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What Boyfriends Do [Tomco] by TigersEye9
What Boyfriends Do [Tomco]by TigersEye9DISCONTINUED
So Tom and Marco are the best of friends now! Who would've thought they'd get along so well! Tom has a family dinner coming up and his parents are dead set on having tom...
Tom Lucitor x Reader by Lord_Vaughn101
Tom Lucitor x Readerby Lord
Not a lemon. Lots of sexual jokes tho. Hope u read :p
Tom x Reader *COMPLETED* by username4616
Tom x Reader *COMPLETED*by username4616
Y/n hasn't had much of an exciting life over their 17 years of life. Everything seemed to be so boring, until Star came into her life. Star brought magic, excitement, an...
Lost Love [~Toffee~] ((COMPLETED)) by _-WhereAreMyPANTS-_
Lost Love [~Toffee~] ((COMPLETED))by Halla Fortenberry
There was once another princess Butterfly, one lost to the current of time. Her name was Elara, the sister of Moon Butterfly. She was banished to be forgotten by everyo...
Reincarnated in Star Vs The Forces of Evil by StoryTeller5011
Reincarnated in Star Vs The LannaBanana396
If you've seen the show, you know the story. However, this version has a few changes. There's more exploration, politics, magic. Oh, and Star has been replaced with a bo...
Star, a princess from another dimension comes to earth and meets you and Marco
Twins of Mewni by YvieLeaf
Twins of Mewniby YvieLeaf
What if Star had a twin sister named Comet ? What if they were complete opposites of each other? How will the adventure go? Find out for yourself.
A little touch of darkness  by AndreaJenkins768
A little touch of darkness by Fandom_godess05
Male queen Eclipsa x fem monster princess reader I'm writing this for fun and it might not be the best. This story is hevely inspired by @ AshleyGryffindor's story
[Cartoon Characters × Tiny!Reader Oneshots] by ButternutCrazy
[Cartoon Characters × Tiny! Mushroom Maid
* This is An x [[[READER]]] book * Cartoon/animated Characters Only (excluding Anime)
A Moth and a Butterfly, Sisters by Heart ( A Svtfoe fanfic ) by MeryMayham
A Moth and a Butterfly, Sisters Mery Mayham
- disclaimer - I don't own Svtfoe or it's characters or the cover, I only own my ocs intro: Princess Star Butterfly was sent to earth by her parents to avoid being sent...
𝙋𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙨𝙨 BNHA X Child reader by dontknowwhatismylife
𝙋𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙨𝙨 BNHA X Child IRUMA'S GF♡
Okay so maybe being the leader of a evil organization isn't cool. But hey! getting a family out of it seems pretty sweet. Did I mention the three queens? Yeah. This is c...
I Hate You, I Love You ||Starco AU||  by TripleV234
I Hate You, I Love You ||Starco {}
Highest rank: #1 in #starco [COMPLETED] Here's one of the most important scenes from the book just for you: "What's you're problem? I'm a likeable person, why don'...
Change of Heart by brianaboo123
Change of Heartby Briana
Tom and Star used to date a long time ago, So what happens when Star gets send to earth and becomes best friends with a boy named Marco Diaz? P.S. I will be beginning f...
The Royal Pain.  by DaniVillagomez
The Royal Pain. by anotherycrybaby
A princess and a demon mysterious love. More like a forced love by the parents decision for both kingdoms. The Lucitors people were on good terms with The Butterfly peo...
Tomco - Still Lit Coals by DepthsOfLife
Tomco - Still Lit Coalsby DepthsOfLife
Tomco story that starts at the blood moon ball when marco goes after star, but bumps into Tom instead. Does the dance effect Marco more than he let's on?
Starco Oneshots by boyscanshipstufftoo
Starco Oneshotsby boysshipstufftoo
Just a bunch of Star and Marco stuff. Very wholesome and good for the heart.
Fight fire with fire. by snowVantas69
Fight fire with Snow Vantas
What if Marco danced with Tom at the blood moon ball instead of star? How would any adventures be different, and how would star react? I know this is an overdone idea...
Homeless (A Starco Fanfic) by janellcakes
Homeless (A Starco Fanfic)by janellcakes
Marco Diaz is tired of all the bullies and decides to give up. Just before he's about to end it all for himself, he meets someone that'll change everything for him. In a...
Art Book 2 ❕ by SweggyLlamaQueen
Art Book 2 ❕by 😎YOUR LOCAL IDIOT😎
Basically what the title says XD it's an improvement of my old art from book 1- Enjoy my shit 😂 EDIT: Also I think it's important to mention that my art definitely get...
Star Butterfly: Barefoot and Hypnotized by ggg7gggggggg77gg
Star Butterfly: Barefoot and Foot-Fetish-Stories
This is my first fanfic, and it's a hypnosis/foot fetish one. Marco hypnotizes Star and decides to have a little fun. Star Vs The Forces of Evil is owned by Daron Nefcy...