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begin again ;; hiddleswift by hiddleswifts
begin again ;; hiddleswiftby hiddleswifts
No one knows why death comes, but it does. No one knows why it exists, why it's a thing, but it does and it is. No one knows why people decide to drive drunk, but they d...
instagram t.s.//h.s. au  by swiftie4evas
instagram t.s.//h.s. au by darlin'
a story told through instagram posts w/ multiple unexpected twists ***THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO MY OTHER INSTAGRAM BOOK. ITS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLOT***
Haylor Timeline by haylorsswyles
Haylor Timelineby naii
Harry Styles and Taylor swift relationship timeline (Active and still adding stuff) (Half creds to haylortml on twitter) Enjoy♡︎ Highest rank: #1 on tarry
Looking at you- Hiddleswift / Swiddleston (Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston) by violetta_rosie
Looking at you- Hiddleswift / Swid...by Violet
the question they always ask is how can you keep your eyes off somebody you love so much? This story is for @Oeuvre16 I hope you all like it
Enchanted - Taylor Swift One Shots by CauseltsGravity
Enchanted - Taylor Swift One Shotsby Ruby
Random Drabbles and One Shots about the lovely Taylor Swift. Some of these were written a while ago when my writing was literal trash so please don't take everything too...
hiddleswift ;; one shots by hiddleswifts
hiddleswift ;; one shotsby hiddleswifts
A collection of Hiddleswift one shots. Present day and future.
Hiddleswift-this is Love by violetta_rosie
Hiddleswift-this is Loveby Violet
So there's a lot of speculation right now about why Taylor is with Tom. People even say that it's a PR stunt, I know that Taylor wouldn't do that. Taylor is no actress a...
Better than revenge: a taylor swift fan fiction by swiftiestories11
Better than revenge: a taylor swif...by Swiftie ❤️
Taylor's ex-boyfriend,Harry, will do whatever he can to make Taylor miserable. Harry begins making murder attempts and succeeds in some. But after Taylor's wedding thing...
A Forbidden Love  by noitsbecky15
A Forbidden Love by noitsbecky15
No description oops it's basically the story of Ezria in pll I'm sorry this is terrible
Star-Crossed Lovers by kissesonswift
Star-Crossed Loversby kissesonswift
Taylor Swift is one of the most successful female singers dating Tom Hiddilston who is a famous actor which is better knows as Loki. Two very different people in love. ...
Should've Said No (Hiddleswift/Tayvin) by CauseltsGravity
Should've Said No (Hiddleswift/Tay...by Ruby
This is just a FICTIONAL short hope u enjoy!
Lost and found - Taylor Swift/Jalor/Hiddleswift/Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn by violetta_rosie
Lost and found - Taylor Swift/Jalo...by Violet
She spent nearly 15 months with the man everybody thought was 'the one' for her, but what happened after she left him, hopped in her so-called 'Getaway car'. At only 26...
wonderstruck;; swiddleston/hiddleswift one-shots by ecclesia-
wonderstruck;; swiddleston/hiddles...by ♕sia
she's the american sweetheart, he's the british gentleman, just two dorks in love. -- hiddleswift/swiddleton one-shots #noh8
I Need You by lifewasnevertaylor
I Need Youby me
This is a repost of itsreyxo's story. This story used to have 1k reader and I just hope you liked it again. -- A fanfiction about talvin, haylor and swiddleston
Lost Time | TAYVIN FANFIC | by jamjam53
Lost Time | TAYVIN FANFIC |by jamjam53
They loved each other. They started a family. Then, she left. Now she wants to come back pretending nothing ever happened. Does he want the same? Sequel: Know You Better...
This Love [COMPLETED](Swiddleston/Hiddleswift Fanfic) by CauseltsGravity
This Love [COMPLETED](Swiddleston...by Ruby
Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.
Taylor Swift Oneshots  by taythiswaytoofar
Taylor Swift Oneshots by Faye
A selection of Taylor Swift oneshots.