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Arknights: Player on by 221September
Arknights: Player onby bucketman
(Note: This is my third arknights crossover) Players from 'earth' got transported to the terra, can they survived or do something stupid...
The Mighty Morg by knotanumber
The Mighty Morgby Knotanumber
When a knight-in-training sets out on a dragonquest to win the hand of a fair princess, he expects to return in time for a pavilion wedding in the fall. But after fifty...
Dragon's Mother by TheSpazzTastic
Dragon's Motherby TheSpazzTastic
Picture from Google and edited Ansel became an orphan at a young age when invaders from another land came from the sea and started an all out war near the harbor where...
The Princess In Disguise (A Reylo Medieval AU)  by LadyArwenEvenStar
The Princess In Disguise (A Reylo...by LadyArwenEvenStar
Princess Kira was fleeing for her life after witnessing her grandfather murder her father. She disguises herself as a teenaged boy named Rey and hides in a small village...
An Unfortunate Existence by AmyRhees
An Unfortunate Existenceby AmyRhees
Impressions of a tragedy, the continuation of Percy Squire
Girls und Panzer: The Squidonian Challengers by SaiyanDragonslayer
Girls und Panzer: The Squidonian C...by Rosé
Sensha-do: A sport that grooms fine and respectable women through vintage weapons of war. At least, that's how most people see it. For a bunch of history-loving video ga...
The Mistaken by FluffyDinoQueen
The Mistakenby Fluffs
(In a manly narrator voice) Woman who had children were forced to give up their boys to the Capital at the age of 7 to be trained as fierce knights. And girls were mean...
The Knight's Squire by allison_novel
The Knight's Squireby Allison's Novels
Part 1 of the Squire series. A knight travels around the kingdom and recruits a squire. Events begin to unfold as dark magic is detected, and the knight is declared an o...
In Love With A Ghost - Black Knight x Raven (Remake Is Finally Out) by AceTheNotSoGreat
In Love With A Ghost - Black Knigh...by DaSceneKid
Black Knight had nobody. All his friends had passed away and he can't get along with his comrades. One day, Wukong asks him, Squire, and Red Knight to guard Haunted Hill...
Gay Butler by TheRealTerminator
Gay Butlerby TheRealTerminator
The adventures of a Master and his gay butler who is constantly ruining his household.
AFFAIR OF YOU'RE HEART by nehalixchris
AFFAIR OF YOU'RE HEARTby nehalixchris
Fantasy story.....
Healing Scars - Black Knight x Raven by AceTheNotSoGreat
Healing Scars - Black Knight x Rav...by DaSceneKid
Remake of "In Love with a Ghost" After all the trauma he endured, Black Knight has become a shadow of his former self, letting his depression consume him and a...
Squire Hayseed by SabrinaZbasnik
Squire Hayseedby SE Zbasnik
Hayley's head was all set to be lobbed off, when she'd given a choice -- become a squire or get real friendly with the noose. A scrabbly fourteen-year-old yanked off the...
As Arthur prepares to depart for the Grand Tournument in London, rumours and whispers are spreading, telling of a plot that will end in his death. Deep in the woods, the...
Dungeon Defenders Guide by DungeonDefender
Dungeon Defenders Guideby Dungeon Defender
Looking for a guide to dungeon defenders? New to dungeon defenders? This is the place to go, because here you can find: *Strategies *Short stories *Tips & Advise *An...
Poemas adversos by EdextrSchopenhauerGo
Poemas adversosby Edextr Schopenhauer Goethe
La reliquia es la muerte,y el destino compartido del cual no se puede escapar,ante la razón escondida,se debaten los caminos explícitos y dramáticos del dogma caído.
Saving the Kingdom with the Knight's Squire by allison_novel
Saving the Kingdom with the Knight...by Allison's Novels
Part 3 of the Squire series. Rohea and Maes try to unravel the identity of the dark practitioner and put an end to him/her.