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Oberon by SofianeAid
Oberonby Sofiane Aid
Armed with a super system and the knowledge of his previous life our hero will reign suprem over the univers and the other dimensions
Tales of Emboria : Wolf system by RUNE008
Tales of Emboria : Wolf systemby Rune008
Fenrir is the son of Edwin the hunter. One day Edwin while hunting find the wolf pub and decide to take him to respect their family long lost custom. Edwin give responsi...
Those Green Walls with the Nails in Them by poli1982
Those Green Walls with the Nails poli1982
Depression is trying to make it through life, but they keep running into walls, which make them feel trapped in their same old monotonous life. What are the dangers that...
TRANSMIGATED by bellagirl14700
TRANSMIGATEDby bellagirl14700
A young girl decive by her best friend took her wealth , studies, cheated on her with her boyfriend builled her to death . st hervlast wish she look a lengendery book as...
Great Villain: Starting by Humiliating the Son of the Heavenly Fate - Part 2 by AlphaWIA
Great Villain: Starting by AlphaWIA
Having unexpectedly transmigrated into an immortal world, he found himself a core disciple of a renowned sect. Yet, Jiang Chen's destiny was to play the part of a villai...
Slag Gong Spoiled His Husband Everyday by Singledog101
Slag Gong Spoiled His Husband Singledog101
Jing Heguang, who thought he would be single forever, was bound to a slag gong's transforming system. So...The heartless scholar, who bit the hand that fed him, became t...
Revenge Of The Cannon Fodder Villainess by Summmer_Daze
Revenge Of The Cannon Fodder SummerDaze
Valentina Salazar transmigrated into a novel with a weak-bodied villainess character with the same name. Somehow she ended up with a system and has been ordered to make...
" Dear Flower. " || Debut or die by yuanjinlin
" Dear Flower. " || Debut or dieby Kamiix
« " your as pretty as a flower, and, of course, your personality too. " » The Protagonist [Name] finds himself as a non existent Character in debut or die, and...
ဇာက်လိုက်ကို ကွာရှင်းမယ် by ThaeNuWai351
ဇာက်လိုက်ကို ကွာရှင်းမယ်by Thae Thae
ရှောင်ကျန်းသည် ဖတ်ခဲ့ဖူးသော စာအုပ်ထဲရှိ ဗီလိန်နေရာသို့ ရောက်ရှိသွားသည်။တစ်ခုဘဲ သူ့ရောက်နေတဲ့ ဗီလိန်ခန္ဓာကိုယ်ပိုင်ရှင်က ဇာက်လိုက်ကို အတင်းယူထားကာ ဇာက်လိုက်၏ မုန်းတီးခြင်...
Rebounding System (Vol_1) by Thone_Thoon_Yar
Rebounding System (Vol_1)by _Nine_
Why did there have Soulscontract on a Host? Broken pieces are rebounding...
My Hero Academia: The Beginning Is To Complete Ken Kaneki's Template by NadyReda
My Hero Academia: The Beginning Nady Reda
The MC gets the template system and becomes the number one hero in my hero academia world.
Me!? in lookism?! by fumaha
Me!? in lookism?!by fuma
just read!!! Disclaimer : oc is op from start Story credit : park tae joon picks: from Pinterest
Eternal Reckoning: Sword Saint's Resurgence by TaksheelChand
Eternal Reckoning: Sword Saint's Taksheel Chand
In a world transformed into a perilous game, Tsurugi Nakamura, known as the legendary Sword Saint, champions unity among diverse races. When a fanatical faction, the Sky...
Home Security Systems and Wireless Alarms by wirelessalarms
Home Security Systems and Home Security Systems and Wir...
Home Security Systems And Wireless Alarms is one of the leading home security installation companies that provides home security systems in Los Angeles and parts of the...
A Comprehensive Guide to Dewatering Methods and Techniques by prasanthdewatering23
A Comprehensive Guide to prasanthdewatering23
Dewatering is a crucial process employed in various industries, construction sites, and environmental projects to remove excess water from the ground. It helps ensure st...
ဇာက်လိုက်ကို ဗီလိန်ဖြစ်အောင်ပျိုးထောင်မယ်(Complete ✓) by ThaeNuWai351
ဇာက်လိုက်ကို ဗီလိန်ဖြစ်အောင်ပျိုးထ Thae Thae
Yi Zhan fic လေးပါနော် ပထမဆုံးရေးသားခြင်းပါ
Craftsman Storage System by saviautomation
Craftsman Storage Systemby Savi Automation
Savi Automation is a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of storage systems. Our products are highly appreciated for features such as durability, high performance an...
Me in RWBY by thedemonkingsean
Me in RWBYby thedemonkingsean
If I have A MHA, Danmachi, and Dbz storys with me In them might as well add the second to last Fadom I have made a story for.
Nym | 100 Baby Challenge in the Beast World  by WonderingWhatIf
Nym | 100 Baby Challenge in the WonderingWhatIf
Nym was done with living in the under city, willing to do almost anything to escape it she steps through a portal into a new world. Given one task, have 100 babies. Arm...
Naruto : After Knowing the Plot by Uzuhan
Naruto : After Knowing the Plotby Zilan
Original : 火影:鸣人知晓剧情后 Author : 飞雪喵 [Dark Naruto] [3rd Hokage + Danzo Bashing] When Uzumaki Naruto knew the direction of the plot, When he swallowed the soul of an outsi...