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Inside 863 by TremorHawk
Inside 863by TremorHawk
Payten Holloway starts her new job at Hi5 Studios in December 2020. After a frightening incident on her first day involving the Stalker, Matthias bans Payten from the my...
Pressure by _all_anatomy_
Pressureby _all_anatomy_
Y/n Fredrick's the youngest sibling of the family, everyone else is married and already started a family but y/n. She's only 24. She hasn't met the right one yet to star...
The Exemplars by Writinggirl10132
The Exemplarsby Writinggirl10132
There are superheroes among us. Every person you look at could be one. But what if your favorite YouTubers were heroes? The members of Hi5 Studios (now called Spellbound...
Phantom Face-off by TremorHawk
Phantom Face-offby TremorHawk
This is an alternate ending to Project: 863's "He Arrived In The Night (Things Got Strange)". Part 1 and 2 were created before they released that episode. The...
John Doe: A Project 863 Story by TremorHawk
John Doe: A Project 863 Storyby TremorHawk
John Doe, the mistreated and forgotten firstborn of Nelson Syphus, craves revenge against his father. Once he receives the case of evidence from Woods (Subject 3), he in...
Team Edge: Kidnapped by Writinggirl10132
Team Edge: Kidnappedby Writinggirl10132
"Maaatt, Woooods...." His quiet voice echoed through the room as the click of the knife against metal clanged across the vast space. I covered my mouth and cl...
The Backrooms: An 863 Story by Writinggirl10132 by Writinggirl10132
The Backrooms: An 863 Story by Wri...by Writinggirl10132
As I wandered through what was seemingly an endless maze of rooms and hallways, my heart began to sink. Was I ever going to get out of here? As my feet clopped down on t...
Spellbound Inc (Woodland Demars x OC) by kaitbean0122
Spellbound Inc (Woodland Demars x...by kait the bean
Maya Kendal was there since the beginning of Spellbound Inc (previously Hi5 Studios), but Woodland DeMars doesn't know that. Their first meeting was during the filming o...
Woodland DeMars oneshots by Fang1rl_Trin
Woodland DeMars oneshotsby Fangirl_Trin
Uploads every Tuesday after the 863 video releases. The best that I've written are at the end <3 requests are open Please request cause I'm running low on ideas. Goal...