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His Darkest Secret by Mazybell
His Darkest Secretby Mazybell
Finding out my boyfriends secret fantasies, and living them.
BTS SMUT by yviencosmic
BTS SMUTby yve
"Good girl. Touch me. Find what you want." Bts smuts from tumblr CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS If you feel uncomfortable with your work being uploaded on Watt...
JK Boss by 95Cheonsa
JK Bossby Cheonsa95
"That coffee of yours smells nice." JK😏 *Mature content⚠️* *Smut🔞* She was desperate to have a coffee but ends up having sex with a strange...
My first time//Smut by maddiegibson000iclou
My first time//Smutby user6969696969
Basically i'm just explaining everything that happened before/during/after my first time doing "it",,, have fun reading!!
Dr. Spencer Reid by smutty_and_slutty
Dr. Spencer Reidby smutty_and_slutty
Written for all my Spencer Reid obsessed, horny, smutty, and feral little rats!! All of this is based off of my own experiences (including sleeping with coworkers and bo...
Rappers Imagines by dabaddestbbw
Rappers Imaginesby shaeshaewitdabag17
King von Lil Durk La Capone Etc any rappers you want lmk
Elevator by jiminscafe39
Elevatorby 𝓲𝓶𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼🍷
"Open your panties and give it to me " "huh ?" Turning your head here and there looking at people enjoying there food "here?" You asked he...
North Star Boys Imagines by LadyBubble22
North Star Boys Imaginesby Lady Bubble
If you have not seen this group of crackheads, that happened to be handsome, please go watch their YouTube channel and support them. Members (Left to Right) Regie Ryan ...
swamp girl summer by brown_asian
swamp girl summerby
cheating Shrek x Y/N sub smut during the summer time trying not to get caught at the pool party by Fiona
BTS Kim, Jean || sex 21+ (Smuts) by gukhubb
BTS Kim, Jean || sex 21+ (Smuts)by Ale
Erotic romance books BTS Kim Taehyung and Jean Jungkook one shots ⇏21+ Contains mature content (Slow updates, editing in process) 1 - Eating you out under the table 2...
Imagine NCT (discontinued) by UDreamof127
Imagine NCT (discontinued)by :)
Legal Members Only for 18+. Smut & Fluff. Do not steal my writing. Be original. No one likes a copycat. Gender neutral unless requested discontinued sorry Thanks for al...
hot professor (erenxreader) 18+ by ehfk3_
hot professor (erenxreader) 18+by ehfk_
Y/N is just starting her final year of college, and although she mostly cared about her future and grades all her life, she now wishes for only one thing - something, or...
~Yes Mommy~ by AquaRain01
~Yes Mommy~by AquaRain01
This is a story about WWE wrestler Rhea Ripley. She is very dominant and strong. In this story she is lesbian (I don't know her real sexuality that is just her sexuality...
jungkook smut diaries| ♡ by ggukiesDevil
jungkook smut diaries| ♡by ggukiesDevil
a collection of mini jungkook smuts that are all written by me! I also post these on my Instagram (jeonsmvt)
Dnf Dream x George Smut by WhiteGhostsdoll
Dnf Dream x George Smutby ghost
I'm so sorry. This is a year old this is just a smut story This is also cringe
OBX smut shots  by starkeyscumsock
OBX smut shots by starkeyscumsock
To the nasty girls who are horn dogs for fictional characters that they know they can never have so instead they just read dirty filthy smut about them, this one's for y...
your stepdad.  by YeniItadori
your stepdad. by Yeni-chan
teenagers only, smut warning!!