays
Venus, a young Scottish girl has thoughts you would not think of from a girl of her age. Going through life like this leads her into trouble and mischief. I do no...
Guardians of Loyalty by _Citamoon
Guardians of Loyaltyby .•☆ •.
The 8th generation of the Guardians of Loyalty have suppressed their ancestors in terms of skills and strength. They were wanted, needed, admired, but also feared, hated...
No Hero Club by Aly619
No Hero Clubby Aly619
Au where the LOV members and minus Tomura are living a normal live and going to a normal school. Spinner, Compress and Twice are teenager. Toga has control over her thi...
𝕿𝖍𝖔𝖚 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖍 by roseateliere
𝕿𝖍𝖔𝖚 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖍by
This is the story of my main character Sephiroth Aero and like Its more of me venting my feelings here i guess the cover and oc is drawn by me
The Many Lives of Jodie Moore (READ DESC) by a_random_pickle_
The Many Lives of Jodie Moore ( sun
HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! dont read this one!!!!!! its been 2 years since i worked on this story and i actually hate writing in the first person so im making another one
The Gate to Divinity by ShizaKoruichi
The Gate to Divinityby Shiza
The goal is divinity. Its right there. But reaching it won't be as easy as you think... Young Rienka Charlotte is at that age where she has to set her fate to which of t...
The Whispers of Those Who Lost [Redone!] by The_SilentArtist
The Whispers of Those Who Lost [ Girl In Space
Magic has been banned in modern society. When Ernaline accidentally foresees her and her daughter, Morana's deaths, she pulls out the final card in her deck- The Stellab...
Batafurai by MalihaMLB
Batafuraiby Maliha
This story is about young adults who have gone to a new college after they've graduated but something seems a bit off...
New World by Ss1Chara
New Worldby Chara
The 1st story in a series that I've been wanting to write, and am working on. Construction Criticism is welcome and encouraged(I'm still new to writing and want to get b...
Mind by SophieWeaver0903
Mindby Sophie Weaver