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I Promise || Sibling Book 1  by sparklesinpurple
I Promise || Sibling Book 1 by Grace
In which you are the little sister of Jungkook and Jimin.... Just so you know the ages of the main characters: (korean age) Jeon Y/N - 16 Jeon Jungkook - 21 Jeon Jimin...
You Are The Only One by AN-MEAN-PEACE
You Are The Only Oneby AN
Nobody can guarantee what will happen next, but we can guarantee to live to the fullest as long as we know how to appreciate and to enjoy every moment that are given to...
Selfish Family.. (on hold) by overthinking019
Selfish Family.. (on hold)by ᗩᗩᖇ丅Ꭵ ❤🧿
family eats together, stay together if there is love between each other but so many years ago one family part their ways, & being selfish one, but one reason make them s...
Reject by Lesssettt
Rejectby Lessett Fonseca
Milton wasn't very young when he discovered that society was completely against him. Kids would run from him, parents wouldn't let their children be seen talking to him...
The Annoying Sister and a Rational Brother by KanielkKanyChan
The Annoying Sister and a KanielkKanyChan
Ay ay no incest here you fucks what to put here ay? first book dont expect it to be W O WO WO bad at english
Sister's Promise by Icelightening
Sister's Promiseby Icelightening
In this one Zuko learns that Azula has been placed into an asylum and after reading the reports he decides to go rescue her. Every mission however ends in a fail, even t...
My Brother's Best Friend Is My Boyfriend by ranisivani
My Brother's Best Friend Is My rani
Lucy Dragneel is a victim of bullying. All because she knew the answer to every question and always got straight As, she was treated cruelly. In her third year, her pare...
False memories by Rimanshesh
False memoriesby RR
Sunday morning, I jog across town to my sister's. On a chilly morning around 8. Its colder today than it was yesterday. I'm sweating under my shirt. I need better shoes...
Adopted By My Own Brother by sweeteststorieshere
Adopted By My Own Brotherby Sweeteststorieshere
ADOPTED BY MY OWN BROTHER?! When Rydel was abandoned by her parents and brothers because they all got into a sever car accident. She not only loses her memory, but her s...
Her Love Changed Him by _Happyilyeverafter
Her Love Changed Himby Salma
#8 in sister brother #9 in October 2019 Ahkil, a spoiler brat transforms into a new guy who becomes a spiritual person with still his naughtiness. The girl who chang...
A String Called Life by lowlier
A String Called Lifeby Diya
Rutuja Das and Rajiv Das are what you call the 'popular kids' in school. First, Rutuja was known for her brother (aka every girl's crush) but now she is also known for h...
Imperfect by SherinFlaurensia
Imperfectby Sherinflau
Imperfect bercerita tentang kehidupan Kevin dan Clara sebagai anak dari keluarga broken home. Kisah ini berproses bersama dengan mereka, yang belajar untuk memaafkan, me...
Devious Destiny by Reefai93
Devious Destinyby Reefai93
woke up after two years in coma seher find a whole new world of surprises waiting for her. with beloved husband, kind and supportive brother, and amazing son. With all t...
The first day of school by aishutty143
The first day of schoolby Aishu
This story depends on a child who celebrates her first day of pre-school expect other children... !
I will help my brother find his love. by AnnuBurang
I will help my brother find his Alice
Obsession,manipulation,abuse,plotting and dead of the protagonist,Hans maurice..was the ending of the Bl novel, "part of paradise". "Ahhhhh....where am i...
How to make a body scrub! by sugarpurple300
How to make a body scrub!by sugarpurple300
Do you want smooth,healthy skin then follow this recipe to make the best body scrub ever?!!
Pyaar ho jaane do....(ON HOLD) by arshi04arshi
Pyaar ho jaane do....(ON HOLD)by Zayn Malik's Official Wife
this 1 is a funny Arshi AND Avneil story.... Completely on my imagination. So guys please come and read my story....
Remember me, again. by NewtandSonya
Remember me, NewtandSonya
This is a story about Newt and Sonya (maze runner) Who dont remember their brother and sister. But will They ever know? Will Sonya betray Newt?