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Finding Obsidian by RavensFlyAway
Finding Obsidianby jin
He brushed his lips against my jaw, his dark hair falling over his brow. "Open your eyes," he commanded. "Look at me." I followed his orders and look...
He is My Omega (Complete) by NaNaa3503
He is My Omega (Complete)by jeon ~NABI
ယောင်းကျမှဘာဖြစ်လို့ ဒီလိုတွေကြုံတွေ့နေရတာလည်း Omega ဖြစ်နေလို့လား Kim Taehyung မင်းကိုမုန်းတယ် မင်းတို့မျိုးရိုးကိုလည်း မုန်းတယ် jeon Jungkook ေယာင္းက်မွဘာျဖစ္လို႔ ဒီ...
The Forced Bride Of Rodriguez (COMPLETED) by _aadyawrites
The Forced Bride Of Rodriguez (COM...by Aadya Ariya
#1 in romance genre (1stJan - 8th Jan.) ( Again placed #1 in romance in Feb) Aaron got up from his seat and walked round the table towards her while she was still sittin...
Guide (Completed) by _wangmochi_
Guide (Completed)by __myat
| ရှောင်းကျန့် ငါမင်းကိုချစ်တယ်။ မှ/ဝမ်ရိပေါ် | | ေရွာင္းက်န့္ ငါမင္းကိုခ်စ္တယ္။ ...
Gift From God- (mxm)/Mpreg by BbANDLOVRr
Gift From God- (mxm)/Mpregby BbANDLOVRr
WARNING- M-Preg and no smut. Marked mature because of language. Oh and not for grammar freaks, sorry but it ruins my fun to write! Oh and... Having a Happy ending is th...
Yours, Forever by insouciancy
Yours, Foreverby mae ♡
"Feel that?" He asked, keeping her hand still. "That's what you do to me. Every time I see you. Every time I hear you laugh. Every time I think of you.&qu...
Sweet Tooth by AlbaDiaz039
Sweet Toothby Rider 🔷
Jon Williams is a 29 year old reclusive man who owns a car workshop. Growing up as an orphan his whole life has taken a huge toll on him. Being thrown from one foster ho...
Hold Me Tight, Alpha Raiden. (Werewolf Series 1) (Book 1) by selenophiletheaa
Hold Me Tight, Alpha Raiden. (Were...by Luna Midnight
Broken by her Mate's Rejection, Alyvia ran away from her Pack and even left her Brother not knowing anything. Tired, Hungry, Hurt and Thirsty, Alyvia does not know where...
Bois-Des-Esprits  by autumn_zea
Bois-Des-Esprits by Autumnzea
"I can't sleep." I answered, embarrassedly while looking down and I heard his footstep approach me. He grasped my chin with his fingers and then he tilted my...
Stuck With Mr. Billionaire by sleepytinker__
Stuck With Mr. Billionaireby D R E A M E R
"Curiosity killed the kitty Miss Adams." My body stiffened. Slowly I turned around just to see Mr. Parker standing in front of me with hands in his trouser po...
All 4 of you? (Slender brothers x reader Lemon) by 01Noah_Wolf10
All 4 of you? (Slender brothers x...by Noah Wolf
Y/N is wondering the woods after hearing the Legend of the Slender brothers, Little does Y/N know, the Brothers knew that She/they were coming, and were planning on keep...
တို႐ွည္/ တိုရှည် (Completed) by MinHtet819
တို႐ွည္/ တိုရှည် (Completed)by Min Htet
Uni & Zawgyi Starting - 27.4.2022 Ending- 13.6.2022
System GaGa (Complete) by MinHtet819
System GaGa (Complete)by Min Htet
Kookmin (owncreation) Starting -4.12.2021 Ending-2.2.2022 တစ္စံုတစ္ရာ တိုက္ဆိုင္သြားရင္စားေရးသူရဲ့ အမွားပါ။ မေက်နပ္တာမ်ား႐ွိလာရင္စာေရးသူကို တိုက္႐ိုက္လာေရာက္ေျပာျကားႏုိင...
မင္းထက္ငါကပိုမိုက္တယ္ / မင်းထက်ငါကပိုမိုက်တယ်(complete) by MinHtet819
မင္းထက္ငါကပိုမိုက္တယ္ / မင်းထက်ငါက...by Min Htet
Timetravel 😉 (owncreation) Uni/Zawgyi အျမင္မတူရင္ေက်ာ္သြားႏိုင္ပါသည္။ စစရကလုပ္ၿပီး ဆို႐ွယ္မီဒီယာေပၚတင္ျခင္း ေ႐ွာင္က်ဥ္ပါ ေက်းဇူး😁 အမြင်မတူရင်ကျော်သွားနိုင်ပါသည်။ စစရကလ...
𝐏𝐢𝐳𝐳𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐚- 𝐀 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐲 𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭! by _dianamite_
𝐏𝐢𝐳𝐳𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐚- 𝐀 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐲...by _𝕯𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆_
Credits for this amazing cover goes to @-sliverofmee *** Addison was like any normal teenager. Working at a pizza restaurant, her days consisted of boring calls from cu...
Historically Inaccurate by _shaybravo
Historically Inaccurateby shay
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When her initiation into her college's History Club goes awry, Sol has to come face to face with Ethan-the cute guy whose house she just broke i...
Historically Inaccurate (Wattpad Books Edition) by _shaybravo
Historically Inaccurate (Wattpad B...by shay
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. It only takes one moment to change your life forever . . . After her mother's deportation last year, all Soledad "Sol" Gutierrez wants i...
Girl Under Construction by jesswesleybooks
Girl Under Constructionby Jess Wesley
After getting fired from her job, Sammy decides to let loose and attend a wedding with her best friend, but things go awry when she makes a fool of herself in front of N...
Just Breathe by LeeannaMorgan
Just Breatheby Leeanna Morgan
Kelly just wants her business to succeed, and getting involved with a bodyguard is not part of her plan - but he is the only one who can keep her safe... ...
Silent by HiddenKnight
Silentby The Nerdy Girl
Whisper Woods. Yes, that's a name. Whispers life is a little bit different from what you would expect. She is quiet, shy,kind,sweet and overall a non-judgmental person...