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Patient Twelve by masonfitzzy
Patient Twelveby Mason FitzGibbon
(LEAVING PAID ON FEBRUARY 11TH 2022!) Diana wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable to escape. She's been trapped by a group of surgeons with a twisted passion and sh...
How To Save A Life (Grey's Anatomy) by jenngray39
How To Save A Life (Grey's Anatomy)by simp
**author currently on hiatus** Audrey Karev has worked her whole life to make it mean something. When she is finally accepted into a surgical internship program, she doe...
Friends with passion *Greys anatomy* by Carolineeexx
Friends with passion *Greys Caroline
Esme robbins is the younger sister of Arizona robbins and is also a surgical resident at Seattle grace hospital. Esme is one of the best in her class. When the merger of...
Lean On Me- Merder by merderrstan
Lean On Me- Merderby merder stan 😁
When something catastrophic happens, what do you do? How do you move forward? How do you survive? You lean on the people who love you enough to stay. Trigger warning- th...
M-S Nursing by tereen08
M-S Nursingby Maria Teresa Casili
Medical surgical questions and answers with rationale.
A Fire In The Night by aiflowers
A Fire In The Nightby A. I. Flowers
What if fate had put you in the wrong place by mistake? The universe has to find a way to fix it no matter the cost, right? Because this was not her destiny. Ila had wo...
Out of His League (A George O'Malley Fan-Fiction) by RED823
Out of His League (A George O' RED823
All Delaine Sheppard has ever wanted is to help people. She quickly discovered that the best way to do that was to become a Doctor. Or, more specifically, to become a su...
Make A List by Bobbiejelly
Make A Listby bobbiejelly
"I want you to make a list of every surgery that you've dreamed of performing."
Superheroes are Stupid by mysoulsings
Superheroes are Stupidby 💫shermaine💫
Meet Valencia Williams, an overworked surgical intern who isn't the biggest fan of superheroes. In fact, she dislikes them almost as much as a supervillain would. But o...
You Can't Save Them All - (The 100) by 100_Stories
You Can't Save Them All - (The 100)by The100 stories
The Griffin Hospital has accepted six new surgical interns. They are eager to get started, but they have no idea what they're in for. And neither does the rest of the ho...