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Goddess     by harrystiles123
Goddess by harrystiles123
What if the younger sister of Thor and Loki comes to Beacon Hills? She's faced with monsters and the supernatural. But what if she falls in love with a human, sarcastic...
Heavenly. Teen Wolf (s.s) by wonderiiand1989
Heavenly. Teen Wolf (s.s)by wonderiiand1989
Gracie Hale, the youngest Hale child, just wanted to finish her sophomore year in peace. But that all changes when Scott McCall becomes a werewolf. Disclaimer: Be awa...
An Unlikely Friendship by toothless250
An Unlikely Friendshipby Freedom Creations
When Stiles woke seeing Scott, he remembered the words upon waking as he realizes and all Stiles feels is betrayal, pain and an ache in his heart. *Story takes place in...
Doomed//Umbrella Academy by UnknownUser-CJ
Doomed//Umbrella Academyby BarneyPurpleDinosaur
Stiles Stilinski looked down upon seeing the sight of Donovan... Crimson Blood smeared across his hands and face pointing out the evidence that he did it...He killed Don...
Running with Wolves  by Teenwolfmk55
Running with Wolves by Makayla
Riley Stilinski, was abandoned at the sheriff's station when he was only a few months old. Everyone thought it was just because his parents couldn't care for him anymore...
Unspoken - Book 1 - S.S. by OneandOnlyElla
Unspoken - Book 1 - Ella
"New year, new us..." Diana rolled her eyes as she turned to look at Lydia from her place in the passenger's seat of her best friend's car. "New you?"...
Panic Room • Stiles Stilinski [1] by tomietoni
Panic Room • Stiles Stilinski [1]by toni
Isabel Martin moved back to Beacon Hills to live with her cousin after her parent's death in England. Despite being gone for 2 years, it seems nothing has changed. Has i...
Yours (Stiles Stilinski) by SueMeForSinning
Yours (Stiles Stilinski)by Miss Anon
🌙✨ON HIATUS 2022✨🌙 Y/n McCall is Scott's twin sister. While the two may not always see eye to eye, when he's bit, Stiles and Y/N band together more than ever to help h...
𝑅𝐸𝑄𝑈𝐼𝐸𝑀 - M.R. by possessedmadej
𝑅𝐸𝑄𝑈𝐼𝐸𝑀 - possessedmadej
[Teen Wolf x American Assassin Crossover] "and the kindest thing you can do for a rabid dog?" "put it down." ...
Healing Love- Stiles Stilinski by coleslawstilinski24
Healing Love- Stiles Stilinskiby coleslawstilinski
"You fell in love with the feeling. But you didnt fall in love with me." She was the confident girl, he was the awkward boy. Could it be anymore obvious? --- ...
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐑'𝐒 𝐋𝐈𝐄 ❪ s. stilinski ❫ by chrryprker
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐑'𝐒 𝐋𝐈𝐄 ❪ s. gia!
will you hold my dirty fingers and kiss my alcohol-drenched lips? will you love a monster? STILES STILINSKI X OC TEEN WOLF | © EXILEPRKER
The Truth Can't Stay Hidden Forever (TO/TW) by G_wolf24
The Truth Can't Stay Hidden G_wolf24
Stiles is a vampire. In fact he's name is Mieczyslaw Mikaelson and he is an Original vampire. His past is one of the things he regrets the most, he was a ruthless monst...
Maze Wolf by tcher1993
Maze Wolfby Cheryl Beasley
When Stiles arrives at Beacon Hills Hospital injured carrying a young man inside, no one expected what was soon to happen. All rights apart for the story line go to the...
Unspoken - Book 5 - S.S. by OneandOnlyElla
Unspoken - Book 5 - Ella
"But that's not the point. Point is... We need to get to school as soon as we can." "Yeah, I've been trying for the past half an hour." Diana scoffed...
Mind Games by valentinastoriesss
Mind Gamesby tina x
Angelica Lisa Mccall is Scott's sister, she moved away to the United Kingdom when she was 12 because she got an opportunity of a lifetime to practice her art skills at a...
A little magic | Stiles Stilinski by semicolonsspace
A little magic | Stiles Stilinskiby Nova
A vampire that's a witch falls in love with a nerdy boy named Stiles Stilisnki. Someone gets in the way and she removes that problem quickly. Ps. There is smut #2 of #s...
Cold Truths || S. Stilinski by Wolf_queen24
Cold Truths || S. Stilinskiby Kate
After being exiled from the pack and losing his girlfriend, Stiles takes the opportunity to start over. Moving to Washington DC he furthers his career in psychology meet...
Stiles Stilinski, Spider-man of Beacon Hills by reesesd1191
Stiles Stilinski, Spider-man of Reese
Stiles fled to the big apple after he was possessed- he couldn't handle it, knowing that he was the one who killed Allison and Aiden. There, he gets bit by a radioactive...
The Argent Twins > Teen Wolf [Stiles Stilinski]  by polishgirl545
The Argent Twins > Teen Wolf [ polishgirl545
•Katherine and Allison Argent are new to Beacon Hills. Here they're faced with challenges new friends and new loves. Follow along to read their story. •Firstly, I do not...