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I Live to Make You Free (Anakin x Reader) BOOK ONE *COMPLETED* by Melonhead15
I Live to Make You Free (Anakin melanie
A princess in disguise and a young slave boy. Both destined to be more. What will happen when they meet? All rights go to Disney and Lucasfilm. I only own the extra scen...
wannabe: star wars reader insert by reallygreenland
wannabe: star wars reader insertby greenland
(Star Wars x Reader) 𝙨𝙡𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 It started with a theory, then a discovery, and lastly, a kidnapping. When (Y/n) wakes up, she realises she is not wher...
Mandalorian x reader by Fangirlandiknowit
Mandalorian x readerby Sam Hawthorn
You are a mechanic with a difficult past and Mando hires you on to help look after the Razor Crest. You help with bounties when you can and when Grogru comes into your l...
✓ The Mandalorian's Purpose - Book Two by newt-the-newt
✓ The Mandalorian's Purpose - Faye Kitt-Knightly
His mission is to bring the bring the Child back to where he came from, but of course, nothing can ever be as easy as it sounds. Din Djarin X Female!Reader Follows Seas...
Star Wars Imagines and Preferences by foreverwinterlover
Star Wars Imagines and Preferencesby foreverwinterlover
hey i'm asiya and i wrote most of these imagines/preferences when i was younger so I'll be making major edits very soon! Characters I've featured: Luke Han Finn Poe Kylo...
din djarin x reader imagines by mulattajedi
din djarin x reader imaginesby nev
a collection of quality din djarin x reader imagines i've found online. sources always listed.
Star Wars Imagines :D (Requests Temporarily Closed) by KimAckermann
Star Wars Imagines :D (Requests KimmieHargreeves
This book will be filled with Star Wars one shots.Requests are open!! You can request any character from any Star Wars film. May the force be with you.
Return of the Apprentice (Darth Vader x Reader) by TheBlueBassoon
Return of the Apprentice (Darth Attracted to Lamps
This this story there was no Ahsoka. You were Anakin's first and only padawan. But you left the Jedi because you saw the error in their ways. You became a grey Jedi. You...
Star Wars Preferences/One-Shots (VERY SLOW UPDATES) by Artemis0422
Star Wars Preferences/One-Shots ( Artemis Myaló
I am currently doing preferences for the following: Kylo Ren Rey Finn Poe Luke Anakin Obi-Wan If you would like to request a one-shot or suggest for someone to be added...
Evanescent || Anakin Skywalker x Reader ( Star Wars ) by rexanii
Evanescent || Anakin Skywalker x r e x i
[Angst - Oneshot || Anakin x Fem! reader] Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one and Jedi Knight. Secret lover to Padme, ex-lover to a now lost woman within the stars. That g...
Star Wars x Reader Inserts by LillianOfLiterature
Star Wars x Reader Insertsby Lillian Mitchell
Star Wars characters x Reader Book || Status: ONGOING Requests: CLOSED [This book is under revision as of July 8th, 2022] Join Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Sky...
Savior || The Mandalorian x Reader by L_W_Tenebris
Savior || The Mandalorian x Readerby Sam
You are a village girl from Sorgan who was unfortunately abducted and then saved by the one and only Mandalorian. Taken in by him, what will your life be like? Will you...
The Bond Between Us by just-dreaming-marvel
The Bond Between Usby just-dreaming-marvel
Qui-Gon Jinn discovers you and your twin brother, Anakin Skywalker, on Tatooine after being stranded there during a mission. He senses excellent power in the Force in yo...
Star Wars (But Mostly kylo ren) Imagines + Lemons (Requests Closed) by probablyonnaboo
Star Wars (But Mostly kylo ren) ADRIAN
INCLUDES (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) •Kylo Ren •Han Solo •Boba Fett •Anakin Skywalker •Obi Wan Kenobi •Luke Skywalker •Rey •Poe Dameron •Armitage Hux AND MORE! I also want to...
It Isn't Too Late (Poe Dameron X Reader) by katakawa_33
It Isn't Too Late (Poe Dameron X ★ ˚.⁺ Katakawa -☯︎
[HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in Rebel Alliance & #1 in Force Awakens & #1 in Poe Dameron x Reader & #1 in The Rise of Skywalker & #8 in First Order & #9 in Poe Dameron & #18 in...
Boba Fett x reader one shots by Jurassicat_2000
Boba Fett x reader one shotsby Jurassicat_2000
Exactly what the title says. Maybe I should say that I'm from Germany, so my English probably isn't the best. Please comment if you find any mistakes. Thank you and enj...
Multifandom One Shots by ghostofskywalker
Multifandom One Shotsby 🐚 🥂 🍒 🪷
A collection of reader-insert one shots that I've written for various fandoms. fandoms right now: star wars, the suicide squad, knives out
My beautiful Jedi  by TheBluePhoenix08
My beautiful Jedi by The blue Phoenix
You are (Y/N) Sunrider, you are obi-wan's best friend and a Jedi. You know you shouldn't be in love with him but you can't help it. Will he return your love? Read to kno...
I'll Be Your Sky (Anakin Skywalker x Reader) BOOK THREE by Melonhead15
I'll Be Your Sky (Anakin melanie
The galaxy is torn between two sides, The Republic and The Separatists. The violence of the Clone Wars continues to grow and the dwindling number of Jedi Knights struggl...
One Shot First [Star Wars One Shots] by starkwars084
One Shot First [Star Wars One Hanny
Writing for ALMOST any male character from The Phantom Menace to The Rise of Skywalker