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My Omega {Mpreg} by jaegerackereri
My Omega {Mpreg}by jaegerackereri
When an Alpha and Omega come of age, they will go to a mate ritual. This is an event where Alphas and Omegas come to meet at a place to search who they would like to ma...
You're Not A monster.... by AfterTheChaos
You're Not A monster....by After The Chaos
Annie Came back from her Crystal she was totally the same.Until Levi came with Revenge seeking eyes. He wanted to Avenge his fallen squad or just the Girl who he loved.H...
AOT/SnK Ships + Reaction  by uhblnde
AOT/SnK Ships + Reaction by uhblnde
Just a quick thing I did while being sick and delusional *Tried my best to see think how the characters would interpret these ships of the fandom. I looked up some of...
The Devil Inside (Yandere AruAni)[COMPLETED] by BlueManul
The Devil Inside (Yandere AruAni)[...by Pallas' Cat
4 hours in detention 4 hours with her 4 hours to know her 4 hours to fell in love with her 4 hours to wake the devil inside WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS - Season 4 spoile...
Eren Reacts To Ships~ by crazymak316
Eren Reacts To Ships~by Makayla Wagner
[I see everyone doing it so, why not?] If I hate on your ship, I apologize. I understand you are entitled to your own opinions. (This is for comedy purposes ONLY) Now fo...
Attack on Titan Short Stories by Dragonsound1
Attack on Titan Short Storiesby Dragonsound1
Just a random collections of shorts stories in universe, modern AU, post manga, etc Ships featured: Levi x Hange Sasha x Connie Mike x Nanaba Petra x Oluo Eld x Fried...
Psycho- Mikannie REWRITE!! by Tallcatx
Psycho- Mikannie REWRITE!!by Tallcatx
It's the start of September, school has started again. Mikasa ackerman is chosen to sit next to Annie Leonhart, a girl who she despises.. Luckily for Annie, she has a pl...
Attack on Titan OneShots! by uwu_derp
Attack on Titan OneShots!by • X_X •
Expect to see oneshots of mainly EreMika (of course), Springles, AruAni, LeviHan, JeanMarco, and YumiKuri. (I ship those btw, if you didn't know) Some stories will be s...
Understanding Your Feelings (An Eremika Fanfic) by ChanciXx
Understanding Your Feelings (An Er...by Ereh!
"Why don't you try to associate yourself with others?" The black haired girl asked facing the board same as the brunette whose 1 meter apart from her side. &qu...
Rating Ships [Attack On Titan] ✔️ by inhaleskey
Rating Ships [Attack On Titan] ✔️by bald kurta
I'm bored waiting for season 4 part 3. ⚠️ POTENTIAL SPOILERS ⚠️ 1 in #ratingships - 08/27/22 1 in #eremika - 10/14/22 1 in #rating - 10/06/22 1 in #ereri - 11/12/22
Rating AOT Ships Like A Boss by lvituna
Rating AOT Ships Like A Bossby luvi :3
TW: POSSIBLY OFFENDING YOUR OTPs tips // if you want to avoid wattpad ads, start reading from the last chapter to the first. (as each of these chapters aren't related) ^^
My opinions on AoT ships by sorrow9696
My opinions on AoT shipsby cori
This is my opinion on AoT ships cuz why not. all of the other "i rate aot ships" are super cringe or just really toxic, so i thought I'd give it go and give my...
Why Levihan is real, and which ships are canon /SnK/ by HanjiZoe_official
Why Levihan is real, and which shi...by Hanji Zoe-Ackerman
Hey, I'm Hanji Zoe, and today we'll be looking at... SnK Ships ! 1) Some SnK ships infos -my pov on ships- 2) Which Ships are canon ? (analysis and fun °3°) ba...
In another Life...ON HOLD by HIAMHIHI123
In another Life...ON HOLDby HIAMHIHI123
A Aruani fic set in a alternate universe were everyone in Aot is a highschooler. Here you will see how Armin and Annie can find love which they longed for so long and th...
Shipping them ( a Jean x Marco, Krista x Ymir fanfic) by y4ndereprincess
Shipping them ( a Jean x Marco, Kr...by Micaela Day
Krista and Ymir take it upon theirselves to bring Jean and Marco together, meanwhile struggling with their own feelings for each other. (All characters belong to Isayam...
Eremika: Pregnancy  by StarSapphire37
Eremika: Pregnancy by ☆|| Sapphire ||☆
Exactly what the title says. I don't have any AoT/SnK fanfics, so this solves it! Slow updates like all my other books, since school is gone ;-; Each chapter of this bo...
Dangerous (Aruani - Modern AU) by WonderingAuthor
Dangerous (Aruani - Modern AU)by Cat x
Annie Leonhardt did a bad thing. And now she's in prison for it. And now she's done another bad thing... This is the story of the love affair between police officer A...
Attack on Titan (A basketball Au) by Eiolugbile
Attack on Titan (A basketball Au)by Eiolugbile
A basketball AU with the characters of the Attack on Titan manga/anime. (I don't normally add or rather do pairings or 'ships' but there will be a good number of pairing...
𝐸𝑟𝑒𝑛, 𝑁𝑜! - AOT Oneshots ( ╹▽╹ ) by frantastic_fox
𝐸𝑟𝑒𝑛, 𝑁𝑜! - AOT Oneshots ( ╹...by ☕️
Enjoy random stories of the cadets, whether they be platonic or romantic!!