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Mark My Words || DNF Soulmate AU by nicerandomkangaroo
Mark My Words || DNF Soulmate AUby nicerandomkangaroo
Dream has never seen George's soulmark. George has never seen Dream's soulmark. And yet, here they are. --- "He only doesn't wanna show you guys be...
If you won't love me, They will... •MCU X HP•(On Hold) by ItzMeDarkAnxiety
If you won't love me, They Hazel
Hyumifiya Cassiana Stark was dropped Infront of the doorstep of her father. Years after neglect and ignorance she decided it was enough, it didn't matter if she had to l...
Chrysalis | Star-Crossed Book 1 by jlongbooks
Chrysalis | Star-Crossed Book 1by jlongbooks
Caelia Beatrice Carter is a half-blood witch who's been best friends with Harry Potter since they were five years old. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, she finds herself quest...
Soul of the Justice League by baeareavibez
Soul of the Justice Leagueby Maya’s Forge
This story is going to take place in the soulmate universe where people are born with the first words their soulmate will say to them tattooed onto their body. Unfortun...
Beautiful,Beloved by OKAYWOW86
Beautiful,Belovedby OKAYWOW86
Coraline short is a Hufflepuff, making her way through Hogwarts and navigating her life with soulmates. Yes, soulmates. More than one. Of course you would know that woul...
Forever by neoqueenmalfoy
Foreverby neoqueen
"I hold more power in my pinky than anyone in this world." - Allison Gilbert. Allison Gilbert has always considered herself different from her family, the only...
Little Darkness by PossessedJoker
Little Darknessby PossessedJoker
Y/N, daughter of Amara The Darkness, goes on an adventure full of love, pain and murder to find peace with her soulmates Loki and Lucifer whilst evading angels, demons...
A Soul Above the Rest (Avengers Soulmate Story) by QueenOfRhododendrons
A Soul Above the Rest (Avengers Polygon Dust
In a world where people have their soulmates mark/s on their body, Flora has found herself in a hole with a soulmark number far larger than anyone has ever seen. Who cou...
Mated to the Mikaelsons  (OC x Mikaelson brothers) by LondonP2010
Mated to the Mikaelsons (OC x London
When I died I never thought that instead of being greeted by gods or the devil. I was greeted by a the very being that created the universe Chaos, saying there was a mi...
Merther Soulmate Mark  by Rin642
Merther Soulmate Mark by Rin
Everyone is born with a soul mark. Your soul mark is the first and last initial of your loves full name. In this story Merlin will have to battle Enemies, finding out w...
Rules of the street by LuckyPhantom13
Rules of the streetby LuckyPhantom13
Izuku has a tough life on the streets, fighting to survive. But that will all change when one day an assassination attempt goes wrong... and a new problem arises. Medie...
Aeterni - Drarry ✓ by smolgaybean_
Aeterni - Drarry ✓by Bee
life after the great war, starts in 7th year. On his 18th birthday, Harry has a vision and discovers he has the mark of the Aeterni, an ancient mark unseen for millenni...
Entwined | Bucky Barnes *On Hold* by asavagejoy
Entwined | Bucky Barnes *On Hold*by asavagejoy
SEQUEL TO HIS SOULMATE Bucky and Amelie have been married for a year. One blissful year of being totally, head over heels in love. Their idyllic fantasy comes crashing...
Thunderbird (Birdflash soulmate AU; hanahaki) by ArtofFanfics
Thunderbird (Birdflash soulmate Peregrine
Dick always loved the idea of soulmates. His parents had a pair of birds that danced up their arms. Dick thought they were beautiful. But Dick loved his own more. It was...
Where Are You? // Solby ✓ by skadooshnoodle
Where Are You? // Solby ✓by Solby Golbrock ☺️
☞This is the sequel to "Waterpark Love"☜ "Where are you?" What happens when Colby wakes from a dream, and Sam isn't in his life anymore? Meeting Sam...
Drown The Sun (Book 2 in the Siren and Quiver Series) by alliekatt314
Drown The Sun (Book 2 in the alliekatt314
"So wait you're saying they were arguing over who got to kiss you first?" Gabie scoffs and I frown. "Yeah, but I didn't understand why. It's not like it w...
Count on Me by BubblySoccer
Count on Meby Jayme112234
All her life Katrina Portokalos has lived in the shadow of her two older sisters and her older brother, she always dreaded of the day that her counter would reach zero a...
we're soulmates :)) ~ iwaoikage by iloveyouoikawa
we're soulmates :)) ~ iwaoikageby <3
~ iwaizumi x oikawa x kageyama (poly) ;; this is my first book dont hate -growls read the authors note idiot.
Fallen Soul ~Cal Kestis, Soulmate AU by CloudyKhaos
Fallen Soul ~Cal Kestis, Cloudy
Everyone has a soulmate, and the lucky ones who don't have a Jedi as theirs can live happily. For the unfortunate ones who do have a Jedi soulmate, they're hunted by th...
The Missing Piece (SKZ Soulmate 8+1) by KaityKatStar
The Missing Piece (SKZ Soulmate Kaity R
In a world where you get your soulmate mark on your 21st birthday, what happens if you find out they are famous? Kat lives in a small town in Michigan dreaming of things...