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Peter Parker's New Groove  by CambrianBeckett   by BeyonderSpiderman
Peter Parker's New Groove by Camb...by BeyonderSpiderman
Set in a bit of a hodge-podge version of the Marvel Universe, with the MCU acting as a bedrock, Peter Parker is an up and coming Big Damn Hero after he tried to make the...
Spiderman Reaction  by ahmadnazem
Spiderman Reaction by Am0104
After showing the marvel beings peter's life, they still mock him, having enough, the author thinks it is time for punishment.
Cosmic Spider by BlazeDragon7
Cosmic Spiderby ShinningKnight
After being betrayed by mostly all the Heroes , Peter was broken but something amazing happens to him...... Read the story to find the rest
Spider King Harem   by BeyonderSpiderman
Spider King Harem by BeyonderSpiderman
King Peter get a new Queen and much more. Bad summary sorry but enjoy the story
Spider man : Cosmic Battle for Love by ahmadnazem
Spider man : Cosmic Battle for Loveby Am0104
3 cosmic.beings fall in love with spider man, who will capture his heart and will anyone survive.
Spectacularly Ridiculous Spider-Man(from googlethor Fanfic) by BeyonderSpiderman
Spectacularly Ridiculous Spider-Ma...by BeyonderSpiderman
In A world where peter takes water he wants (Harem)
Web of Lovers by BeyonderSpiderman
Web of Loversby BeyonderSpiderman
After a fatal battle with The Green Goblin, Peter Parker's life turns on its head. Harem story, mixed with Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Marvel, and Spider-Man web warrio...
Slightly superior: Betrayed Spider-man by Crimsonsector98
Slightly superior: Betrayed Spider...by Crimsonsector98
So after that stupid brain jack by Doc Ock everyone hates peter now. But then they regretted it after it was too late. Good news is that some people stood by him.
Fate of a Spider by ahmadnazem
Fate of a Spiderby Am0104
fate stay night x spiderman crossover.
parker luck strikes  by MaxJames228
parker luck strikes by
The one above all (stan Lee) see how his favourite son (spiderman) live trouble life in every universe ever existed, but he hoped in mcu universe he will live better lif...
Peter love problem's  by BlindWhatif
Peter love problem's by Blind What if
*Hey this is my first story on this account so sorry if this is terrible* So this going to take place in the ps4 Spider-Man games, where Peter defeated doc ock, and in t...
Ultimate Spider Harem by Griffin9000Stories
Ultimate Spider Haremby Griffin9000Stories
Peter snaps instead of Tony and is sent into a new universe. The universe he was sent to had just lost their Spider-Man, the web-of-life took the MCU Peter and brought h...
shadow of spiderman by JusticeWentworth
shadow of spidermanby Justice Wentworth
I honestly have no idea I just wanted to make a fanfic of one of my favorite tv show
MCU's Spider Man (My Way) by BlazeDragon7
MCU's Spider Man (My Way)by ShinningKnight
So these is my rewrite on MCU's Spider Man , Peter will be stronger ? Will he have a harem ? Disclaimer I don't own marvel , any pics But do own the story
Spider-Man gets it in with Mj, Gwen and Black Cat (ONE-SHOT by DarkArtermis56
Spider-Man gets it in with Mj, Gwe...by Dark Artermis
Spider-Man uses the infinity gauntlet to make his lovers into bimbos.
Lucha por ser un Parker (Spidermanxharem) by Dark-Cyber
Lucha por ser un Parker (Spiderman...by DarkCyber
No tengo nada que decir solo diré que esta historia contara con la presencia de nuestro favorito.