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ONLY YOU » STEVE ROGERS by yksydknee
ONLY YOU || STEVE ROGERS "it's only you. it was always only you." heart by heart series: book 1 [summary...
Our Doll (2/3) by kaiavengerssmut
Our Doll (2/3)by @kaiavengerssmut
S.Rogers x B.Barnes x f!Stark!Reader After the events of the horrific past, y/n Stark, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have finally admitted their feelings for each other...
The Dark Witch: Fallen (Avengers Fanfic) by Aurelia_Su
The Dark Witch: Fallen (Avengers Aurelia Su
"I don't think we're suppose to go in there," "What happened to being reckless?" "That was before it was clear I wasn't going to die!" ~~@@...
Steve rogers x y/n by lokilauf0
Steve rogers x y/nby Leann <3
From the time she can remember she was trained, beaten, and worked to the breaking point. But when an unknown group saves her and the winter soldier, will she find her f...
After You by JLAddens
After Youby JLAddens
Brooke Barton believed in love once, but those dreams were quickly ripped away when Steve Rogers chose duty over heart and left her to pick up the pieces of hers. She ke...
the tables have turned | steve/bucky by dadneto
the tables have turned | steve/ bee 🍃🌿🌱
Steve Rogers was always known as the sick kid back in his day; his best friend, Bucky Barnes, never even seemed to catch the common cold. But things never happen the sam...
Until I Found You by justmarvelthings
Until I Found Youby justmarvelthings
Steve Rogers • Soulmate AU In a world where everyone is born with one perfect soulmate, Abby Dwyer finds herself irrevocably bound to Steve Rogers. They are both sure th...
Mini Matchmaker by avengerofyourheart
Mini Matchmakerby avengerofyourheart
[Steve Rogers AU. (fluff)] Your awful temporary holiday job takes a turn for the better when a handsome stranger enters your life, along with his adorable, matchmaking...
The Super-Soldier's Engineer | Steve Rogers x OC by infinitywarsteve
The Super-Soldier's Engineer | soph
Bonnie Mitchell sometimes baffles herself with her own genius, not that she'd ever admit it, of course. Living her life as a struggling scientist in Manhattan, trying to...
american dream → steve rogers & tony stark by RAVNCLAWW
american dream → steve rogers & s.
Tegan and Bri have been best friends for years. Tegan works at a local coffee shop and get infatuated by the handsome soldier; Steve Rogers. Bri on the other hand works...
BACK HOME TO YOU || S.R & B.B by theharryvoid
BACK HOME TO YOU || S.R & B.Bby elle
<<COMPLETED • BEING EDITED>> When Steve Rogers and his best friend Bucky Barnes find someone important from their past, their life has to drastically alter i...
Avenger  Stories by marvelstars
Avenger Storiesby Raleigh Buchanan
Avengers Or Stony Or Steggy Or Stucky Or Thorki (Maybe) ----------------------------------- If you want to see anything in the story do fill free to comment or messag...
Moonlight | S. Rogers | ON HOLD by Marvelmania247
Moonlight | S. Rogers | ON HOLDby 🌟MADISON🌟
A fiery brunette and a 90 something year old blonde walk into a war...
Felicity and the First Avenger :  An Arrow - Captain America Crossover Fanfic by nocturnalrites
Felicity and the First Avenger Christine
After Oliver and Sara get together, Felicity Smoak decides to get a romantic life outside the Arrowcave - one without any superhero complications. When she meets Steve...
INNOCENT CRIMINALS  ° steve rogers by endofthelinee
INNOCENT CRIMINALS ° steve rogersby —jay
❝Being alone is easy, it's the loneliness that'll kill you.❞ ❝I can deal with the noise. I don't mind the noise. The quiet is a different story.❞ In which...
Felicity and the First Avenger : Reel Extras (Arrow - Captain America Crossover) by nocturnalrites
Felicity and the First Avenger : Christine
A series of companion short stories and crossovers for Felicity and the First Avenger.
Begin Again by NinaVerkaik
Begin Againby Nina Verkaik
Oliver is gone, all of Team Arrow has left Starling City except Felicity, she refuses to leave the city that holds so many memories for her. But with Team Arrow gone the...
Captain America: One Shots by thatfanficwrit3r
Captain America: One Shotsby thatfanficwrit3r
Captain America x Y/N with POV's! Random story one shots. You as the main protagonist alongside Captain America/Steve Rogers. Genres: Romance, action and maybe more! T...
Safe Landing by beforewegetstarted
Safe Landingby JLH
Female reader is going through the most difficult time of her life. She's on a flight that will decide her future. Will her seatmates Steve Rogers and Ransom Drysdale...