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When You Were Young by Prettylittletalker
When You Were Youngby Prettylittletalker
Time Travel Fic. Caroline, Stefan, and Elena time travel to the time when the Originals were human! The story starts at 3x10. Caroline receives a very special present fr...
Love for Eternity by Brooklyn-Paige
Love for Eternityby Lavonne
Caroline turns off her humanity and Klaus comes back to turn it back on! Will Caroline leave with Klaus to New Orleans. If she does what would Hayley think about it.
Always and forever (Klaroline) by Tvd_dolanfan
Always and forever (Klaroline)by Tvd_dolanfan
His your first love, I intend to be your last- Klaus mikealson After Klaus and Caroline's last run in. in the woods she can't stop thinking about him especially after T...
The Youngest Mikaelson by mermaidmadness321
The Youngest Mikaelsonby Ari
Next to no one knows her and whoever does doesn't remember her. What happens when she comes back? "Legend has it she's the Youngest Mikaelson but she's the worst of...
The Pact by klaroline-4ever
The Pactby klaroline-4ever
A story about loyalty and betrayal. Caroline is one of Klaus's first successful hybrids. Caroline helped the other hybrids to break the sire bond, but to stop Klaus from...
The Originals Ships Turns into kids  by Mystical_Prophecy
The Originals Ships Turns into The Princess
Bonnie does a spell to stop Damon and Elena from continuing to look for the cure but it goes very wrong and turns Caroline , Bonnie and Katherine into toddlers. Read to...
Mikaelson Holiday Season  by -ELEJAH
Mikaelson Holiday Season by -ELEJAH
Rom-com type of Mikaelson Christmas story. #Elejah #Klaroline #kennett #Stebekah
The Spare Girl ( The Vampire Diaries) by Lilac442
The Spare Girl ( The Vampire Lilac442
"You all hated me because I was Klaus' sister, you never gave me the chance to show I was something more." Ever since Rebekah arrived in Mystic Falls she has b...
Beauty and the Hybrid always and forever by Caitliz101
Beauty and the Hybrid always and Ceeluvv
KLAROLINE: Caroline finds out that Tyler did something unforgivable and well let's just say she has to go to this big bad hybrid, Klaus, for help. Little does she know t...
Soulmates by Fanficgirl104
Soulmatesby Fanficgirl 104
A coven of witches were very interested in the Original family. They felt bad about them. They never had a choice in happiness. Well that is about to change! The witches...
OUR HOPE by mehfish
OUR HOPEby mehfish
Their Little Miracles // Klaroline by Mystical_Prophecy
Their Little Miracles // Klarolineby The Princess
After 5x11 Klaus leaves like he promised and Caroline thought everything would go back to normal and be fine. But what She didn't account for was, -She c...
Young and Beautiful by GeorgiaBailey4
Young and Beautifulby GeorgiaBailey4
New Orleans, then the world. Caroline can't wait to spend eternity with Klaus . But first they must fight to get their kingdom back . And she must take her rightful plac...
Next generation Mikaelson's  by WinterWidowsupremecy
Next generation Mikaelson's by Ela
All the Mikaelsons are happy with their significant others, they have children, live in mystic falls. Their lives are perfect, their childrens lives are perfect. But in...
Return and Remember by elizpua
Return and Rememberby Eli púa
Caroline regrets the way she treated Klaus, and now she is given a second chance to make things right. Set after the season three finale. Warning: SLIGHT torture/rape in...
Auction by klaroline-4ever
Auctionby klaroline-4ever
Caroline is organizing an auction to raise money for the school, and this auction will have many people that are seniors to go on stage and have someone give money to go...
Fake relationship by klaroline-4ever
Fake relationshipby klaroline-4ever
Caroline just found out Tyler was cheating on her with Hayley. She decided to get a bit of revenge by faking to be dating Klaus. Klaus accepts to pretend to date her bec...
New Town, New Friendships & New Loves by klaroline-4ever
New Town, New Friendships & New klaroline-4ever
A story about people having a fresh new start. Now they are in a new place, fighting for their dreams, surrounded by new people, finding new friendships and maybe even l...
Found- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Found- Kolenaby anonymous writing
Elena was walking home when she found a baby. It has been a year since the Mikaelson's had left. A little baby girl. She has a letter attached to her. Elena kept the ba...