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Supernatural Rewrite. Season 1 (X Reader) by VeeWritesFanfics
Supernatural Rewrite. Season 1 ( VeeWritesFanfics
Wherever the Winchesters go-lives get turned upside down for better or worse. (Y/N)'s life was no exception. From the moment she picked up that phone to get in contact...
supernatural one-shots by hawklive_
supernatural one-shotsby Hawk
supernatural one-shots all dean x sister! reader and sam x sister! reader from cute to angst ranking- #13 in supernaturalfamily
Side by Side - COMPLETE by curlifri
Side by Side - COMPLETEby curlifri
After she realized her favorite show was no longer just a show, Sam and Dean work and try to get Marissa back to where she came from. Before extracting Lucifer from his...
Too Young To Be In Love (Destiel Highschool Au) by GirlOnTheBlueMoon
Too Young To Be In Love (Destiel Stan
Is fate real, or did Castiel hit Sam Winchester in the face with a basketball on accident? Was it coincidence that he fell in love with his brother, Dean? Did they run i...
Ghost Girl † fanfic by serenbipity
Ghost Girl † fanficby j ◡̈
This is an Ghost Adventures inspired book and it's basically about the Ghost Adventures crew but with a new member. As you can see that new member is a girl. This is mor...
Destiel after leviathan gets free by Supernatural1806
Destiel after leviathan gets freeby Supernatural1806
This is start when Cas leaves the abandon building and walks in to the water. This is a different version. Dean saves Cas before he dies and Cas becomes human. Emotions...
See you then (engl) by daniellepaisley
See you then (engl)by daniellepaisley
Every hunter had a story about how he became a hunter. Dean, 21, already a well-known singer, and this is his story. One evening he noticed a boy in a trench coat, but h...
Supernatural X Female Reader (Preferences) by HannaLM99
Supernatural X Female Reader ( Hanna
I will be writing preferences for Dean, Sam, Castiel & Crowley! Tips and feedback is always appreciate and welcomed on my writing❤️
Artemis || Supernatural by adelaide_nicholls
Artemis || Supernaturalby Who the hell is Addy?
Jamie Hunt navigates a complex web of family ties and hidden truths. Unbeknownst to many, Jamie's true name is Jasmine Rutherford, and her life is entwined with that of...
The sister Winchester by MCR1014
The sister Winchesterby Supernatural and MCR is life
i do not own supernatural or the characters, i do not own the cover -trigger warning- -cutting -depression -abuse mention
Mommy, Aunt, Three Babies [1] by MayMayElizabeth
Mommy, Aunt, Three Babies [1]by ❤May❤
I do not own any of the supernatural characters or their storylines, I only own my original characters and their storylines. Book One of the "Mommy, Aunt, Three Ba...
Destiel Thoughts by blueunicorn67
Destiel Thoughtsby blueunicorn67
Sometimes I have interesting thoughts about destiel. The kind of thought that when you try to write it, you don't even have to stop typing because you have no idea what...
Supernatural Oneshots by aingealcethlenn
Supernatural Oneshotsby Aingeal Cethlenn
Ones shots will be posted in this book - Each will have the story name as the chapter title. At the start of each will list: Characters/Triggers/Important Info.
The Life of a Young Winchester  by Wildmustang0711
The Life of a Young Winchester by Castiel’s_Wife
You're the youngest Winchester but you're very different from your brothers. How will you deal with the troubles that follow you in the future?
Demon Sam. by sighsirman
Demon steph
This is a short story, but if I get enough likes and people saying they like it, I'll continue. it's going to be 100 or less words a chapter. There will probably be a lo...
Once Upon A Kiss - Jiall ~ Justin Bieber/Niall Horan Fanfic by SierraRoseMaslowMall
Once Upon A Kiss - Jiall ~ Mrs. Harry Styles
Justin's had a crush on Niall since he walked out on the X-Factor stage, and Niall has liked Justin for as long as he can remember. But things get pretty heated when the...
after he left | sabriel oneshot by vagabondboy
after he left | sabriel oneshotby 𝑔𝒶𝒷𝑒
prompt: "things you said after it was over"
Everything Black (Sam and Dean Winchester story) by SPN_imagines_Ms
Everything Black (Sam and Dean SPN_imagines_MS
You died on a hunt and while still being in the hospital a reaper came to take you.What could happen next?
Sabriel, Destiel, and Michifer One Shots by FanShipper123
Sabriel, Destiel, and Michifer Golfer Dad
Looking for Cute, angsty, and sad one-shots? Well, you've come to the right place, my friends. I have come to present you guys with stories about some of your favorite s...